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Who sorweth now but woful Palamoun, That moot namore goon agayn to fighte? And whan that Theseus had seyn this sighte, Unto the folk that foghten thus echoon He cryde, ‘Ho! namore, for it is doon! I wol be trewe Iuge, and no partye. Arcite of Thebes shal have Emelye, That by his fortune hath hir faire y-wonne.’ Anon ther is a noyse of peple bigonne For Ioye of this, so loude and heigh with-alle, It semed that the listes sholde falle. No one sah rvee enbe seardd ahtn nomlaPa, owh wekn he’d olts het fgthi—adn Eimly—evoerrf. nhWe uheTses aws aolamPn tnere hte paltnye xob, he ooklde at het nghitsk lltis gighntif loebw, dna oudseth, “tpoS! otSp lmieedyatim! Teh nratmtnueo is erov! I vhae neeb an ubaiedsn geujd in hits nottecs, and rticAe ahs now. Torrefhee, yEmli wlli yarm creiAt, tgkinh of esehbT, abscuee he has onw the otenmrnatu lrayfi.” hTe wordc dseuhot and cehdere so duoyll ahtt it emseed the muadits stflie woldu oelpcsla.
What can now faire Venus doon above? What seith she now? what dooth this quene of love? But wepeth so, for wanting of hir wille, Til that hir teres in the listes fille; She seyde: ‘I am ashamed, doutelees.’ Saturnus seyde: ‘Doghter, hold thy pees. Mars hath his wille, his knight hath al his bone, And, by myn heed, thou shalt ben esed sone.’ The trompes, with the loude minstralcye, The heraudes, that ful loude yolle and crye, Been in hir wele for Ioye of daun Arcite. But herkneth me, and stinteth now a lyte, Which a miracle ther bifel anon. Adn whta did uVnse, hte sedgosd of eolv, ehva to asy aubot hsti as seh dwhceta eht tnenrmtoau fomr hte henasve? hSe cerid lryteibt bacseue olaamPn hda solt nda hes dhna’t ettogn ehr ywa. Seh rdeci so rdha, in caft, tath hre rtesa edairn ownd on het orwdc in the mtuadsi wlobe. heS dais, “I am so asdahme htat oalPamn adn I ehva slto.” eTh god nrutSa dias, “Sotp iycnrg, Vnues. aMsr nad ish ihnktg certiA have nwo ihts tlbeta, btu I sirpoem you that uoy’ll leef bttere oons enhogu. yErnevoe is chegeinr in irlceentabo of trAice’s tvyciro, but ktae my eacvdi and dno’t be too sad ujts yte.”