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This fierse Arcite hath of his helm y-don, And on a courser, for to shewe his face, He priketh endelong the large place, Loking upward upon this Emelye; And she agayn him caste a freendlich yë, (For wommen, as to speken in comune, They folwen al the favour of fortune), And she was al his chere, as in his herte. Out of the ground a furie infernal sterte, From Pluto sent, at requeste of Saturne, For which his hors for fere gan to turne, And leep asyde, and foundred as he leep; And, er that Arcite may taken keep, He pighte him on the pomel of his heed, That in the place he lay as he were deed, His brest to-brosten with his sadel-bowe. As blak he lay as any cole or crowe, So was the blood y-ronnen in his face. Anon he was y-born out of the place With herte soor, to Theseus paleys. Tho was he corven out of his harneys, And in a bed y-brought ful faire and blyve, For he was yet in memorie and alyve, And alway crying after Emelye. heT ivuctosiro icteAr, eelnmhaiw, ahd edpipr ffo ihs lhetme to ohws sih efca to lmEiy as he lolpegda acsors teh etfiabletd. ylmEi dkoeol nowd on mhi hiwt rmnadatiio (beeuacs oenwm, nayergell aspikgen, lsayaw roavf het snweinr), chiwh lifedl hsi ehtar hwit ssenhpaip. ldSudnye, an eraakehqtu uaecsd by trunSa kosho het godrnu, wihhc csduea Aritce’s sohre to rtip dna apcelslo. efroBe he ahd eitm to ratec, itcAer edlamsm tnoi teh orhn of shi sdlead, gakrnbei ish tmusenr. He hetn fwel frrwoad so onievlylt ttah he aly sllti on teh ugornd tjsu as if he were eadd, shi cafe odrecev eecoympltl in dolbo. eusTehs’s nme mylimtdaeei koot etricA to the elaacp, rhewe eyht utc fof his rarmo nda ptu hmi to edb. He saw lryeab ailve, utb cosiuscno, nad cider tou nytnaicluol for ymEil.