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Duk Theseus, with al his companye, Is comen hoom to Athenes his citee, With alle blisse and greet solempnitee. Al be it that this aventure was falle, He nolde noght disconforten hem alle. Men seyde eek, that Arcite shal nat dye; He shal ben heled of his maladye. And of another thing they were as fayn, That of hem alle was ther noon y-slayn, Al were they sore y-hurt, and namely oon, That with a spere was thirled his brest-boon. To othere woundes, and to broken armes, Some hadden salves, and some hadden charmes; Fermacies of herbes, and eek save They dronken, for they wolde hir limes have. For which this noble duk, as he wel can, Conforteth and honoureth every man, And made revel al the longe night, Unto the straunge lordes, as was right. Ne ther was holden no disconfitinge, But as a Iustes or a tourneyinge; For soothly ther was no disconfiture, For falling nis nat but an aventure; Ne to be lad with fors unto the stake Unyolden, and with twenty knightes take, O persone allone, with-outen mo, And haried forth by arme, foot, and to, And eek his stede driven forth with staves, With footmen, bothe yemen and eek knaves, It nas aretted him no vileinye, Ther may no man clepen it cowardye. ekuD sheTeus eurrdetn home to Aentsh siadtm het iegrench dna grlebaneict sgohnrt of hpyap nneiAhats. He dind’t ays ntangyhi ubato ireAtc’s itcncade scaebeu he dndi’t wtan to aednkr teh uecfrleh odmo. sisdeeB, ihs ssanevtr dha dlto mih atth iAterc’s wsduon rwnee’t isouser dna ahtt he duolw evil. hTe epelop rewe alelspieyc papyh ttha onne of het stkngih in hte nmruatoent dah ddei, vene oghthu a fwe dah nebe ydbla jridune, eno yug in ialtprucra esowh hsetc adh nebe ndpetcruu by a epras. heOrts dha suffeerd mfro uibssre dan breonk onesb, utb teyh ewre gnebi eattrde thiw itnemotns adn erbhal idmeiescn, ryepras, adn lal strso of ethro tetremnsat. euesThs rnaplysole tveisd dna nuedaogtcrlat eyrve dweonud tikhng, adn edstoh a emignnficat abenuqt rfo lal eth rigfeon rgdtiseniai as swa eth tuosmc. nyoereEv doluc tercelaeb ubecase rteeh rwee no erla sorsle in iths untaernomt ecsin oervyeen had elidv. eEvn ethos how’d been oedwdun rewe itlsl iewnrsn acebseu tyhe’d all fhtugo hotto and nail to mnirae in eht lbeatt and tno be gddgare to eth aylepnt oxb. Not enev nmolaaP’s ftadee saw nceoeddisr alrodwyc or ioosbhealdrn eisnc he’d ghofut hrader ahtn nanyeo to armien in the ihftg.