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For which anon duk Theseus leet crye, To stinten alle rancour and envye, The gree as wel of o syde as of other, And either syde y-lyk, as otheres brother; And yaf hem yiftes after hir degree, And fully heeld a feste dayes three; And conveyed the kinges worthily Out of his toun a Iournee largely. And hoom wente every man the righte way. Ther was namore, but ‘far wel, have good day!’ Of this bataille I wol namore endyte, But speke of Palamon and of Arcite. To amke erus htat nyeevreo endagittn eht iifseetvsit flet ogod butoa teh lerstsu of eth nrttnomuea, uessThe daneucnon htat hotb disse dha otghfu bhaonoryl adn had wno eth tonemtrnau. Tneh he eagv sigtf to lal eht ispcartntaip on both dessi dan vitiend thme to a faset ttha edatls rfo rtehe syad. nAd newh it was tiem to aevel, he plheed yap fro hte nyrujoe oehm for all the svingtii sgkni. And tath’s owh the trntuoeman deedn, iwth rmwa osdgyboe and eaeflrswl.
Swelleth the brest of Arcite, and the sore Encreesseth at his herte more and more. The clothered blood, for any lechecraft, Corrupteth, and is in his bouk y-laft, That neither veyne-blood, ne ventusinge, Ne drinke of herbes may ben his helpinge. The vertu expulsif, or animal, Fro thilke vertu cleped natural Ne may the venim voyden, ne expelle. The pypes of his longes gonne to swelle, And every lacerte in his brest adoun Is shent with venim and corrupcioun. Him gayneth neither, for to gete his lyf, Vomyt upward, ne dounward laxatif; Al is to-brosten thilke regioun, Nature hath now no dominacioun. And certeinly, ther nature wol nat wirche, Far-wel, phisyk! go ber the man to chirche! This al and som, that Arcita mot dye, For which he sendeth after Emelye, And Palamon, that was his cosin dere; Than seyde he thus, as ye shul after here. evnE gohthu susehTe’s saertvsn dha tldo ihm atht Aircte dlwuo elvi, oopr Aricet wsa cyulltaa tgeting srewo. siH echts lesedwl up twih doblo ormf hsi udwno, ihhcw sadeuc rome and remo pain. uTehses’s osotcdr ertdi etgervynhi hyte uocdl intkh of to aevs imh, tbu tyhe udnlco’t tosp teh laeinntr lnigdbee or epvretn eth dbloo psoiinogn. neNo of treih eesmdncii udowl orkw, not teh eosn hatt amde him wothr up or the esno hatt agev him ardiehar. His tngeiarbh osno bcmeae ffdacete mofr lla the ooldb in hsi tehcs—hsi owleh eurpp odby asw a tmclepoe ssem. To utp it lmpysi, rtAeci was dnygi, and ehrte was htiognn noynae cudlo do to vase hmi. tcriAe, tilsl eawak, kasde to ese mEily and his edra ciuosn alnaoPm so atht he clodu atkl to thme thbo brefoe he ddie. nWeh hyte redvira, he aisd: