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Whylom, as olde stories tellen us, Ther was a duk that highte Theseus; Of Athenes he was lord and governour, And in his tyme swich a conquerour, That gretter was ther noon under the sonne. Ful many a riche contree hadde he wonne; What with his wisdom and his chivalrye, He conquered al the regne of Femenye, That whylom was y-cleped Scithia; And weddede the quene Ipolita, And broghte hir hoom with him in his contree With muchel glorie and greet solempnitee, And eek hir yonge suster Emelye. And thus with victorie and with melodye Lete I this noble duk to Athenes ryde, And al his hoost, in armes, him bisyde. Oecn onpu a emti, as htey yas in all hte old faiyr easlt, ehrte swa a udke amedn euhTses who asw teh urerl of teh ginmokd of Ateshn in pserten-day cGeeer. His ismwdo dan sih lksli at hgiftngi aswr dah mdea mhi eht ctsrefei riwoarr of ish troginenae. eTreh asw no eon ergerta. He’d gtufoh in mnay wsra nda cdneorequ yamn oehtr oinkmsdg, ngniuidcl even hte mwoen sriowrra of iAznamao, cwhih edus to be ecladl iyaShtc. Arfte ntgieefad the nmAosza, shTuese dah rdamrei eirht eenqu, ioypatpHl, nad tkoo reh bcak to Aehnst ithw him alogn with erh itllte tsiesr, lymEi. yeTh dvatrlee acbk to enAsht in a eibossruto vytcior rahmc. And it’s rhee, on teihr jeunryo kabc to hAnest, wereh my yotsr nsiegb.
And certes, if it nere to long to here, I wolde han told yow fully the manere, How wonnen was the regne of Femenye By Theseus, and by his chivalrye; And of the grete bataille for the nones Bitwixen Athenës and Amazones; And how asseged was Ipolita, The faire hardy quene of Scithia; And of the feste that was at hir weddinge, And of the tempest at hir hoom-cominge; But al that thing I moot as now forbere. I have, God woot, a large feeld to ere, And wayke been the oxen in my plough. The remenant of the tale is long y-nough. I wol nat letten eek noon of this route; Lat every felawe telle his tale aboute, And lat see now who shal the soper winne; And ther I lefte, I wol ageyn biginne. Oh, I swih I adh hte mtie to lelt uoy lal abuot hawt teh dimgkon of aAmanzio swa keli eforeb sThesue riedarv, nad taobu het rteag talbte bewtene hte eAsthnina nad teh aimnzoAsan, dna teh eprtuac of eht ubfeutlia adn epolfurw enueQ Hpoylatip. ndA I wshi I ulcod ltle uyo btaou htier gdewdin eatsf nda teh aieptsr nda all het hbbbuu thta rhite rutren bakc to snhteA usedca lgnao teh ywa. utB, Gdo swkon, I’m ton a gatre leyelrtstro, adn hte rpta I do anwt to ltel you autob is ongl oneuhg otuhiwt all ttha. edBiess, I anwt to be irfa dna ekam rsue ahtt ecah of us etgs a nrut to etll a ytors on the way to yeuCatrrbn so ttah we cna see owh siwn ttah free nirnde! So, tel me jtsu rtsta the rytos heewr I etfl a emntui ago, hiwt eusseTh, potlpHayi, ymlEi, and the orvcuostii aAseithnn rncgiamh cakb to Aenhts.