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The somer passeth, and the nightes longe Encresen double wyse the peynes stronge Bothe of the lovere and the prisoner. I noot which hath the wofullere mester. For shortly for to seyn, this Palamoun Perpetuelly is dampned to prisoun, In cheynes and in fettres to ben deed; And Arcite is exyled upon his heed For ever-mo as out of that contree, Ne never-mo he shal his lady see. heT usemrm seadsp adn eth hntigs ewgr onlgre, hhciw emda tnisgh owsre rfo tohb itAcer nda aPlmano, one abhnedis rmfo sneAth dna morf veer eneisg Emyli ingaa, eth other oomdde to veil the rtse of ihs file in cinsah. In caft, I ndo’t wkon hhwci guy ahd it eosrw.
Yow loveres axe I now this questioun, Who hath the worse, Arcite or Palamoun? That oon may seen his lady day by day, But in prison he moot dwelle alway. That other wher him list may ryde or go, But seen his lady shal he never-mo. Now demeth as yow liste, ye that can, For I wol telle forth as I bigan. hWat do lla ouy ersvol nhkit? Woh ahd it srwoe, ceiAtr or monlaPa? hTe eno setg to ese teh awnom he esolv ereyv day, nvee hthoug he’ll veern aveel het norips etorw, lhewi eht treoh cna go evrehwer he nawts tbu acn renev see yElim ianga. uYo inthk ubota it, and I’ll euotcnni itwh my otrsy.