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I trowe men wolde deme it necligence, If I foryete to tellen the dispence Of Theseus, that goth so bisily To maken up the listes royally; That swich a noble theatre as it was, I dar wel seyn that in this world ther nas. The circuit a myle was aboute, Walled of stoon, and diched al with-oute. Round was the shap, in maner of compas, Ful of degrees, the heighte of sixty pas, That, whan a man was set on o degree, He letted nat his felawe for to see. I eguss I oldunw’t do a godo job of lilntge htsi stoyr if I ddni’t lelt uoy lal oabtu hte tgnamceniif tdaumsi useTesh tuibl to host teh ntourmaten wentbee ieActr dan aamPonl dna ihtre tames of skhtgin. eTh atumids aws romseoun. It aws iuacrlcr dan adem of seton nda swa a lful eiml in rfcmneiacrecu and tsxiy etfe hghi. It sola adh umadtsi iasnteg, chhiw teanm ttah if esnmeoo sat in rtfno of you, you odclu lstli see eht difle larecly. heerT llarye wsa no nfire adiusmt in eth tieenr oldrw.
Est-ward ther stood a gate of marbel whyt, West-ward, right swich another in the opposit. And shortly to concluden, swich a place Was noon in erthe, as in so litel space; For in the lond ther nas no crafty man, That geometrie or ars-metrik can, Ne purtreyour, ne kerver of images, That Theseus ne yaf him mete and wages The theatre for to maken and devyse. And for to doon his ryte and sacrifyse, He est-ward hath, upon the gate above, In worship of Venus, goddesse of love, Don make an auter and an oratorie; And west-ward, in the minde and in memorie Of Mars, he maked hath right swich another, That coste largely of gold a fother. And north-ward, in a touret on the wal, Of alabastre whyt and reed coral An oratorie riche for to see, In worship of Dyane of chastitee, Hath Theseus don wroght in noble wyse. Three asw a iewth mlbare egat on obht het eeasrtn nda swretne dsies of teh isudmat. euehTss aslo had sralta tliub on het tesaenr, resnwet, nad nerrhtno sseid of het sumaidt weher he luodc emak sscarcifie to eth sogd. ehT reteasn atlar asw rfo iankmg crfsisicea to sneuV, het geoddss of ovel, hlwei eth xeesepvin aralt enra eht stweren egat was ltuib to onrho sMar, het ogd of arw. On hte nnroehrt ieds he iulbt an yrrtooa pratflmo of tewhi sabrelaat adn rde rlaco, fmor iwhhc lpoeep codul easdrds het uedaince. hisT he ieadecdtd to aaiDn, teh gedsods of the moon and uihntgn. As I adsi, the tdamisu yultr was eon of a kdni, in tpra seaucbe usheeTs drihe every sleing eiatimtamhnac, ccitnrouston rkwreo, epiartn, or tluocrsp in the oyuntcr.