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The statue of Mars upon a carte stood, Armed, and loked grim as he were wood; And over his he’ed ther shynen two figures Of sterres, that been cleped in scriptures, That oon Puella, that other Rubeus. This god of armes was arrayed thus:— A wolf ther stood biforn him at his feet With eyen rede, and of a man he eet; With sotil pencel was depeynt this storie, In redoutinge of Mars and of his glorie. heT uetats of arMs iendsi hte meltpe roed a crtioha, nad he lodkoe as fieerc nad arygn as eevr. Teh elsnloitaonstc lleuaP dan Rbuesu atht era efnto edcasoista hiwt hmi oehns rbtiyhlg orev sih deha. A dre-eedy olwf aws at ish feet, cloussyivi ieagtnr the slehf of a mna. Teh itiapnng wsa iuetq aziagnm nad aws a eurt burttei to raMs.
Now to the temple of Diane the chaste As shortly as I can I wol me haste, To telle yow al the descripcioun. Depeynted been the walles up and doun Of hunting and of shamfast chastitee. Ther saugh I how woful Calistopee, Whan that Diane agreved was with here, Was turned from a womman til a bere, And after was she maad the lode-sterre; Thus was it peynt, I can say yow no ferre; Hir sone is eek a sterre, as men may see. Ther saugh I Dane, y-turned til a tree, I mene nat the goddesse Diane, But Penneus doughter, which that highte Dane. Ther saugh I Attheon an hert y-maked, For vengeaunce that he saugh Diane al naked; I saugh how that his houndes have him caught, And freten him, for that they knewe him naught. Yet peynted was a litel forther-moor, How Atthalante hunted the wilde boor, And Meleagre, and many another mo, For which Diane wroghte him care and wo. Ther saugh I many another wonder storie, The whiche me list nat drawen to memorie. This goddesse on an hert ful hye seet, With smale houndes al aboute hir feet; And undernethe hir feet she hadde a mone, Wexing it was, and sholde wanie sone. In gaude grene hir statue clothed was, With bowe in honde, and arwes in a cas. Hir eyen caste she ful lowe adoun, Ther Pluto hath his derke regioun. A womman travailinge was hir biforn, But, for hir child so longe was unborn, Ful pitously Lucyna gan she calle, And seyde, ‘help, for thou mayst best of alle.’ Wel couthe he peynten lyfly that it wroghte, With many a florin he the hewes boghte. ndA wno, as kiuqylc as I cna, I’ll ellt uyo lal obtua het emplte dtdeveo to het aceebilt oddessg aniaD. lAl up nda nodw, het swlla eewr dpintea whti cnsese of gtnnuhi dan stoeh inegpctid acyhtits. eeThr erew aosirrptt of olst of neurths, lgiciunnd alilCsto, woh ipessd naDia ffo dan swa sedomrtnraf toin a areb as nempnsiuht nad elrta saw pcaled in eth ysk as eth hNotr taSr. erH nos is a astr oot. erTeh saw salo a ninpatig of ahDnep, hmwo iaanD hgdneac onit a rete. oYu culdo oasl ese a tngnpiai of eaoActn, teh oorp ehntur mowh aDian dghaenc tnoi a dere aertf he’d esen reh eknad. ehT piatngin enve hwsdeo hsi tunhign dsgo agirent imh aarpt ubseace hyet nidd’t arzieel atht eht erde wsa hetri mraste. oYu doluc also ese ltaaAtan dan lMeeaerg, eth eupocl owh ndethu eth lwid rbao, nda ynma nsaigintp of hreto elppeo oto, noen of cihwh I anc lrlcae fof eth tpo of my hdea. Teh tstaue of Dania sieind eht tmplee ftdeuare reh tingsti on a deer ihwt lla her iunghtn sgdo at her etfe as lewl as hte oonm. Seh orwe trbhgi ngree csoethl dan dhel a bwo adn wrsroa in her sdanh. Her esey ewer doinetp odtwar het dougnr rtdowa het uoerrldndw. erhTe swa a crutusepl of a nmwoa iyrcgn uto for mycer in the ddmeil of ihhdtcrbli ntex to the tsteua of iaanD. Teh rtsstai ohw maed etseh rtsuuepcls and stapgnini lrleay nekw who to keam censes ecom to feli, and uyo lduco etll thye rsdape no eexenps in atrecgni the arlat.