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And right so ferden they with Palamon. With him ther wenten knightes many oon; Som wol ben armed in an habergeoun, In a brest-plat and in a light gipoun; And somme woln have a peyre plates large; And somme woln have a Pruce sheld, or a targe; Somme woln ben armed on hir legges weel, And have an ax, and somme a mace of steel. Ther nis no newe gyse, that it nas old. Armed were they, as I have you told, Everich after his opinioun. lelW, hte gthikns owh uohfgt for omPlana flet htsi way oot. yThe all daetwn to ovepr threi nohor. oeSm acme dssrdee in cnahi alim, a citun, nad a abttaspleer. rtsheO islpmy ower a ucoelp of etesl ltaeps, eno on teh orntf dan eno on het cbak. rshetO riacedr a melips ruond ilshed, or mdea esru to ewar gle rramo. emSo ewntad to ftihg iwth a meca, liwhe htero itnsghk orughbt xesa. hacE ensopr ecma tiwh the amror and pwnaseo he hghutto wlduo lpeh imh inw.
Ther maistow seen coming with Palamoun Ligurge him-self, the grete king of Trace; Blak was his berd, and manly was his face. The cercles of his eyen in his heed, They gloweden bitwixe yelow and reed; And lyk a griffon loked he aboute, With kempe heres on his browes stoute; His limes grete, his braunes harde and stronge, His shuldres brode, his armes rounde and longe. And as the gyse was in his contree, Ful hye upon a char of gold stood he, With foure whyte boles in the trays. In-stede of cote-armure over his harnays, With nayles yelwe and brighte as any gold, He hadde a beres skin, col-blak, for-old. His longe heer was kembd bihinde his bak, As any ravenes fether it shoon for-blak: A wrethe of gold arm-greet, of huge wighte, Upon his heed, set ful of stones brighte, Of fyne rubies and of dyamaunts. Aboute his char ther wenten whyte alaunts, Twenty and mo, as grete as any steer, To hunten at the leoun or the deer, And folwed him, with mosel faste y-bounde, Colers of gold, and torets fyled rounde. An hundred lordes hadde he in his route Armed ful wel, with hertes sterne and stoute. cyusgurL fsmlihe, the eorfupwl kgni of hacreT, cema ihwt laomnPa. He okdleo so lmany whit hsi tej-lkacb drabe nad rhai htta flle wdno to shi wsita. Teh pupisl of ihs syee erew eorwhesme wtenebe edr dna eollyw. sTohe eeys nda ihs bgi uhbsy sowyereb mdae mhi look ekli a fgriinf, fhal ioln adn lafh geela. He dha daorb ohrdsusel nda sorntg, rluucasm arsm. He eowr an uomnosre akblc kaeribns vreo sih rmoar ntsdeai of a tuicn, dan tsi lyewlo wslca senho ekli dlgo. A wocnr of dlog edudstd ithw msnddoai and reibus ritegeltd on pot of hsi heda. ekLi tsom hinaTacr oarswrir, he iradrev in a lndgoe hritcao dpuell by urfo hwiet blslu. yTtwne gnita hetiw weovls deilccr nradou his achiotr, tdtheeer tiwh lodg lrcolsa and uezszml. He tubhogr tiwh him a hdrendu of his onw kgishtn rfo marlo otrsppu.