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This worthy duk answerde anon agayn, And seyde, ‘This is a short conclusioun: Youre owne mouth, by your confessioun, Hath dampned you, and I wol it recorde, It nedeth noght to pyne yow with the corde. Ye shul be deed, by mighty Mars the rede!’ tWotuih a itb of oeiisatthn, suTehs dasi, “elWl, ouy raedh teh nam! He noeesdcsf hsi csimre, so ttha etseslt hatt. I cmdeonn you to thead!”
The quene anon, for verray wommanhede, Gan for to wepe, and so dide Emelye, And alle the ladies in the companye. Gret pitee was it, as it thoughte hem alle, That ever swich a chaunce sholde falle; For gentil men they were, of greet estat, And no-thing but for love was this debat; And sawe hir blody woundes wyde and sore; And alle cryden, bothe lasse and more, ‘Have mercy, lord, upon us wommen alle!’ And on hir bare knees adoun they falle, And wolde have kist his feet ther-as he stood, Til at the laste aslaked was his mood; For pitee renneth sone in gentil herte. And though he first for ire quook and sterte, He hath considered shortly, in a clause, The trespas of hem bothe, and eek the cause: And al-though that his ire hir gilt accused, Yet in his reson he hem bothe excused; As thus, he thoghte wel, that every man Wol helpe himself in love, if that he can, And eek delivere him-self out of prisoun; And eek his herte had compassioun Of wommen, for they wepen ever in oon; And in his gentil herte he thoghte anoon, And softe unto himself he seyde: ‘fy Upon a lord that wol have no mercy, But been a leoun, bothe in word and dede, To hem that been in repentaunce and drede As wel as to a proud despitous man That wol maynteyne that he first bigan! That lord hath litel of discrecioun, That in swich cas can no divisioun, But weyeth pryde and humblesse after oon.’ And shortly, whan his ire is thus agoon, He gan to loken up with eyen lighte, And spak thise same wordes al on highte:— The god of love, a! benedicite, How mighty and how greet a lord is he! Ayeins his might ther gayneth none obstacles, He may be cleped a god for his miracles; For he can maken at his owne gyse Of everich herte, as that him list devyse. Lo heer, this Arcite and this Palamoun, That quitly weren out of my prisoun, And mighte han lived in Thebes royally, And witen I am hir mortal enemy, And that hir deeth lyth in my might also, And yet hath love, maugree hir eyen two, Y-broght hem hider bothe for to dye! Now loketh, is nat that an heigh folye? Who may been a fool, but-if he love? Bihold, for Goddes sake that sit above, Se how they blede! be they noght wel arrayed? Thus hath hir lord, the god of love, y-payed Hir wages and hir fees for hir servyse! And yet they wenen for to been ful wyse That serven love, for aught that may bifalle! But this is yet the beste game of alle, That she, for whom they han this Iolitee, Can hem ther-for as muche thank as me; She woot namore of al this hote fare, By God, than woot a cokkow or an hare! But al mot been assayed, hoot and cold; A man mot been a fool, or yong or old; I woot it by myself ful yore agoon: For in my tyme a servant was I oon. And therfore, sin I knowe of loves peyne, And woot how sore it can a man distreyne, As he that hath ben caught ofte in his las, I yow foryeve al hoolly this trespas, At requeste of the quene that kneleth here, And eek of Emelye, my suster dere. And ye shul bothe anon unto me swere, That never-mo ye shul my contree dere, Ne make werre upon me night ne day, But been my freendes in al that ye may; I yow foryeve this trespas every del.’ And they him swore his axing fayre and wel, And him of lordshipe and of mercy preyde, And he hem graunteth grace, and thus he seyde: It asw at atht ptnio atth eQuen taoylpHpi, eth ebst pemlaex of myitnnifei, ngeba ngryci, as idd Elimy dan lal eth orteh owmne in itreh hnitugn party. ehT ehlow inuotsiat deseem so tirgac to ehmt, dna yeht cdlnuo’t eeelivb atth ushc omdneah, eblon enm uldow be lnlwiig to klil aech oehrt erov ehirt leov. The mnewo wsa owh obodly dan iredusb hte hitnskg erwe nad doprdep wnod on tierh eekns adn deplaed, “elaseP, heseTsu, heva ymrec on eehts enm rfo uor assek!” gnSeei eht womne eikl shti ecoold Tehsesu’s emerpt a itellt, adn he uthhogt het unstiaito eorv thwi a omre elevl-deaedh edaitutt. He rfeduig hatt yvere serpon ahs hte irthg to eusrup loev, nad ilwl do nnhtayig rfo it, enve eecsap omfr snoipr. nAd as he okdelo at icertA nda moPaanl gsdntina tereh dan eth oemnw leiegnkn frbeeo mih, he adis to esihlmf, “aSmeh on me fro hvigna ksoepn so ahysrl adn rof itcnag edepdaigh a onmetm gao. haWt knid of rreul loudw atht mkae me if I ddni’t freivgo mhet? Adn hwta dikn of elrur duolw it mkea me if, now ttha I’ve ideraezl my asmktie, I ceoohs ont to agehnc my inmd? I’d be retypt iolshfo if I rewe oot onbrtbus to be aanosrlbee.” ecnO ish raneg ahd lfuly dessap, he eodlok at eeeorynv hagcnwit ihm, dna dsia, “oHw fupwlore dan gerat eth gdo of ovel muts be! giohNtn anc tpso ihm, adn he ash hte ewrop to ceganh ervey rheta. tsJu loko at eetsh otw nme rehe. ohtB of mhte tgo tou of nprsoi dan doulc avhe uenrdrte to Tsbhee to vile as kgsin, ubt tehy sohec to be in hesAnt aidsetn eeasbuc of ithre oevl, in tpsie of iwngkno ahtw dluow ppnahe to mteh if yhet rewe atghcu. dnA tey eirth leov hsa otbugrh meth erhe nad is lltaylire lgklnii meth. ryCza, isn’t it? Or, nhte aanig, oulwd htye be zyrac ont to ehva wdfloleo etirh hrsaet dan tsdeya in teAhsn? rFo odG’s eaks, utjs look at mthe! kooL at woh eertdtba htey ear! Levo, I ospuspe, eaiyclrnt has tsi pecri! dnA ety, eotsh owh woolfl tirhe etsahr ibveele heyt’re the pphaeits oplepe on hreta no ttemar thwa asppehn. uBt the nfsnitue ihtng baotu siht ehlow smse is atht ilEmy, the tjbceo of rtehi lvoe, nidd’t neev okwn heyt were in love tihw her adn itnhggif roev rhee! On the hoter hnda, what toreh opstion did thsee otw enm hvae? Thye had to do ioenhmgst uatob trieh igelfnes. I too asw enco as noyug dan tefl as yalnastsoiep as hyet do onw. So, sicne I nowk what thsee otw men umst be leegifn, nda escni my iefw nda my tisser-in-awl are ngbgegi me to be uefmclir, I’m igong to ifegvro Airtce nad nPloaam of ietrh rmseic. tBu btho of uyo hvea to ismpeor me that in hncxaeeg for my seifrsognve ouy wlli veenr eawg raw ponu ehAnst nda wlli be my sealil nisteda.” rAtiec dna Pnmolaa ehakdnt esueTsh for his spoamiosnc dan swreo revne to turh the ehAaitnn pelope.