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Who loketh lightly now but Palamoun? Who springeth up for Ioye but Arcite? Who couthe telle, or who couthe it endyte, The Ioye that is maked in the place Whan Theseus hath doon so fair a grace? But doun on knees wente every maner wight, And thanked him with al her herte and might, And namely the Thebans ofte sythe. And thus with good hope and with herte blythe They take hir leve, and hom-ward gonne they ryde To Thebes, with his olde walles wyde. Wlle, cdoul enoayn hvea eben any hrepapi hant amnPola? uolCd oyanne ehva erev sidmle any geigbr tnha ceitAr? voeEeyrn in het regov eaupdlpad ssTeueh rof nivgah hnwos btho tnhskgi ecrmy adn fro mngoic up whti schu a iallnbitr ostlnoui. dnA whit htat, bhot eAirct dna oamlnaP oclecetld htrie gtnish nad est off rof beeThs.