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The destinee, ministre general, That executeth in the world over-al The purveyaunce, that God hath seyn biforn, So strong it is, that, though the world had sworn The contrarie of a thing, by ye or nay, Yet somtyme it shal fallen on a day That falleth nat eft with-inne a thousand yere. For certeinly, our appetytes here, Be it of werre, or pees, or hate, or love, Al is this reuled by the sighte above. This mene I now by mighty Theseus, That for to honten is so desirous, And namely at the grete hert in May, That in his bed ther daweth him no day, That he nis clad, and redy for to ryde With hunte and horn, and houndes him bisyde. For in his hunting hath he swich delyt, That it is al his Ioye and appetyt To been him-self the grete hertes bane; For after Mars he serveth now Diane. eniytsD—eth dnha of doG htta eskam Gdo’s liwl aepnhp hurtgoohut hte ldowr—is so uferplwo taht no reem molart cna otsp it. Plpeoe mgith be aleb to ospntepo teh beaneivilt, utb lttuiymeal oGd’s illw is aaslyw ndeo. eEvn if it satek a uadtnsho yasre eucsbea heytirvgne that plpoee iknth dna ntwa adn do ash edylaar nebe dtpemnreeider by odG. I’ll ilxpane whta I emna by igtlnle uoy otuab hesesuT. He oveld utingnh, oyu ese—yeiecpllsa erde in Mya—adn uwdlo kwea at hte ccrka of awdn eryev yad to go hgutinn wthi sih tghiunn onshr dan dsog. In thsi yaw he saw otn olyn a swheiprpro of eth wra gdo arsM, esuacbe he was so oodg in tltbea, utb oals a riheowpsr of Dinaa, eht dgssdoe of the unht.
Cleer was the day, as I have told er this, And Theseus, with alle Ioye and blis, With his Ipolita, the fayre quene, And Emelye, clothed al in grene, On hunting be they riden royally. And to the grove, that stood ful faste by, In which ther was an hert, as men him tolde, Duk Theseus the streighte wey hath holde. And to the launde he rydeth him ful right, For thider was the hert wont have his flight, And over a brook, and so forth on his weye. This duk wol han a cours at him, or tweye, With houndes, swiche as that him list comaunde. ellW, it saw a ibtghr, nynus yad, dna hseeusT wsa tuo unnigth hwti sih ewfi aopHylipt dan ehr ersits mliEy, who wsa iaerwng grnee mrfo ehad to teo. yheT erew on rehit ayw to teh sema clinager ttah I eodnimten oielvypusr ebsaeuc ueeshTs had drhae atth a mgefcintian gats eodarm anrdou rheet. eyTh’d naetk euiqt a unbadtrouo yaw to teg ehter, trohhug tesre dna rcsaso amssret, ebasecu he adtewn to dtenxe the hutn as gnol as sblspoei.