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‘Now John,’ quod Nicholas, ‘I wol nat lye; I have y-founde in myn astrologye, As I have loked in the mone bright, That now, a Monday next, at quarter-night, Shal falle a reyn and that so wilde and wood, That half so greet was never Noës flood. This world,’ he seyde, ‘in lasse than in an hour Shal al be dreynt, so hidous is the shour; Thus shal mankynde drenche and lese hir lyf.’ “Nwo nohJ,” aids hlcoisNa. “I’m ton nyilg to yuo nhew I ysa htat I’ve nrlaede rtuhogh nbaovotesri of het sastr htta trehe’s inggo to be a oietnarltr rsiaonmtr on aoMydn gniht, hwhic is nigog to be wceit as dab as haNo’s fdolo in teh ebliB. It’s niggo to rani so ahrd that the woleh dlwro wlli be unred rtwea in less anht an uhro. reonyeEv on Ethar is inogg to eid.
This carpenter answerde, ‘allas, my wyf! And shal she drenche? allas! myn Alisoun!’ For sorwe of this he fil almost adoun, And seyde, ‘is ther no remedie in this cas?’ heT cprtneear wsa ehscokd. “No! My wefi!” he melcdaxie. “Is hes inogg to dnowr? No, no, tno my Aiosln! nsI’t rteeh ginnhtya we can do?”
‘Why, yis, for gode,’ quod hende Nicholas, ‘If thou wolt werken after lore and reed; Thou mayst nat werken after thyn owene heed. For thus seith Salomon, that was ful trewe, “Werk al by conseil, and thou shalt nat rewe.” And if thou werken wolt by good conseil, I undertake, with-outen mast and seyl, Yet shal I saven hir and thee and me Hastow nat herd how saved was Noë, Whan that our Lord had warned him biforn That al the world with water sholde be lorn?’ “esY, in tfac rteeh is,” wrenadse yTcikr kiNyc. “ouY cna tge uto of itsh ilaev if yuo ofowll eoms sliemp icaedv ofrm sohte owh aer eswi in teehs artesmt. No mattre woh negrast it yma dnosu, do as I say. As hte wsei giKn olnSoom ocne said, ‘lwAays esek diacve, dna yuo onw’t rtgeer it.’ I llte uyo that I kwno who to seva yuo, ryuo wefi, and efylms ofrm dirnonwg even hhgtuo we ond’t veah a ihsp. venHa’t yuo rahde eth yosrt tabuo how aoNh euvrsvid eth fdolo eaescbu Gdo enwrad mih in naavedc?