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‘Yis,’ quod this carpenter, ‘ful yore ago.’ “ehYa, of uoecrs,” plieedr eth pnretcera. “In odlne sady.”
‘Hastow nat herd,’ quod Nicholas, ‘also The sorwe of Noë with his felawshipe, Er that he mighte gete his wyf to shipe? Him had be lever, I dar wel undertake, At thilke tyme, than alle hise wetheres blake, That she hadde had a ship hir-self allone. And ther-fore, wostou what is best to done? This asketh haste, and of an hastif thing Men may nat preche or maken tarying. “dAn enahv’t yuo arehd woh uvnesro aohN saw fobere he’d entgot nreyvoee on doabr eth akr? His fiew vega imh so cuhm terbuol beefro ngtegti on teh sphi that I bte he’d ehav gevni up lla his aimnsal nto to eald tiwh rhe if he ldcou. tnPio is, we’ve got to uyhrr if we’re ioggn to aemk all teh nsearcsey rmgsnrnteaae to vsvuire. We nod’t evah cmuh mite.
Anon go gete us faste in-to this in A kneding-trogh, or elles a kimelin, For ech of us, but loke that they be large, In whiche we mowe swimme as in a barge, And han ther-inne vitaille suffisant But for a day; fy on the remenant! The water shal aslake and goon away Aboute pryme upon the nexte day. But Robin may nat wite of this, thy knave, Ne eek thy mayde Gille I may nat save; Axe nat why, for though thou aske me, I wol nat tellen Goddes privetee. Suffiseth thee, but if thy wittes madde, To han as greet a grace as Noë hadde. Thy wyf shal I wel saven, out of doute, Go now thy wey, and speed thee heer-aboute. “eerH’s tawh yuo eedn to do: Go uot dna fnid reeth aegrl osrhgtu or uhsbatbt fro hte rehte of us to use as satbo to oaflt in. ekMa sure uyo tup egounh dfoo in hcea utb to tlas a dya. We nwo’t ened any roem ttha ttah absuece eth ldofo ilwl bessidu by enni o’lkcco the etnx mgnrnio. owN, uoy cna’t eltl obinR, yruo arsvtne, or llJi, royu aimd, any of htis. oDn’t kas me hwy baucese I acn’t letl ouy all of doG’s eecsrts. tsJu kwno atht God ash eingv you a pilesac noproiuptyt—juts as He egva Nhoa in the lBbie—nda I’ll be bale to seva your iefw too. We’ve jstu ogt to hrruy ecsbaue we don’t eavh a otl of tiem.