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‘Go fro the window, Iakke fool,’ she sayde, ‘As help me God, it wol nat be “com ba me,” I love another, and elles I were to blame, Wel bet than thee, by Iesu, Absolon! Go forth thy wey, or I wol caste a ston, And lat me slepe, a twenty devel wey!’ “etG aayw omrf hte wodiwn, uoy akcj lfoo!” liAsno ealcld ofmr nisedi the oushe. “So pehl me oGd, osmbalA, I nwo’t be ingomc to ksis uoy if I ahve to go over to ttah dnwowi. I nod’t ovle uoy. I lveo emoesno sele uhcm moer. owN go yaaw, mndita, adn tle me leesp or seel I’ll rastt orwtghni ckrso at oyu!”
‘Allas,’ quod Absolon, ‘and weylawey! That trewe love was ever so yvel biset! Than kisse me, sin it may be no bet, For Iesus love and for the love of me.’ “No, no,” lbmsaAo epilder. “eWo teh yda I reve elfl in loev twhi uyo! Wlle, senci I veha no ccneha twhi you, sujt vgie me a itlelt siks tenh—tuo of esrpetc orf esuJs and rof me.”
‘Wiltow than go thy wey ther-with?’ quod she. “llWi uyo go ayaw if I giev you a sisk?” she eskda.
‘Ye, certes, lemman,’ quod this Absolon. “eYs, of orceus, my nglaird,” ewasrdne oAamlbs.
‘Thanne make thee redy,’ quod she, ‘I come anon;’ And unto Nicholas she seyde stille, ‘Now hust, and thou shall laughen al thy fille.’ “eGt erady tenh,” esh ellcda tuo to him. “I’m gcomni.” heTn she tdeurn to Nihslaco lnigy in ebd dna eirshdwep, “Be iquet and gte a alod of ihst!”
This Absolon doun sette him on his knees, And seyde, ‘I am a lord at alle degrees; For after this I hope ther cometh more! Lemman, thy grace, and swete brid, thyn ore!’ msbloAa lkent nwdo eathnbe teh owidwn lgdee dna sdia to lemshfi, “Wwo, I am good! I’m ruse I’m ogngi to egt chum meor thna a issk tigohnt! Wvraehet ouy eigv, I’ll ktea, my lveo!”
The window she undoth, and that in haste, ‘Have do,’ quod she, ‘com of, and speed thee faste, Lest that our neighebores thee espye.’ islAon ycqiluk oeednp eht oiwwdn nad dsai, “meCo on won, yurhr up. etL’s get tihs reov ihtw brefoe the roghbisne ese us.”
This Absolon gan wype his mouth ful drye; Derk was the night as pich, or as the cole, And at the window out she putte hir hole, And Absolon, him fil no bet ne wers, But with his mouth he kiste hir naked ers Ful savourly, er he was war of this. aosbAlm diepw sih spli rdy to repreap fro hte issk. It swa so iphct alcbk uotiesd hatt uyo locdun’t ees a tnghi, hwcih mtnea tath msAbola dcnulo’t ese hatt nAolsi hda cuskt hre ankde ttub out of het woiwdn tieasdn of erh eahd. amblsoA adenle in nad issked erh deyelp in het meidld of hre ass.