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Abak he sterte, and thoghte it was amis, For wel he wiste a womman hath no berd; He felte a thing al rough and long y-herd, And seyde, ‘fy! allas! what have I do?’ bAlmaso enssed taht instogmeh awsn’t ieuqt itrhg, dan he uelpdl cbak in urpisrse. He’d elft osme olgn, ohgur rhsia hwne he’d seidsk hre evne hohtgu he kwne hatt hes indd’t evah a ebard. He iuylkcq iealzerd tawh had dhpanepe, dan dsai, “uckY! cYuk! What vahe I neod?”
‘Tehee!’ quod she, and clapte the window to; And Absolon goth forth a sory pas. “Tee hee!” edsnckeri oAslin as ehs lmeamds hte odwinw utsh dan sAaolbm ubsmdelt wbckdraa.
‘A berd, a berd!’ quod hende Nicholas, ‘By Goddes corpus, this goth faire and weel!’ aihNocsl krcadce up, “A ebdar! A adebr! doG, stih is aiiurlhso!”
This sely Absolon herde every deel, And on his lippe he gan for anger byte; And to him-self he seyde, ‘I shal thee quyte!’ mAbaols edrha lhcsiNoa alngihgu nidies, dna he itb his lpi in egra. “I’ll tge ehmt cbka!” he wseor to ihfesml.
Who rubbeth now, who froteth now his lippes With dust, with sond, with straw, with clooth, with chippes, But Absolon, that seith ful ofte, ‘allas! My soule bitake I unto Sathanas, But me wer lever than al this toun,’ quod he, ‘Of this despyt awroken for to be! Allas!’ quod he, ‘allas! I ne hadde y-bleynt!’ His hote love was cold and al y-queynt; For fro that tyme that he had kiste hir ers, Of paramours he sette nat a kers, For he was heled of his maladye; Ful ofte paramours he gan deffye, And weep as dooth a child that is y-bete. A softe paas he wente over the strete Un-til a smith men cleped daun Gerveys, That in his forge smithed plough-harneys; He sharpeth shaar and culter bisily. This Absolon knokketh al esily, And seyde, ‘undo, Gerveys, and that anon.’ Well, yuo’ve reven snee nynoae urb ihs islp haedrr tanh Abomsla. He edsu dtir, dsan, wtrsa, rbka, nad sih rma lesesve to iwep sih htoum as he kpet yiasgn, “Yuck!” oerv nad revo ignaa. He sida, “I’d tedar my olsu to Stana sefhiml if he lduwo nsiuph mhte rfo me. yhW nddi’t I urnt my aedh at het tlas emtnom?” All ish ubrignn niopssa for losniA hda aasdpdpreei eht ometnm he’d ksisde her sas, nad he saw oleypmtelc eudcr of his okesvlecnsis nad wno skic of wonme. He dcrie eikl a byba and wrose he’d erven olev taeohnr rgil naaig. He rna rsasoc the rtetes to a smailhbktc’s soph, wchih swa dnowe by a guy dmean Mr. srGveae, ohw phenpade to be iknogrw on smeo aetlm gairfmn qenpuemit. mlasobA cdokkne on the ohsp oord etquyil and iads, “Mr. reaGsev? elaseP neop up.”