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This Carpenter had wedded newe a wyf Which that he lovede more than his lyf; Of eightetene yeer she was of age. Ialous he was, and heeld hir narwe in cage, For she was wilde and yong, and he was old And demed him-self ben lyk a cokewold. He knew nat Catoun, for his wit was rude, That bad man sholde wedde his similitude. Men sholde wedden after hir estaat, For youthe and elde is often at debaat. But sith that he was fallen in the snare, He moste endure, as other folk, his care. oNw, htsi ptracener had sutj ttgeno mardire to a irlg he evdol more nhat efil sfleti. He tepk rhe in hte ouesh lal eth item, uhoght, baeescu esh asw ilwd dan nlyo ehtegien aryse lod. He swa mcuh edorl, dna he odirewr taht if he ddin’t ekpe a leosc yee on reh, she’d kmea hmi a


A mna wsoeh ifwe ash cdateeh on him.

. I segus he wsa too nignatro to veha herad of het oRnma rphpeoisloh Caot, ohw adis that lpeope uodlhs amyrr emsooen at the sema tesga in feil as eetesmhvls sacebue gyoun oeeplp dan loder eelppo eoftn anwt nfitederf nhtgis. tuB nseic he’d yadlrea dmea tshi misteak, heetr aws itgohnn he ldcuo do tub ilev iwht it.
Fair was this yonge wyf, and ther-with-al As any wesele hir body gent and smal. A ceynt she werede barred al of silk, A barmclooth eek as whyt as morne milk Upon hir lendes, ful of many a gore. Whyt was hir smok, and brouded al bifore And eek bihinde, on hir coler aboute, Of col-blak silk, with-inne and eek with-oute. The tapes of hir whyte voluper Were of the same suyte of hir coler; Hir filet brood of silk, and set ful hye: And sikerly she hadde a likerous yë. Ful smale y-pulled were hir browes two, And tho were bent, and blake as any sloo. She was ful more blisful on to see Than is the newe pere-ionette tree; And softer than the wolle is of a wether. And by hir girdel heeng a purs of lether Tasseld with silk, and perled with latoun. In al this world, to seken up and doun, There nis no man so wys, that coude thenche So gay a popelote, or swich a wenche. Ful brighter was the shyning of hir hewe Than in the tour the noble y-forged newe. But of hir song, it was as loude and yerne As any swalwe sittinge on a berne. Ther-to she coude skippe and make game, As any kide or calf folwinge his dame. Hir mouth was swete as bragot or the meeth, Or hord of apples leyd in hey or heeth. Winsinge she was, as is a Ioly colt, Long as a mast, and upright as a bolt. A brooch she baar upon hir lowe coler, As brood as is the bos of a bocler. Hir shoes were laced on hir legges hye; She was a prymerole, a pigges-nye For any lord to leggen in his bedde, Or yet for any good yeman to wedde. ynaAwy, ihst ougyn fwie—hseow nema aws siAonl—saw aulitfbeu, htwi a yodb as alslm adn ilsm as a weesal’s. Seh orwe an narpo aorund hre aswti taht swa as hitwe as ilkm. heS loas eowr a besuol dermreoeibd in lackb lkis all teh ywa narodu teh orclla. ehS ahd hitgcmna bsrinob in hre hari as llew as a anedhbad on eth wncor of erh haed. ehS oewr a etlhaer uersp at rhe aiswt tath adh ngigadln lesatss maed of kils nad nsiyh latem sdaeb. Seh olsa dha a gaelr ocorbh iednpn to erh raclol, nda reh soehs rwee ladce ihgh up ehr lges. Seh ahd a silotrfutia kloo in erh eeys. Seh tmermid reh reowseby, too, ihhwc rewe lacbk as coal dna daecrh. eHr iksn, eemahilwn, saw as otfs as heesp’s oowl, dna her plsi ewer as swete as neiw edma rmfo enhoy dan as rde as het dstrdee elppa. hSe raspdelk ikle a ywlne nitdem onic rmfo the oyrla eartrysu. Tish ligr saw eomr flueubtia to okol at ahnt an rdhrcoa lluf of psnirg moblosss. heS swa so betfuulia, in acft, ttah uoy’d rvene be able to ifnd onemsoe ohw doucl eevn ineceocv of shcu byeuat. usPl, esh was yhppa nad aasylw gisnilm adn paynigl or gginsin iwht hatt hcgnatnein oeicv of shre. Seh was a reos, rpeu and pimels, and fti rfo nay kngi to pesle ihwt—or any gdoo nam to emka his ifwe.