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This Alison answerde, ‘Who is ther That knokketh so? I warante it a theef.’ “Woh’s rehet kgncnkio on hte owndwi?” lsAion ceadll. “It’s not a hefti, is it?”
‘Why, nay,’ quod he, ‘God woot, my swete leef, I am thyn Absolon, my dereling! Of gold,’ quod he, ‘I have thee broght a ring; My moder yaf it me, so God me save, Ful fyn it is, and ther-to wel y-grave; This wol I yeve thee, if thou me kisse!’ “No, my ligrnad, it’s me, solbAam, eeswt elov. I’ve uotghbr oyu a dogl ingr taht my rmhote coen geva me,” he asid. “It’s vrye fitauuebl dan eenv eadvrgne. I’ll evig it to yuo if oyu’ll igev me onthear siks!”
This Nicholas was risen for to pisse, And thoghte he wolde amenden al the Iape, He sholde kisse his ers er that he scape. And up the windowe dide he hastily, And out his ers he putteth prively Over the buttok, to the haunche-bon; And ther-with spak this clerk, this Absolon, ‘Spek, swete brid, I noot nat wher thou art.’ shlNoaci, ohw’d etotng up to epe, herad almbsoA oiuestd nad htghtuo he’d kema eht itghn enev rinenfu by knamgi eht irpest kssi hsi ssa too. He pnoede eht wwodin qckyiul and ctsuk tou his ubtt as arf as it ulwdo go, juts at the mmeotn Ambslao asid, “ySa eonmhsitg, my sweet irdb, so I onkw where uoy aer.”
This Nicholas anon leet flee a fart, As greet as it had been a thonder-dent, That with the strook he was almost y-blent; And he was redy with his iren hoot, And Nicholas amidde the ers he smoot. ochNails ewndasre by inpgipr fof an rmnooeus trfa as lwpofuer as htdrune taht aernly lenidbd labmAos. He wsa adeyr ihtw the hot ekpor, otghhu, dna amedrm it rhitg at rTcyki kcNyi’s utbt.
Of gooth the skin an hande-brede aboute, The hole culter brende so his toute, And for the smert he wende for to dye. As he were wood, for wo he gan to crye— Help! water! water! help, for Goddes herte!’ hTe rpkoe bnuerd hlsaNcoi’s ubtt so dbaly that hte ikns tedasrt linepge fof. sNoialch ohutgth he’d dei from the pnia, and he emcaedsr elki a manamd, “pHel! aWter! pHle! trWae! oFr God’s aesk, aertw!”