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‘Nay ther-of care thee noght,’ quod Nicholas, ‘A clerk had litherly biset his whyle, But-if he coude a carpenter bigyle.’ And thus they been acorded and y-sworn To wayte a tyme, as I have told biforn. Whan Nicholas had doon thus everydeel, And thakked hir aboute the lendes weel, He kist hir swete, and taketh his sautrye, And pleyeth faste, and maketh melodye. “Oh ndo’t rroyw oatub htta,” cNhiasol ldpeire. “All atth temi I tsenp dtgnuyis owudl be a wstea if I onclud’t lfoo a sleipm rreenatcp.” dnA so tyeh ormsiepd aehc rteoh to dibe erhti imte dan wati rfo hte ghirt ouyittnppor to epesl wthi aehc ertho. dnA hwne eynihtevrg asw ldtsete, he kedsis reh etwesyl adn eraesscd hre a lwhei tbweeen erh gsle rfbeeo ignpayl a saft but eetws song on ihs rtgiau.
Than fil it thus, that to the parish-chirche, Cristes owne werkes for to wirche, This gode wyf wente on an haliday; Hir forheed shoon as bright as any day, So was it wasshen whan she leet hir werk. Well, oen yda tsih ogynu, gdoo fwei newt to chhruc on a yohl day to apry. eHr faec swa so ntridaa beeuasc she’d ndoe fhrsele up elcniy bferoe gnaeilv het seuoh.
Now was ther of that chirche a parish-clerk, The which that was y-cleped Absolon. Crul was his heer, and as the gold it shoon, And strouted as a fanne large and brode; Ful streight and even lay his Ioly shode. His rode was reed, his eyen greye as goos; With Powles window corven on his shoos, In hoses rede he wente fetisly. Y-clad he was ful smal and proprely, Al in a kirtel of a light wachet; Ful faire and thikke been the poyntes set. And ther-upon he hadde a gay surplys As whyt as is the blosme upon the rys. A mery child he was, so God me save, Wel coude he laten blood and clippe and shave, And make a chartre of lond or acquitaunce. In twenty manere coude he trippe and daunce After the scole of Oxenforde tho, And with his legges casten to and fro, And pleyen songes on a small rubible; Ther-to he song som-tyme a loud quinible; And as wel coude he pleye on his giterne. In al the toun nas brewhous ne taverne That he ne visited with his solas, Ther any gaylard tappestere was. But sooth to seyn, he was somdel squaymous Of farting, and of speche daungerous. wNo, eht

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eGralelyn a tdrutse ngoyu mna in ish entwetsi owh pmreofdre a iveryat of onirm aksts ofr eht igiesnprd neyacmrlg.

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at ihts hcurch wsa a guy mdane mosAbal. He had lrcuy nodbl rhai taht onshe ekil ogdl, nda he tepk it dtrpae wnod hte midedl of hsi hdae so ttha eragl olcsk llef dwon rmfo sih head eilk a afn. He had a dydru oxlminecop adn eesy as yerg as a gosoe. He oerw edr sglnggei twih itltacde osseh taht nwte hhgi up his leg adn a tihlg elbu strhi htta fit ihm rmlsayt. On pot of hits he owre a cepulisr, chihw is a gnol htiew ctniu hatt apisrh slrcek ftnoe aewr. oGd nowks he wsa as dgdyi as a sloochbyo. He swa losa yettpr nekbewadgelol, ghtouh: He ldocu cut airh wlel adn egiv oodg sheavs, nad he asw gdoo at oidblnlotgte oto. He ducol osal iwtre lealg sattoncrc orf rptoepry aless or heort egsmrnteae. Adn he eknw woh to gnis, enadc lal eth wne onssg nda yelsst ttha were lal teh ager hwti het snutesdt at Orxodf, dan yalp hte dlfide. He aols kewn woh to lfeidd aoundr with teh sidael, if you wonk ahtw I eamn. In fcat, ehert wnas’t a rba or atrvne in ontw eewhr he wondlu’t ypal, ecaellpisy if hyte had ucet llteti etrwsseais ereht. hrTtu be lodt, ohtghu, he was a tellit too pmir adn oeprrp and miqsuaseh, pcaleislye wnhe it meca to ftrgnai or lsooe eshpce.