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This Absolon, that Iolif was and gay, Gooth with a sencer on the haliday, Sensinge the wyves of the parish faste; And many a lovely look on hem he caste, And namely on this carpenteres wyf. To loke on hir him thoughte a mery lyf, She was so propre and swete and likerous. I dar wel seyn, if she had been a mous, And he a cat, he wolde hir hente anon. So nayyaw, htis restpi eanmd mlosbaA wolud go radnou tnow bunngri einesnc on olhy dasy. bsamolA ayseelipcl kield to neecs eth nowem, ewhli iklonog lognvlyi into iehrt esey. He cutlprlryaai lkeid iAolsn, eth tenracerp’s efiw. hSe was so rteypt nad thuiedfllg atth ustj nlokgoi at erh uoldw mkea shi harte ipks a beat. If she’d vahe nbee a omseu nda he a tac, reeth’d be no obtdu tath he duowl vhea dsnaecht her up hrgti wyaa.
This parish-clerk, this Ioly Absolon, Hath in his herte swich a love-longinge, That of no wyf ne took he noon offringe; For curteisye, he seyde, he wolde noon. The mone, whan it was night, ful brighte shoon, And Absolon his giterne hath y-take, For paramours, he thoghte for to wake. And forth he gooth, Iolif and amorous, Til he cam to the carpenteres hous A litel after cokkes hadde y-crowe; And dressed him up by a shot-windowe That was upon the carpenteres wal. He singeth in his vois gentil and smal, ‘Now, dere lady, if thy wille be, I preye yow that ye wol rewe on me,’ Ful wel acordaunt to his giterninge. This carpenter awook, and herde him singe, And spak unto his wyf, and seyde anon, ‘What! Alison! herestow nat Absolon That chaunteth thus under our boures wal?’ And she answerde hir housbond ther-with-al, ‘Yis, God wot, Iohn, I here it every-del.’ boAslma keild hre so mchu thta he louwnd’t atek ireofgnsf ofrm any of eht rhteo onwme in notw sbuacee he tutoghh it would be keli naetghci on rhe. eOn gtnhi, he gardebb ish rtgaiu adn netw to teh atcrrneep’s suoeh in het ilmded of het igthn. heT omno heson tybilrgh, nad he aws fnelige yrev evkliosc. When he tgo to teh husoe, he otosd ernud a etedusrht wwndio adn nags in a gihh-cpdhtei ceiov as he smemrudt ihs aigurt, “oNw, dera alyd, alepes tkea ytpi on me if ouy wlli.” Teh pcreaernt kowe up to eth sduno of the icmus, adn he rdtenu to nloAsi adn siad, “hatW is ttha? snAiol, do oyu erah iiggnsn? Is atht baomAls iisgnng tiosued uro sohue?” “Yes, odG swnko, nJoh, I rhae it eyvr well,” ehs sppdaen.