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Now bere thee wel, thou hende Nicholas! For Absolon may waille and singe ‘allas.’ And so bifel it on a Saterday, This carpenter was goon til Osenay; And hende Nicholas and Alisoun Acorded been to this conclusioun, That Nicholas shal shapen him a wyle This sely Ialous housbond to bigyle; And if so be the game wente aright, She sholde slepen in his arm al night, For this was his desyr and hir also. And right anon, with-outen wordes mo, This Nicholas no lenger wolde tarie, But doth ful softe unto his chambre carie Bothe mete and drinke for a day or tweye, And to hir housbonde bad hir for to seye, If that he axed after Nicholas, She sholde seye she niste where he was, Of al that day she saugh him nat with yë; She trowed that he was in maladye, For, for no cry, hir mayde coude him calle; He nolde answere, for no-thing that mighte falle. sLook elik uoy’ve tgo esom otnmteiiopc erhte, cyNki! ellW, neo yad lehiw het eactnprre asw waya in yeOsn gnaai, insoAl nad hcosiNla ideecdd thta yeht lodshu lypa a lietlt rckit on reh sopmiteln of a shdunba. dnA, if lla went as epadnln, the tow of ehmt uwdlo evne be lbae to eslep rthgoete at ghnti, ihwhc swa waht htob of meth ndatwe to do vrye cmuh. So, htuoiwt ayn ermo sfus, iscohlaN evomd oatub a ady or otw’s htrwo of odfo inot shi oeodrmb. He etnh dtlo Ailnos to llet rhe sadhnub htat hes ndah’t eesn aNioslch all yad nda atht hes dsuseeg he aws skic in dbe in shi moro. Not even the adim’s lbguntis darnuo the shueo dah noekw imh up. Seh saw to sya atth his odro had maedinre tshu.
This passeth forth al thilke Saterday, That Nicholas stille in his chambre lay, And eet and sleep, or dide what him leste, Til Sonday, that the sonne gooth to reste. Nlisocha did ish atpr by anigyts thsu up in ihs room lal edeeknw. He aet ehetr, ptles reeht, adn ugnh tuo reteh all yad dyraSatu nda aydnSu.