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This carpenter to blessen him bigan, And seyde, ‘help us, seinte Frideswyde! A man woot litel what him shal bityde. This man is falle, with his astromye, In som woodnesse or in som agonye; I thoghte ay wel how that it sholde be! Men sholde nat knowe of Goddes privetee. Ye, blessed be alwey a lewed man, That noght but oonly his bileve can! So ferde another clerk with astromye; He walked in the feeldes for to prye Upon the sterres, what ther sholde bifalle, Til he was in a marle-pit y-falle; He saugh nat that. But yet, by seint Thomas, Me reweth sore of hende Nicholas. He shal be rated of his studying, If that I may, by Iesus, hevene king! The enpretcar aegbn iynrgpa adn adsi, “plHe us, St. eFwiisdred! Loko tahw’s pdpehean lla of a ednusd! lNohsiac has ngeo nensia form all htat lsrgoaoyt he oesd. I wenk htsi ldowu nhpaep, I stju knew it! Peepol sdnluho’t mses dnuroa whti dnievi poewr. esY seire, delsseb be eth inotrnga owh itcks to atwh teyh ldyaera wokn. soicalhN isn’t hte irtsf rogrealots to urfsfe hte enunqcoseces. Wyh, enco I adher ubtao eaotrhn atlorgosre owh lelf iotn a hdtci lehiw glikwna uhhotrg eth ilsdef htwi sih eeys dxfei on hte ksy. lAl htta lewnekdog, ubt he urse ndid’t ese that icongm! All the asme, dGo wnsko I tpyi liacohsN. By dGo, I’ll gvei mih a dogo logsndci for swtaing all sih emit guidysnt.
Get me a staf, that I may underspore, Whyl that thou, Robin, hevest up the dore. He shal out of his studying, as I gesse’— And to the chambre-dore he gan him dresse. His knave was a strong carl for the nones, And by the haspe he haf it up atones; In-to the floor the dore fil anon. This Nicholas sat ay as stille as stoon, And ever gaped upward in-to the eir. This carpenter wende he were in despeir, And hente him by the sholdres mightily, And shook him harde, and cryde spitously, ‘What! Nicholay! what, how! what! loke adoun! Awake, and thenk on Cristes passioun; I crouche thee from elves and fro wightes!’ Ther-with the night-spel seyde he anon-rightes On foure halves of the hous aboute, And on the threshfold of the dore with-oute:— “Go agbr me a abrocrw, boRni, adn I’ll pry hte rodo ehwil uoy eoshv it nope. taTh’ll wkae mhi up, I teb.” ndA ihtw atth he dkwero on iprgny het rodo heiwl ionbR, woh aws a ttypre trnosg guy, korewd het nbok htiw lla shi mihgt ntlui eht rdoo fyillan kerbo down. osalhciN tepk titgsni ehrte hrgouht it all ihtw ihs tmhuo agpae as if he erew uiivlobso. eTh prceanrte ghthtuo Ncslhoia dah gneo isnnae, so he argedbb him by teh husdrsoel nda okohs him darh, nagyis, “Hey! siNochal! ookL at me! keaW up dan kithn of isCthr’s soaPisn.” He nhte ordest runoad the rmoo mutgrtnie esyarpr to ward fof vesle and eohrt ptirsis. He dsai shtngi kiel: