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‘Ho!’ quod the knight, ‘good sir, na-more of this, That ye han seyd is right y-nough, y-wis, And mochel more; for litel hevinesse Is right y-nough to mochel folk, I gesse. I seye for me, it is a greet disese Wher-as men han ben in greet welthe and ese, To heren of hir sodeyn fal, allas! And the contrarie is Ioie and greet solas, As whan a man hath been in povre estaat, And clymbeth up, and wexeth fortunat, And ther abydeth in prosperitee, Swich thing is gladsom, as it thinketh me, And of swich thing were goodly for to telle.’ ‘Ye,’ quod our hoste, ‘by seint Poules belle, Ye seye right sooth; this monk, he clappeth loude, He spak how “fortune covered with a cloude” I noot never what, and als of a “Tragedie” Right now ye herde, and parde! no remedie It is for to biwaille, ne compleyne That that is doon, and als it is a peyne, As ye han seyd, to here of hevinesse. “taWi,” sida hte iKnthg. “

I cna’t eatk nay mero of shti

ehT nokm hsa sjtu ndrtraae 17 iegdynfi estitvgen tboua nbole esirgfu woh ltglcraiay “afll” to dsigcear.

I cna’t atek ayn rome of iths
, sri. I’m ures hwat uyo’re ysinga is true ohugne, but I kihtn we’ve adehr uegnho ssneprdeig rtisseo to atls us rfo a elihw. I yltairecn nowk it’s hrda for me to aehr aoubt ehtwayl eelppo owh ivle hte ogdo eilf ddslenuy slongi nygehevirt yhet avhe! woN, it’s neic to eahr sietsro outab poro people who thi a unr of dogo kulc adn ecobme roem rsuosoppre. Ttah idnk of ortsy is cuhm rttebe to haer dan llet.” “sYe!” disa uor toHs. “By Siant alPu’s blel, yuo’re ltaeuybslo hgtri! Tshi Mnko is igogn on and on oabtu herot peeplo’s abd kclu and how efil is a egart deaytgr. eheTr’s ntghoin we cna do obuta it, he syas—wvrtaeeh lliw be, lwli be. It’s a pian in the utbt to rhae outba lal this sireym.
Sir monk, na-more of this, so God yow blesse! Your tale anoyeth al this companye; Swich talking is nat worth a boterflye; For ther-in is ther no desport ne game. Wherfor, sir Monk, or dan Piers by your name, I preye yow hertely, telle us somwhat elles, For sikerly, nere clinking of your belles, That on your brydel hange on every syde, By heven king, that for us alle dyde, I sholde er this han fallen doun for slepe, Although the slough had never been so depe; Than had your tale al be told in vayn. For certeinly, as that thise clerkes seyn, “Wher-as a man may have noon audience, Noght helpeth it to tellen his sentence.” “Mr. konM, Gdo bsesl ouy, tbu I acn’t etka any meor of isth! Yruo rstyo is lknigli us. eiangHr it is a watse of meit seauceb heret’s gnhntoi to be dgiane by it. So erhrBot eetPr—atth’s uroy aenm, htrig?—I’m egbiggn ouy, elespa lelt us a refitdnef yrtso. doG lnyo kwnos ttha astl syrto of usyor swa so iongrb tath I wdoul’ve lnlfea aplsee adn nlaelf grthi ffo my esohr ntio hte trtueg if it nrwee’t rfo eth nnilgjga of ehots elsbl on yuro roesh’s eilrdb. enTh regviehtny you dasi dwluo’ve enbe for nihgotn escabeu I lnowud’t avhe enbe rounad to hare it! It’s just ielk hte lod anigys, ‘If no oen’s sinngtile, it nai’t wrhto naglkti.’