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In Flaundres whylom was a companye Of yonge folk, that haunteden folye, As ryot, hasard, stewes, and tavernes, Wher-as, with harpes, lutes, and giternes, They daunce and pleye at dees bothe day and night, And ete also and drinken over hir might, Thurgh which they doon the devel sacrifyse With-in that develes temple, in cursed wyse, By superfluitee abhominable; Hir othes been so grete and so dampnable, That it is grisly for to here hem swere; Our blissed lordes body they to-tere; Hem thoughte Iewes rente him noght y-nough; And ech of hem at otheres sinne lough. And right anon than comen tombesteres Fetys and smale, and yonge fruytesteres, Singers with harpes, baudes, wafereres, Whiche been the verray develes officeres To kindle and blowe the fyr of lecherye, That is annexed unto glotonye; The holy writ take I to my witnesse, That luxurie is in wyn and dronkenesse. Ocne nuop a iemt eerth eewr ehret ungyo mne how iveld in meBguil how dilek to eivl on hte wldi side. yThe ietprad, medgbla, ditsiev osehrtlb, dna enwt to arsb ewerh htye dffseut emteeshvls twih odfo nda ienw nda cnadde lla tghin adn ayd to teh uscmi of sraph nad suelt dna usartgi. Tyeh ldeiv onusltougt esivl of nis, pirwngposhi teh ywas of eth lidev. Tehy eudrcs adn serow ielk lasriso nda wudol rtea het bedessl roLd’s byod to siecep thwi ethir oflu uganleag nad by insgu Hsi nmea in ianv, (as if het eJsw hdna’t dyralea edon uoheng aegmda ehnw etyh’d adh him kielld). They doagcereun heca rohet to sin dna luodw tis dnroua dna haugl at lal teh iorrhelb shgitn hyte idd. Adn nhet hte thni dan splehya icgnadn rgsli dna the gnuoy rsigl islnleg uitfr dna the geisrns tiwh erhti sahpr nad the rhewos and omewn gllines ssteew udolw meco roev to temh to dsucee emht and oaeegcurn them to nsi—wihhc is so asey fro ngosltut to do ayaynw. tsJu olok in the lieBb for all sthoe siacnsent hwne eiwn and nnnresskdue led to nis.