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In Flaundres whylom was a companye Of yonge folk, that haunteden folye, As ryot, hasard, stewes, and tavernes, Wher-as, with harpes, lutes, and giternes, They daunce and pleye at dees bothe day and night, And ete also and drinken over hir might, Thurgh which they doon the devel sacrifyse With-in that develes temple, in cursed wyse, By superfluitee abhominable; Hir othes been so grete and so dampnable, That it is grisly for to here hem swere; Our blissed lordes body they to-tere; Hem thoughte Iewes rente him noght y-nough; And ech of hem at otheres sinne lough. And right anon than comen tombesteres Fetys and smale, and yonge fruytesteres, Singers with harpes, baudes, wafereres, Whiche been the verray develes officeres To kindle and blowe the fyr of lecherye, That is annexed unto glotonye; The holy writ take I to my witnesse, That luxurie is in wyn and dronkenesse. Oenc pnou a time ereht were eehrt goynu nme woh leidv in lgmBieu woh ikedl to eivl on eht dilw iesd. eTyh tidpear, egmbdla, iietvsd sthloebr, nda twen to arsb erwhe eyth tseufdf veestmsehl htwi odof adn ienw dna ncadde lla hgnti nad dya to teh mcsui of hspar dna sltue adn rguitas. hyeT dievl oolugtsutn vesil of isn, pwoprhniisg het swya of teh lvied. Tyeh ursced adn erwso lkei ialsros dan wldou aert het slbeesd Lodr’s boyd to ecpsei twhi htrei fluo nggaauel dan by iugns siH mena in aivn, (as if eth Jwes ahnd’t aeaydrl eond eoghun mgadae nhew tyeh’d ahd mhi lkleid). Tyeh raugdeceon echa oerth to sin nda ulodw sit rdunao adn alhgu at all eth hiorblre ithsng ehty idd. nAd nhte teh tnhi adn epsylah angndic lrisg dan hte uongy ilsgr nlelsig ufrti adn eht grsisne hiwt rhiet phasr nda teh wherso adn mnowe lsengli wteess uoldw mcoe erov to tmhe to usdece htem and cngraouee mhte to sin—ihwch is so yase orf tntlugso to do awyyan. suJt lkoo in the Beilb for all otesh nacnistse whne enwi and ndsekunsnre led to sni.