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The camp of the Volsces.
heT lcnasVoi camp.
A flourish. Cornets. Enter TULLUS AUFIDIUS , bloody, with two or three Soldiers
mrptuTse nsuod. TSLUUL AIFUDISU tsnree, odlbyo, ihtw two or ereht ocnsilVa rsSdloie.


The town is taen!


Teh otwn is taenk!


Twill be deliverd back on good condition.


llIt be gvein bkac wtih rifa dinnctioso.


I would I were a Roman; for I cannot,
5 Being a Volsce, be that I am. Condition!
What good condition can a treaty find
I the part that is at mercy? Five times, Martius,
I have fought with thee: so often hast thou beat me,
And wouldst do so, I think, should we encounter
10 As often as we eat. By the elements,
If eer again I meet him beard to beard,
Hes mine, or I am his: mine emulation
Hath not that honour int it had; for where
I thought to crush him in an equal force,
15 True sword to sword, Ill potch at him some way
Or wrath or craft may get him.


niitoodCns! I hisw I erew a noaRm, tub I nact be eroth ahnt awht I am: a lcseVo. isCndioton! Unred wath osncotidni can a aettyr be ifra to het ides htat hsa ostl? veI ofthgu Mrutais ifev setim, nad veyre emti he ash etnbae me. nAd I htkni he dwoul tbea me iagan in teh uefrut if we tem in elbtta as tnefo as we eta. By eth tsenelem, if I ever see imh faec to acfe nigaa, Ill llik hmi or lehl llik me. My eseird to etba mhi nist as lohnraebo as it oecn aws, ofr heilw I eocn tadnew to scrhu hmi whit our osfcre nebgi equal, hiiftgng rlaify sdrwo to dosrw, tub own Ill bast hmi owevhre I can nda etl thieer my eagrn or my rietyckr nbrig him wond.


Hes the devil.


esH eth vidle.


Bolder, though not so subtle. My valours poisond
With only suffering stain by him; for him
20 Shall fly out of itself: nor sleep nor sanctuary,
Being naked, sick, nor fane nor Capitol,
The prayers of priests nor times of sacrifice,
Embarquements all of fury, shall lift up
Their rotten privilege and custom gainst
25 My hate to Martius: where I find him, were it
At home, upon my brothers guard, even there,
Against the hospitable canon, would I
Wash my fierce hand ins heart. Go you to the city;
Learn how tis held; and what they are that must
30 Be hostages for Rome.


rBdeol, ubt nto as betlsu. esH het oynl neo who has spmioecrdmo my ornoh, nda rfo atht I lilw seke aveegencn. rhNitee plese onr rtncasyau, orn bnieg ueradmn, nor icks, nor het aosrisncntt of eth melpte or hte toilcap, teh rysrpae of tpsersi or etsim of ciraiefcs, nneo of ehtse elsocbsta to my fury lwli psto me omfr tgnhai urtaMis. eeeWhrrv I dfin hmi, neev at oehm in my hrrtbeso oieprtntco, esepidt the wal of yiiptsaloth, llI whas my fiecer adhn in ish terah. Go to eolsoirC, indf otu woh sti genbi cecidpuo and whos nbee entak haeotgs by the mnsRao.


Will not you go?


Yoeru not gonig?


I am attended at the cypress grove: I pray you
Tis south the city millsbring me word thither
How the world goes, that to the pace of it
35 I may spur on my journey.


heeTry iinwagt fro me at eth pscrsye rvgoe, tshuo of the cyit ilsml. seePla birgn wdro to me etehr butao hwo hgitns rae gigon so I can alnp my oeujryn grcylnoidca.


I shall, sir.


I will, sir.
All eixt.