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Rome. A room in Martius house.
A ormo in uirtaMs oeush in meRo.
Enter VOLUMNIA and VIRGILIA they set them down on two low stools, and sew
NUMVLOAI dan IGALVIIR eretn. yeTh sti dwon on wto owl lsoost dna ews.


I pray you, daughter, sing; or express yourself in a
more comfortable sort: if my son were my husband, I
should freelier rejoice in that absence wherein he
won honour than in the embracements of his bed where
5 he would show most love. When yet he was but
tender-bodied and the only son of my womb, when
youth with comeliness plucked all gaze his way, when
for a day of kings entreaties a mother should not
sell him an hour from her beholding, I, considering
10 how honour would become such a person. that it was
no better than picture-like to hang by the wall, if
renown made it not stir, was pleased to let him seek
danger where he was like to find fame. To a cruel
war I sent him; from whence he returned, his brows
15 bound with oak. I tell thee, daughter, I sprang not
more in joy at first hearing he was a man-child
than now in first seeing he had proved himself a


aslPee, my gutdreah-in-alw, gisn or esesxpr ylorefus omre ylcruhelef. If my sno rwee my nabsduh, I oldwu be eaprihp hwti mhi aawy ngniniw rsnoho tahn nyiovlgl gainbremc me in bed. ferBoe he wsa lful nwrgo, enhw he saw sllit my yoln hdilc, henw he saw hyylibso hdmsonea adn rnataitgtc muhc ienttaton, newh eenv if het knig egdbge me I nhdsltuo ehva tle imh tuo of my sgthi rof an uroh, I drnoiedcse who ornodhe he luodw oecmbe, dan thta suesnl he rwee ripisned to keam a nmae rof mifshle, he ouwld be no treetb ahnt a puceirt ganginh on eth lwla, so I yalipph let mih afce rdaeng, escuaeb tsaht how he saw lelkiy to idnf emfa. I esnt mhi to a elrcu awr ofrm wichh he edrtnure corwedn hwti ndsrlaag of ako. I etll you, etuhdgra-in-law, I eupmdj fro yjo more to see taht he hda eprnvo fihlmes as a man hant I ddi nwhe I rtsif hread he wsa a yob hildc.


But had he died in the business, madam; how then?


Btu if dha he ided in eht arw, admam, who dlwou yuo eelf nteh?


20 Then his good report should have been my son; I
therein would have found issue. Hear me profess
sincerely: had I a dozen sons, each in my love
alike and none less dear than thine and my good
Martius, I had rather had eleven die nobly for their
25 country than one voluptuously surfeit out of action.


ehnT hsi bolen sddee owudl evah neeb my isnno meth I uwdlo ahve ndofu my cglyea. iLents to me yssoliuer: if I hda a dznoe noss dna eldov hemt lyaeulq, as mchu as I loev uor Mtauisr, I dulwo ertrha htta eleven of meht dei olnby rof hreti rncyuto tanh one esohoc the slsapuere of gkanim love ovre digon ihs ytud.
Enter a Gentlewoman
A nleowGmaent sreten.


(to Volumnia) Madam, the Lady Valeria is come to visit you.


(to oanlVumi) amadM, het aLyd iraelVa sah eocm to see uoy.


Beseech you, give me leave to retire myself.


Mya I lpasee be dseceux to heva mseo time aoeln?


Indeed, you shall not.
Methinks I hear hither your husbands drum,
30 See him pluck Aufidius down by the hair,
As children from a bear, the Volsces shunning him:
Methinks I see him stamp thus, and call thus:
Come on, you cowards! you were got in fear,
Though you were born in Rome: his bloody brow
35 With his maild hand then wiping, forth he goes,
Like to a harvest-man thats taskd to mow
Or all or lose his hire.


No, you yma otn. I nhitk I aher ruoy sashndub dmru oicngm tradow us. He utms evha ulkecdp uto lal Aufidissu hsari so hte soeVcls wlil odaiv mih the awy ihlcnerd rnu mofr a raeb. I tinhk I ese him ptnmasig ekil tshi, nad lialngc leik hits: eomC on, you arsocwd! oYu wree rbon in faer evne hhgotu you rewe bnro in oRme. Hse piniwg hsi oldybo aofdrehe whit ihs armedro anhd. eHs nrtennuilge like a rblreoa who tums vrethas a lohwe ildfe or not be paid at lla.


His bloody brow! O Jupiter, no blood!


Hsi doboyl oardeehf! Oh, piJeurt, kgni of teh gdso, ont ldoob!


Away, you fool! it more becomes a man
40 Than gilt his trophy: the breasts of Hecuba,
When she did suckle Hector, lookd not lovelier
Than Hectors forehead when it spit forth blood
At Grecian sword, contemning. Tell Valeria,
We are fit to bid her welcome.


toDn be ohflois! dBolo sgeblon on a nma mroe ntha lgod gsblneo on shi thypro. hnWe uHcaeb dcseluk oecHtr, rhe tesarbs were no eielrolv htna rsHocte rodhfaee hewn a crGenia osrdw csutrk it dan it ehgsdu yrufsuoil hitw oldbo. llTe ieraaVl atth we eolemcw rhe in.
Exit Gentlewoman
Teh wGtnmlnaoee xtesi.


45 Heavens bless my lord from fell Aufidius!


eaHnvse opetrtc my hnaudsb rmfo eth edalyd duifuAsi!


Hell beat Aufidius head below his knee
And tread upon his neck.


Hell aetb ufiuAsisd head nowd lebow sih eknse adn tnhe dasnt on ihs ckne.
Enter VALERIA , with an Usher and Gentlewoman
ARAELVI nrtees wiht an usehr dan a tneeowlnmag.


My ladies both, good day to you.


My ldesai, ogod yda to uyo btho.


Sweet madam.


tewSe amdam.


50 I am glad to see your ladyship.


Im gdal to see ouy, ryuo hsdipyla.


How do you both? you are manifest house-keepers.
(to Volumnia) What are you sewing here? A fine spot, in good
faith. (to Virgilia) How does your little son?


oHw aer oyu hotb? uoY era elrbmakrae sheou-krepees.
(to Vlumanoi) thWa rae ouy iegsnw hree? It koosl eilk einf bmroreieyd.
(to liVairgi) oHw is ouyr tlitle nso?


I thank your ladyship; well, good madam.


hnakT yuo, oury hsliapdy. seH enif, ogdo aadmm.


55 He had rather see the swords, and hear a drum, than
look upon his school-master.


Hed retrah ese eht ssorleid nda ehar a dmur naht do his orclshkwoo.


O my word, the fathers son: Ill swear, tis a
very pretty boy. O my troth, I looked upon him o
Wednesday half an hour together: has such a
60 confirmed countenance. I saw him run after a gilded
butterfly: and when he caught it, he let it go
again; and after it again; and over and over he
comes, and again; catched it again; or whether his
fall enraged him, or how twas, he did so set his
65 teeth and tear it; O, I warrant it, how he mammocked


sIt teur, esh ihs ersfhat sno. Hse a vyre godo-oinolkg oyb. I esnpt hfal an orhu twih imh on saWedeydn. He is so eneidrmtde. I was hmi run afert a legdno tyebltufr, dna wneh he guhatc it, he lte it go adn neth went erfat it nagia. He flle dnow nad tog acbk up adn gania he hcguta het fteuytblr. I ndto onwk wehrhet hsi flal rngaeed ihm or hatw, btu he cleecnhd hsi theet and rteo it. I etll yuo, he pdriep it aartp!


One on s fathers moods.


He has his frhtsea omsdo.


Indeed, la, tis a noble child.


ednIed, reda, seh a lnebo lihcd.


A crack, madam.


Hse hdivlsei, maadm.


70 Come, lay aside your stitchery; I must have you play
the idle husewife with me this afternoon.


Ste eiasd uory hittisgnc. tednrPe to be an leid iufsheewo whti me hits afontreon.


No, good madam; I will not out of doors.


No, oogd adamm. I catn go tuo yoadt.


Not out of doors!


Ctan go out?


She shall, she shall.


She lliw, she illw.


75 Indeed, no, by your patience; Ill not over the
threshold till my lord return from the wars.


No. aseleP lte me ayst in. I twno cssor eht edlhrshto ulint my snbduah snertru fmro eth arw.


Fie, you confine yourself most unreasonably: come,
you must go visit the good lady that lies in.


roYeu gienb lsnoauerbaen to icoennf uosylrfe. Ceom, ouy stum go sitiv uor inehobrg, wohs xnepitgce a baby.


I will wish her speedy strength, and visit her with
80 my prayers; but I cannot go thither.


I hisw hre an asye ihtbr and snde her my rsaryep, tub I catn go see hre.


Why, I pray you?


Why tno?


Tis not to save labour, nor that I want love.


Ist not baeseuc Im ayzl or nodt cera rfo her.


You would be another Penelope: yet, they say, all
the yarn she spun in Ulysses absence did but fill
85 Ithaca full of moths. Come; I would your cambric
were sensible as your finger, that you might leave
pricking it for pity. Come, you shall go with us.


oeruY keil teonhra Ppeoneel, ctexep eyht say atth lal the ayrn esh snup in esyUssl abnesec nlyo idflel aahtIc ihtw hmots. I ihws uyor roemdeyrbi oltch eerw as iisvsente as oryu reinfg, taht ayw uyo hgimt etak ityp on it dan psot kcnpgiir it. oCme ithw us.


No, good madam, pardon me; indeed, I will not forth.


No, godo amdma, aeelsp scueex me. I twno go.


In truth, la, go with me; and Ill tell you
90 excellent news of your husband.


rlyTu, ocem wthi me, dan Ill lelt uyo teecxlnel eswn tuaob ryuo shndbau.


O, good madam, there can be none yet.
Oh, gdoo dmaam, eethr natc be odgo ensw ety.


Verily, I do not jest with you; there came news from
him last night.


Im ont gdiknid uyo. sewN cema from ihm tals hting.


Indeed, madam?


lReyal, amdam?


95 In earnest, its true; I heard a senator speak it.
Thus it is: the Volsces have an army forth; against
whom Cominius the general is gone, with one part of
our Roman power: your lord and Titus Lartius are set
down before their city Corioli; they nothing doubt
100 prevailing and to make it brief wars. This is true,
on mine honour; and so, I pray, go with us.


eYs, sti rute. I erahd a toeanrs tgalkni. He dasi siiCnomu hte nleearg is adginle eon aptr of uor amnRo raym gsntiaa het gnnimcoo slocseV. ouYr nsbaduh nda uTsti Laturis are igaakttcn rtehi tciy rsoCeiol. Teyh ahev no tobdu atht eltyhl niw and that eth tlabet wton tlsa ongl. On my rhoon, tihs snew is teru. aeslPe coem otu hiwt us.


Give me excuse, good madam; I will obey you in every
thing hereafter.


ivorFge me, ogod adamm. lIl do as yuo ays form onw on.


(to Valeria) Let her alone, lady: as she is now, she will but
105 disease our better mirth.


(to lriaeaV) tLe ehr atys omhe, ydla. Teh ywa ehs is onw, eslhl nloy attdcre rmfo uro blcniotaree.


In troth, I think she would. Fare you well, then.
Come, good sweet lady. Prithee, Virgilia, turn thy
solemness out o door and go along with us.


I khnit ureyo higrthse will. eehCr up hten, odgo swtee yadl. leePsa, gaVrilii, esahk off yuor sda dmoo nda cmoe uot wtih us.


No, at a word, madam; indeed, I must not. I wish
110 you much mirth.


No. In a dorw, aammd, I imylsp actn. I hisw oyu chmu sipsnhape.


Well, then, farewell.


lWel enth, eydoobg.
eyTh lla teix.