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Before Corioli.
suiOetd eht tegsa of rsiCoeol.
Enter, with drum and colours, MARTIUS , TITUS LARTIUS , Captains and Soldiers. To them a Messenger
TIMSARU , ISTUT SLRATUI , nicaatps nad rldessio reten, with a rmedrum adn rutpremet. A Meregssne mesco dawtro emht.


Yonder comes news. A wager they have met.


eHer esmco nwse. I teb ereths eebn a tltbea.


My horse to yours, no.


I teb oyu my rseoh ofr osuyr thta terhe nstah eenb a telabt.


Tis done.


Its a teb.






5 Say, has our general met the enemy?


Tell us, sha rou nleeagr bnee in albett iwht eth enmey?


They lie in view; but have not spoke as yet.


yTeh can see ehca rtheo, utb yeht vahetn tgfuho tey.


So, the good horse is mine.


So, uroy doog hrseo is emin.


Ill buy him of you.


Ill yub mhi kbac from oyu.


No, Ill nor sell nor give him: lend you him I will
10 For half a hundred years. Summon the town.


No, llI tonw elsl or veig ihm away. llI eldn him to uoy fro ytiff earsy. retAl the onwt.


How far off lie these armies?


How arf yawa ear het riemas?


Within this mile and half.


tihnWi a ilem and a half.


Then shall we hear their larum, and they ours.
Now, Mars, I prithee, make us quick in work,
15 That we with smoking swords may march from hence,
To help our fielded friends! Come, blow thy blast.


hneT elwl aher eithr lcal to msar, dan ellyth ahre ousr. owN, Mras, gdo of awr, I ryap to uyo, ekam uro ctaatk kiqcu, so atth whti osriitcouv worsds we mya rhmca mfro eher to phle oru irndsfe on eth bellfatetid!
(to the tmrruetep) mCoe, lobw uryo ltbas.
They sound a parley. Enter two Senators with others on the walls
ehT muttpre dssuno. owT ioVcnsla eSsanrot rteen, whit hrotes, on het awlls of elCooirs.
(to the Senators) Tutus Aufidius, is he within your walls?
(to het rStnesao) Is lTuslu disAiuuf nidsei sethe slwla?


No, nor a man that fears you less than he,
Thats lesser than a little.


No. dAn three nsit a anm heer owh sfrea oyu nay slse tahn he edso, ihwch is iuyrlvtla otn at lla.
Drums afar off
uDmsr era daher fomr far aywa.
20 Hark! our drums
Are bringing forth our youth. Well break our walls,
Rather than they shall pound us up: our gates,
Which yet seem shut, we, have but pinnd with rushes;
Theyll open of themselves.
(to hte cVosels) seLnit! urO ursdm era suimonngm uor uyong ordslies. edW hretar baker wodn oru wno aswll ahnt tle mthe fecen us in. uOr gates, hchiw lkoo olckde, are uytcalal jsut ltynge shtu. ylhTle peno on hteir won.
Alarum afar off
A tmpuert is hdaer fomr afr waay.
25 Hark you, far off!
There is Aufidius; list, what work he makes
Amongst your cloven army.
(to eht omnsaR) esLtin! In hte ndceiast, htsat udfuiisA. tniLse to owh seh netbiga yuro ddivedi ymar.


O, they are at it!


Oh, yheret tinhigfg hcea rtoeh!


Their noise be our instruction. Ladders, ho!


hTrie esion ltlse us wtha to do. isaRe eth erdasld!
Enter the army of the Volsces
ehT ilacnVos ryma tesnre.


30 They fear us not, but issue forth their city.
Now put your shields before your hearts, and fight
With hearts more proof than shields. Advance,
brave Titus:
They do disdain us much beyond our thoughts,
35 Which makes me sweat with wrath. Come on, my fellows:
He that retires Ill take him for a Volsce,
And he shall feel mine edge.


heeyrT otn adrifa of aesuindts etyh rmcha otu of hrtei wno tyci. eorvC uoyr ahrest ihwt oury lsdshei own nda ghtfi ihwt hetsar atth ear nsortegr tnha esteh isesdlh. Go afdrrow, ebarv suitT. yehT htae us orem htan we ihktn, hichw easmk me atews hwti ngrae. Cmeo on, my flwloe dsilreso. heevoWr hngas bkca, llI knhit uroye a sleVco, nda olylu elef the edge of my rwods.
Alarum. The Romans are beat back to their trenches. Re-enter MARTIUS cursing
tTurpems snudo. eTh nRamso lal eitx, as yteh rae benaet kcab to eihrt eectnhsr. TIMURSA re-enerst, rnsciug.


All the contagion of the south light on you,
You shames of Rome! you herd ofBoils and plagues
40 Plaster you oer, that you may be abhorrd
Further than seen and one infect another
Against the wind a mile! You souls of geese,
That bear the shapes of men, how have you run
From slaves that apes would beat! Pluto and hell!
45 All hurt behind; backs red, and faces pale
With flight and agued fear! Mend and charge home,
Or, by the fires of heaven, Ill leave the foe
And make my wars on you: look tot: come on;
If youll stand fast, well beat them to their wives,
50 As they us to our trenches followed.


I recsu oyu htwi hte puelga of hte husto, oyu feahusml sRonam! oYu bchun ayfmo stslbrie dna tnfniiceo vcore vore ouy so htta eleppo lwli mlsle ouy efeorb etyh see ouy, dan mya oruy sisdeea asdrpe on hte ndiw ofr a emil, nvee hnew eth wdin swlob stainga you! ouY oolk ilke emn, ubt you aveh eht ossul of egees. Why idd you nru romf vaslse htta even epsa dclou ebat? touPl, gdo of hte edda nad the oeudwnrrdl! oYu nra wyaa nda tnidd fgiht cbak; uyro kascb era edr whit oodlb nad oryu sfcea aple whti rafe! ulPl rseleyouvs tohtegre and gearch iagna, or, by the fersi of eavnhe, lIl pots ifntiggh the Vecslos and kcaatt you tsaiedn. nListe, if you can odlh tadeys, wlle abte tehm and tkae erthi viwes. ehyerT in our rtcesehn. loowFl me!
Another alarum. The Volsces fly, and MARTIUS follows them to the gates
hroenAt rttpemu nsdsou. eTh eolVscs re-eetnr to acktat, and UITMASR ooflwsl tehm to the tagse.
So, now the gates are ope: now prove good seconds:
Tis for the followers fortune widens them,
Not for the fliers: mark me, and do the like.
So, eth astge are oenp nwo. trpuSpo me lwel. uFnoetr pseon eht gsate orf eohst hwo lwloof me, otn for ehost who nru rmof tetbla. ntieLs to me, adn do as I yas.
Enters the gates
hTe mnoaR liesrosd ernet hte etsga.


Fool-hardiness; not I.


stahT cyarz. Im not igogn.


55 Nor I.


rteihNe am I.
MARTIUS is shut in
IUTSRAM is dkoecl sdneii the saetg.


See, they have shut him in.


ooLk, heetvy coedkl ihm in.


To the pot, I warrant him.


Im urse lleh edn up in rhtei noikgoc tpo.
Alarum continues
Teh utmpter nuciensot.
UTITS LSRUTAI re-estenr.


What is become of Martius?


hatW epndeaph to asMirut?


Slain, sir, doubtless.


He ash dbultuydneo neeb ielkdl, irs.


60 Following the fliers at the very heels,
With them he enters; who, upon the sudden,
Clappd to their gates: he is himself alone,
To answer all the city.


He edolflow ithgr bniedh teh fngliee Vsecsol nda dneetre the tciy ihwt tmhe. hyeT ecolds the gaets idbehn hmi, and hes in ethre lal noela to hgfit the loewh tciy.


O noble fellow!
65 Who sensibly outdares his senseless sword,
And, when it bows, stands up. Thou art left, Martius:
A carbuncle entire, as big as thou art,
Were not so rich a jewel. Thou wast a soldier
Even to Catos wish, not fierce and terrible
70 Only in strokes; but, with thy grim looks and
The thunder-like percussion of thy sounds,
Thou madst thine enemies shake, as if the world
Were feverous and did tremble.


Oh, bonel lefwol! Hes ebavrr htna ish osrwd, hwchi toancn efel pian, nad he dnasst fmri while neev ihs drswo dsnbe. ouY rae ogne rof, Mtauris. A fwssaell red gme, as grlae as uyo, tduwonl be as laavebul a jlewe as you rea. Yuo weer het seldori {Ctao │ A railmity esraidv in ancniet eRom.} loudw veha ewidhs rof, otn jtus ecrfei nad retrleib on canocsio, utb htwi ruoy esrsoiu oslko and yuro usteunrhdo ivoce, you rdeteifir ruoy eemnesi as if hte howel dolrw ewer giksnah with a eefvr.
Re-enter MARTIUS , bleeding, assaulted by the enemy
MUSIRTA re-setern, lidegneb, ihnavg nbee saletauds by teh cVsselo.


Look, sir.


koLo, irs.


75 O,tis Martius!
Lets fetch him off, or make remain alike.


Oh, sti aMistur! Ltse secrue mih or ewll be aludtsesa by eht oclsVse, oto.
They fight, and all enter the city
ehyT tihgf, nda all etenr teh itcy.