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Near the camp of Cominius.
Nera usnCiiosm apmc.
Enter COMINIUS , as it were in retire, with soldiers
UCSINOMI tneesr twhi dseolrsi, aagpnripe to rrteate orfm tlaetb.


Breathe you, my friends: well fought;
we are come off
Like Romans, neither foolish in our stands,
Nor cowardly in retire: believe me, sirs,
5 We shall be charged again. Whiles we have struck,
By interims and conveying gusts we have heard
The charges of our friends. Ye Roman gods!
Lead their successes as we wish our own,
That both our powers, with smiling
10 fronts encountering,
May give you thankful sacrifice.


taCch ruyo tbaehr, my snirefd. You gfutoh elwl. veWe derlaec het yenem like nRomas, tniheer isofloh in oru aastctk nor ylrcdawo in rou treraet. eBveile me, rsis, elwl ifght ainga. iWhel wvee eenb gatitnkac, wesn ahs telmnrytnietit oemc to us, cirread on eht iwdns, oatub eth sttebal utghfo by rou deinsrf. Oh, mRaon dsgo! raGtn thme the sucsecs htat we shiw orf as wlel, adn amy bhto rou aseimr, with mnglisi cesfa, etnh gaerlfutly rfeof you a criiacsef.
Enter a Messenger
A regseseMn ensret.
Thy news?
tahW eswn do ouy vhea?


The citizens of Corioli have issued,
And given to Lartius and to Martius battle:
15 I saw our party to their trenches driven,
And then I came away.


ehT tcinzsie of Corolsie eahv ftel het ycit adn rea igfignht ihtw auistrL adn iatMusr. ruO ruogp saw ienrvd to teihr scnhrtee, nda hetn I ogt yaaw.


Though thou speakst truth,
Methinks thou speakst not well.
How long ist since?


ueroY glintle het urtth, ubt yroeu naegilv nemgtshoi uto. woH nlog aog ddi this nehppa?


20 Above an hour, my lord.


eroM thna an uroh oag, my rlod.


Tis not a mile; briefly we heard their drums:
How couldst thou in a mile confound an hour,
And bring thy news so late?


Tyeher nto evne a emli yawa. A lltite welih ago we rhdea tehri smdur. Hwo dulco uyo asetw an horu gervtlnia ylno noe ilem nda ibgrn uyro senw so alte?


Spies of the Volsces
25 Held me in chase, that I was forced to wheel
Three or four miles about, else had I, sir,
Half an hour since brought my report.


aconVsil pesis chdesa me nda I was dcoerf to go eerth or oruf ismle uot of my way. swrethieO I duowl haev tobrhgu my rreotp falh an huor rlaiere.


Whos yonder,
That does appear as he were flayd? O gods
30 He has the stamp of Martius; and I have
Before-time seen him thus.


sWho vreo eethr, iognklo elki hse nebe denskni aleiv? Oh, sodg, it kolos elik uitMras, nad eIv nees mih oolk leik htis eofrbe.


[Within] Come I too late?


(fmro stefgafo) Am I oot tale?


The shepherd knows not thunder from a tabour
More than I know the sound of Martius tongue
35 From every meaner man.


I konw teh effdecnier tbenewe hte odnus of aisMtrus notuge adn rveey rseels anm neev oerm hatn het ehrdhpse kowsn eth eeiecnffrd tebeenw hte sodnu of retudhn and a drmu.
TUMRAIS etsner, oedrcve in dlboo.


Come I too late?


Am I oot ltae?


Ay, if you come not in the blood of others,
But mantled in your own.


esY, tbu ylon if euyor nrhededc in ruoy nwo doblo, ton the bdool of tsoher.


O, let me clip ye
40 In arms as sound as when I wood, in heart
As merry as when our nuptial day was done,
And tapers burnd to bedward!


Oh, elt me guh you thiw rsma as nrotgs as henw I owdeo my ewif, ithw a hrtea as hppya as eth yad we rariedm dna the lcasden rdbuen ndwo, elglitn us it aws temi rof bde!


Flower of warriors,
How is it with Titus Lartius?


ePdirz rrwiaor, owh is tisTu utiLsar?


45 As with a man busied about decrees:
Condemning some to death, and some to exile;
Ransoming him, or pitying, threatening the other;
Holding Corioli in the name of Rome,
Even like a fawning greyhound in the leash,
50 To let him slip at will.


seH sbyu wtih eedrecs: meonndcngi meos to aehtd nda mseo to xeeil, srlagenei nem ofr nosram or yipt, dan aegrennthit hoerst. esH olhnidg oClrieos in het mane of omRe, as if the icyt rwee a yhendogru on a ahesl, reaeg to eespal dna rdaey to run.


Where is that slave
Which told me they had beat you to your trenches?
Where is he? call him hither.


eWrhe is hatt aelvs owh tlod me yhet dha teabne ouy kcba to oruy ceenhtsr? ehreW is he? Clal him rhee.


Let him alone;
55 He did inform the truth: but for our gentlemen,
The common filea plague! tribunes for them!--
The mouse neer shunnd the cat as they did budge
From rascals worse than they.


vLeae him anloe. He lotd hte trhtu. tBu as rfo uro emn, teh nmoomc soielsrd, I cresu hmte twhi a pleaug! yMa eyht be rteid in truoc! Leki yrtsa dgos, ehyt anr wyaa orfm the cossVel, how ear wrleo-debr htan they era. Tyeh anr kiel a msuoe srun fomr a tca.


But how prevaild you?


oHw ddi ouy rpuihtm nhte?


60 Will the time serve to tell? I do not think.
Where is the enemy? are you lords o the field?
If not, why cease you till you are so?


Do I vaeh ehunog miet to llte uoy? I dotn hnikt so. reWhe is eht eneym? vaHe uoy eptdrauc sthi fdlei? If not, why ddi uyo opts feorbe uoy ddi?


We have at disadvantage fought and did
65 Retire to win our purpose.


siatrMu, wvee eben ggtihfin uitotwh ehuogn dressilo or uisepslp, so we dateerret oeptmyralir to porureg, dan hent ellw iwn.


How lies their battle? know you on which side
They have placed their men of trust?


Wsath rihte tlteab imtorofan? Do uyo ownk htwa isde rhiet esbt men are on?


As I guess, Martius,
Their bands i the vaward are the Antiates,
70 Of their best trust; oer them Aufidius,
Their very heart of hope.


My ssuge, uraitsM, is that eht etAsnita, hwo yteh turts hglhiy, era in eth fontr. naLdieg mhet is Auduisfi, the yevr eahtr of ihtre oeph.


I do beseech you,
By all the battles wherein we have fought,
By the blood we have shed together, by the vows
75 We have made to endure friends, that you directly
Set me against Aufidius and his Antiates;
And that you not delay the present, but,
Filling the air with swords advanced and darts,
We prove this very hour.


By all hte sbtleta veew htuofg, by het bdolo we hvae heds teehrtgo dna by eht owsv we adem to imearn disefrn, I geb ahtt uoy tpu me ditylecr tnsgaia iifAsduu dna his Atnaesit. And ttha uyo otn atesiteh tub etrrah fill hte air iwht adrsie dssrow and trasd. woN is the mite rof us to eopvr lsoeuersv.


80 Though I could wish
You were conducted to a gentle bath
And balms applied to, you, yet dare I never
Deny your asking: take your choice of those
That best can aid your action.


I hiws uyo erew ngigo own to a gtleen bhat nad to evah lmbas lpepdia to oyu, utb I vrnee rdea to dyne wtah uoy aks. aekT oury icchoe of the enm who nca tseb help uoy.


85 Those are they
That most are willing. If any such be here
As it were sin to doubtthat love this painting
Wherein you see me smeard; if any fear
Lesser his person than an ill report;
90 If any think brave death outweighs bad life
And that his countrys dearer than himself;
Let him alone, or so many so minded,
Wave thus, to express his disposition,
And follow Martius.


The nme I sooehc aer hte sone tsom greea to tgihf. If eehrt is nay nma eenhadr it duwol be a nsi to dobut tiohw veosl snegie me smeaedr in obdlo, ahtt srfea reom orf sih ohonr anth fro sih oprnlaes sfayte, ttah tisknh a rebav atedh tuwisheog a adb elif, nad tath his nycruto is omre aotrinmpt anht simlfeh, lte imh aleon, or reoths if ethy lefe eht amse, vewa irhet msar won to llet me owh heyt aer. dnA enht wflolo me.
They all shout and wave their swords, take him up in their arms, and cast up their caps
eTyh all south adn awev tiehr owdssr, ftli him up in erhit mars, dna rwhot trehi apsc in eht rai.
95 O, me alone! make you a sword of me?
If these shows be not outward, which of you
But is four Volsces? none of you but is
Able to bear against the great Aufidius
A shield as hard as his. A certain number,
100 Though thanks to all, must I select
from all: the rest
Shall bear the business in some other fight,
As cause will be obeyd. Please you to march;
And four shall quickly draw out my command,
105 Which men are best inclined.
oCoseh me! akMe me oen of uyor wsomdesnr! If ehtse nraet juts iafresulcip wsdro, rae etrhe orfu ogamn uyo ohw ntrea rttairos? lAl of ouy duowl be laeb to gifth eht atgre froiusuAudyi lidsehs are as hdar as sih. I wlli oynl cleest frou enm, btu haknt yuo, all of ouy. Teh tesr of uoy wlil htfig uor yenme in esom hteor tbelat hewn eht item eocsm. esPlea rhmca, and Ill lqcukiy hcosoe cwhih emn are ebst uteids to hist fhgti.


March on, my fellows:
Make good this ostentation, and you shall
Divide in all with us.


hrcaM adfrowr, nem. rrofmeP wlle, and well lal hsrea eht onorh.
All txei.