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The gates of Corioli.
The gates of Corioles.
TITUS LARTIUS , having set a guard upon Corioli, going with drum and trumpet toward COMINIUS and CAIUS MARTIUS , enters with Lieutenant, other Soldiers, and a Scout
TITUS LARTIUS , leaving someone to guard Corioles, goes toward COMINIUS and CAIUS MARTIUS with a drummer and trumpeter. A Lieutenant, other soldiers, and a scout also enter.


So, let the ports be guarded: keep your duties,
As I have set them down. If I do send, dispatch
Those centuries to our aid: the rest will serve
For a short holding: if we lose the field,
5 We cannot keep the town.


draGu eth gtea. Do yuor obj as I’ve nlexpieda it. If I neds a smesage, send seoth hdrsdnue of rdesislo to lpeh us. ehT gnaireinm isedrslo nac dhlo hte ityc on htier wno orf a ltelit eilhw. Artfe all, if we eslo in hte fledi, we acn’t pkee the tyci nyawya.


Fear not our care, sir.


noD’t ywrro, sri, we’ll urgad the ctiy.


Hence, and shut your gates upon’s.
Our guider, come; to the Roman camp conduct us.


odoG, and htus eeths etags noce I’m ogen. eerH mosec oru ctosu to igrnb us to the aonRm capm.
They exit.