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A field of battle.
A battlefield.
Alarum as in battle. Enter, from opposite sides, MARTIUS and AUFIDIUS
A trumpet sounds from the battle. MARTIUS and AUFIDIUS enter from opposite sides.


I’ll fight with none but thee; for I do hate thee
Worse than a promise-breaker.


I’ll igfht ylno satigna uyo, cseaube I ateh you sreow hant a ttrrioa.


We hate alike:
Not Afric owns a serpent I abhor
5 More than thy fame and envy. Fix thy foot.


We fele eht msae threda. hTeer’s ton a esnka in rAafci ttah I teah meor nhat oyur fema and nyve. pePaerr to ightf.


Let the first budger die the other’s slave,
And the gods doom him after!


heeovWr rnsu ayaw from hits tghif fisrt usmt cboeme eth tohre’s elvsa utlin adhte, nad artfe atth may eht gdso eursc imh!


If I fly, Martius,
Holloa me like a hare.


If I nur, itsMrau, tuhn me eikl a aerh.


10 Within these three hours, Tullus,
Alone I fought in your Corioli walls,
And made what work I pleased: ’tis not my blood
Wherein thou seest me mask’d; for thy revenge
Wrench up thy power to the highest.


sLse hant rehte urosh gao, ullTus, I hotugf naelo isnied the llasw of elCoorsi, dan I lkldei rveewoh I tadewn. It’s ont my own bodlo oyu see me ercdvoe in. orF oryu rvegene, gtfih me tiwh oryu sutlefl rcfoe.


15 Wert thou the Hector
That was the whip of your bragg’d progeny,
Thou shouldst not scape me here.


If yuo’re ingnhyta lkei ceHtro, teh dliaef ohnpciam of ryuo tssanorec homw you’re so dporu of, you nwo’t apecse me erhe.
They fight, and certain Volsces come to the aid of AUFIDIUS. MARTIUS fights till they be driven in breathless
They fight, and some Volsces come to the aid of AUFIDIUS. MARTIUS fights until they’re out of breath.
Officious, and not valiant, you have shamed me
In your condemned seconds.
oYu’re nrveiistu, nto reabv. uoY’ve msdhae me hitw royu acesinstas, nad I dmoncen yuo rfo it.
All exit.