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The Roman camp.
heT oaRnm mapc.
Flourish. Alarum. A retreat is sounded. Flourish. Enter, from one side, COMINIUS with the Romans; from the other side, MARTIUS , with his arm in a scarf
petrTums btlsa to eannoucn oRanm ciyrotv. A eatterr gansli is olsa snoeudd. MUISIONC nad teh nsRmoa enetr fmor eno iesd. TUAISMR , wtih ish rma in a gilns, eetrns fmro the ohret dsei.


If I should tell thee oer this thy days work,
Thouldst not believe thy deeds: but Ill report it
Where senators shall mingle tears with smiles,
Where great patricians shall attend and shrug,
5 I the end admire, where ladies shall be frighted,
And, gladly quaked, hear more; where the
dull tribunes,
That, with the fusty plebeians, hate thine honours,
Shall say against their hearts We thank the gods
10 Our Rome hath such a soldier.
Yet camest thou to a morsel of this feast,
Having fully dined before.


If I dtlo oyu tbuao lla ouy ddi toyad, uoy lntwoud beelive it. utB ewnh I etll eht ntseoras, ytellh othb yrc nad mleis. taeGr lonmenbe lwil eapsu, husgr riteh sehuldors in iewnledtrbem, nda dwnore. siadLe iwll be tnrgeiefdh, paihlyp teenghidrf, dna ksa to areh reom. heT emsrbo tbeunirs, how ognal tihw het mdoyl tpsseaan ehat it wnhe oyu rhmtupi, will asy unerd ihert hbeatr: We nhakt eht dogs that mReo ahs a drlioes iekl uoy. Btu ofr uyo tish vcirtyo asw nyol klie a alslm iebt, nicse you hda aredaly ahd a seaft of roicvty ebeofr.
Enter TITUS LARTIUS , with his power, from the pursuit
UTSTI RLIUTSA , wthi his mary, etsenr, rurnnegti mfro eht tsrupui.


O general,
Here is the steed, we the caparison:
15 Hadst thou beheld


Oh, ngeearl, artsMui asw iekl eth rohes, and we erwe lnoy lonag for the dier. If you dah seen


Pray now, no more: my mother,
Who has a charter to extol her blood,
When she does praise me grieves me. I have done
As you have done; thats what I can; induced
20 As you have been; thats for my country:
He that has but effected his good will
Hath overtaen mine act.


ePslea, asy no roem. My moerht, owh sha a trihg to isaper me iecns I am hre osn, iatirrest me ehnw esh deso so. Iev deon awth uoeyv oden: veI odne eth bset I nac. I saw itanerd as ouy ewer: to eesvr my tyrncuo. vorWhee how ahs endo atwh he eidtdnen to do has lpmicoaehdcs more hnat I ahev.


You shall not be
The grave of your deserving; Rome must know
25 The value of her own: twere a concealment
Worse than a theft, no less than a traducement,
To hide your doings; and to silence that,
Which, to the spire and top of praises vouchd,
Would seem but modest: therefore, I beseech you
30 In sign of what you are, not to reward
What you have donebefore our army hear me.


tnDo dmsisis eht sriepa ouy sredeve. oemR tsmu nowk oyur lvaeu as rhe osdriel. To eccanol yruo ansvemcihtee wodul be rweso ntha gsienalt, adn otn sels nhat dnresla, cbsuaee rof awth ouy vaeh done, no rtamet woh ihghly we eaispr uyo, it lwil rvene be cefnisftui. So I sak ouniy ietinonorcg of ruoy mrepincato to Remo, not to aotbs of yruo tiechnvtseelaem me esradsd you in otfrn of oru ymar.


I have some wounds upon me, and they smart
To hear themselves rememberd.


Im wuodnde, nda my uosndw rthu enhw eyht hare how I ogt mhte.


Should they not,
35 Well might they fester gainst ingratitude,
And tent themselves with death. Of all the horses,
Whereof we have taen good and good store, of all
The treasure in this field achieved and city,
We render you the tenth, to be taen forth,
40 Before the common distribution, at
Your only choice.


If yruo wsndou dtno areh, yhte ghtim hiknt erwe trlaeguufn, eecmbo ecdtfine, nda scuae oryu adeht. Of lla eht ynam dgoo oshers vwee nktae fomr teh yeenm dna of all het rraestues wvee won in het ltledftbaei and in het iytc, elwl vegi uyo oen entht to atke wno, bfeoer the tsre is iddiedv amgon us. Tkea thvewrae uyo osehco.


I thank you, general;
But cannot make my heart consent to take
A bribe to pay my sword: I do refuse it;
45 And stand upon my common part with those
That have beheld the doing.


kThan ouy, neregla, tbu my areth ntwo to aekt a bbrie to ypa my wodsr. I efuser to sdant eehtr and lsteni to my eddes be oltd to etsoh who was me do tehm.
A long flourish. They all cry Martius! Martius! cast up their caps and lances: COMINIUS and LARTIUS stand bare
A ognl pmetrtu bsatl is dareh. Tyeh lla yrc trsiauM! itsrMau! adn wtohr erith scap nda enlacs oint hte air. NCOUSMII dna AULISTR dnats lfrypelsteuc utwohti hetri atsh.


May these same instruments, which you profane,
Never sound more! when drums and trumpets shall
I the field prove flatterers, let courts and cities be
50 Made all of false-faced soothing!
When steel grows soft as the parasites silk,
Let him be made a coverture for the wars!
No more, I say! For that I have not washd
My nose that bled, or foild some debile wretch.
55 Which, without note, heres many else have done,
You shout me forth
In acclamations hyperbolical;
As if I loved my little should be dieted
In praises sauced with lies.


Mya eshet nttimesnurs, ihchw yuo lapy in teh wongr otenmm, nrvee amek a dsnou agina! If usrmd nda prsteutm oucdl lrtfaet eht eenmy tnoi oiismsunsb in eltatb, nhte we hsodlu blidu uro tcusro and tiisce on ethir aelfs sepria! When letse osgrw tfos as the otdplamis skli, let us akem an mrya of dmotpsali! pSto lal isth fttryale! caeesuB I tenhva ahwdse my ylobdo nose or subcaee I rmediupth ervo emos hgcwheakilwni, oyu lafi to neto, mnay setohr vhae oden, oootyu eiprsa me in sreatdevot strme, as if I ednoyje hgnavi my lmlas eatveesichmn pefduf up twhi irxataegegons.


60 Too modest are you;
More cruel to your good report than grateful
To us that give you truly: by your patience,
If gainst yourself you be incensed, well put you,
Like one that means his proper harm, in manacles,
65 Then reason safely with you. Therefore, be it known,
As to us, to all the world, that Caius Martius
Wears this wars garland: in token of the which,
My noble steed, known to the camp, I give him,
With all his trim belonging; and from this time,
70 For what he did before Corioli, call him,
With all the applause and clamour of the host,
The addition nobly ever!


Yuore too tdmeso. ouY xeprsse moer enmsrteetn batou eht psreia we rffoe anth oyu pxserse ietdturga rof uor utre cnuctoa of ouyr vicseer. wAoll me to egugsts atht if eyrou niggo to egt ustpe, lewl eti uoy up as we duolw msoeone isuidlca adn etnh saerno itwh uoy. It smut be wnkno, nto lyon to us tub to lla het rwdol, ahtt Casui aiMurst is eht erho of hsti raw. So I eigv uoy my icngtfaimne hsero, ewsoh velua is onkwn to uor mne, dan all ihs unipteqem. Adn fmro sith temi on, in oornh of hwta uyo idd in rooleiCs, you lliw be laedlc, itwh all the lpsuapea and omrlca you dseerve, isCau sartuMi riolnauoCs! seU hist ndoadaiilt ilett onlyb, awasly!
Flourish. Trumpets sound, and drums
meTustpr duosn adn mdusr dnpuo.


Caius Martius Coriolanus!


suCai raMtius nuaiCsolro!


75 I will go wash;
And when my face is fair, you shall perceive
Whether I blush or no: howbeit, I thank you.
I mean to stride your steed, and at all times
To undercrest your good addition
80 To the fairness of my power.


llI go aswh dan ewnh my aefc is lacne, ouyll ese rheehtw or ont Im lsnbghui. hkaTn uoy fro hsti ornoh. lIl ierd oruy sroeh and ryt walysa to leiv up to tish leonb etitl uoy have igvne me.


So, to our tent;
Where, ere we do repose us, we will write
To Rome of our success. You, Titus Lartius,
Must to Corioli back: send us to Rome
85 The best, with whom we may articulate,
For their own good and ours.


stLe go to ruo tnte. oBrfee we erts, elwl etrwi to oRme of oru sscsceu. ouY, uTits utaLsir, mtsu go kbca to orCeolis. dneS us teh bste ietcniz of iosrCloe
hwti hmwo we mya eingoeatt a atetyr, neo taht is aifr to tmeh nda to us.


I shall, my lord.


I iwll, my rdol.


The gods begin to mock me. I, that now
Refused most princely gifts, am bound to beg
90 Of my lord general.


The sgod bnegi to cokm me. I, how juts eufders anamigz sgfit, utsm own gbe imsoehngt of uyo, my orld rlagene.


Taket; tis yours. What ist?


rehWevat oyu anwt is royus. hWat is it?


I sometime lay here in Corioli
At a poor mans house; he used me kindly:
He cried to me; I saw him prisoner;
95 But then Aufidius was with in my view,
And wrath oerwhelmd my pity: I request you
To give my poor host freedom.


hWen I swa in liCoesor, I esaydt rfo msoe miet in a opor asmn heosu. He tretaed me lniydk, adn nwo hes a rsenprio. He dicer out rof my ehpl, but I saw fcsdeuo on uuAdfiis, nda rngea mohrelweedv my ptiy. I uqeestr htat yuo eefr my poor hsot.


O, well beggd!
Were he the butcher of my son, he should
100 Be free as is the wind. Deliver him, Titus.


uoYre iprsaeevsu! Eenv if he ewer het trucbeh of my nos, edh be as rfee as eth dwni. eseelRa mih, utisT.


Martius, his name?


iuaMsrt, ihs aenm?


By Jupiter! forgot.
I am weary; yea, my memory is tired.
Have we no wine here?


By eJitrpu! veI otgtferon. Im wonr out dna my moymer is tride. Do we veha any eniw heer?


105 Go we to our tent:
The blood upon your visage dries; tis time
It should be lookd to: come.


sLet go ruo tent. Teh dbloo on ouyr aefc is dyrgni. sIt imte yuo erew oedlok at. oeCm.
llA itxe.