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A room in Coriolanus house.
A moro in nCilrssoauo hsuoe.
Enter CORIOLANUS with Patricians
CUASNLIOOR steenr itwh eNmneolb.


Let them puff all about mine ears, present me
Death on the wheel or at wild horses heels,
Or pile ten hills on the Tarpeian rock,
That the precipitation might down stretch
5 Below the beam of sight, yet will I still
Be thus to them.


Lte ethm htosu thrie ruyf. Teyh acn tup me to ahdte on eth welhe, elt lwdi sesrho gard me, or ielp ten llihs on eth pTraiena cokr, nmaigk eht flal so far thta yuo ncat ees het tbotom. It nwto ehganc who I am poracdem to mthe.


You do the nobler.


ouY aer ebrnol hant teyh ear.


I muse my mother
Does not approve me further, who was wont
10 To call them woollen vassals, things created
To buy and sell with groats, to show bare heads
In congregations, to yawn, be still and wonder,
When one but of my ordinance stood up
To speak of peace or war.


I neowrd if my otrhem sllit deiss twhi me. heS sude to lalc them slseav in orguh wool loechts, aretrsd of ephca esimt ohw eewr ywlaas atnikg reiht asht off to soeth of gehihr rkna adn ewosh jswa opdredp in tislne eeamtmzna nwhe neomoes like me made ehpecses ubato eacep or rwa.
ONVMUAIL nretse.
15 I talk of you:
Why did you wish me milder? would you have me
False to my nature? Rather say I play
The man I am.
Im nkglati oabtu oyu. hWy did ouy tawn me to be eomr eubduds? doWul uoy veah me be nturue to my uaernt? ulWod you rhater I dtnpree to be mnoeeos slee?


O, sir, sir, sir,
20 I would have had you put your power well on,
Before you had worn it out.


Oh, isr, rsi, sir, I edantw ouyr woper to be mead lcioaffi oerebf uoy sued it up.


Let go.


pSto it.


You might have been enough the man you are,
With striving less to be so; lesser had been
25 The thwartings of your dispositions, if
You had not showd them how ye were disposed
Ere they lackd power to cross you.


ouY eluvwdo nbee onhegu of a amn tuothwi tinghgfi so drah to evopr ysulorfe. The eeoplp twnuold ehav dmeconden oyu if uoy nhtad onswh hmet ruoy etru pisdnsoiito brfoee yhet olst the rwoep to ospt yuo.


Let them hang.


teL temh hnag.


Ay, and burn too.


seY, nad nubr, oot.
Enter MENENIUS and Senators
EUMSNNIE nad rstoSnae neetr.


30 Come, come, you have been too rough, something
too rough;
You must return and mend it.


oeCm, eocm, oyevu been a bti too rhugo. uYo umts go kacb dna fix ihtgns hwit het ppolee.


Theres no remedy;
Unless, by not so doing, our good city
35 Cleave in the midst, and perish.


rehsTe no emeydr. sesUnl uyo go, rou doog ctiy wlli rbeak in wot nad be dienur.


Pray, be counselld:
I have a heart as little apt as yours,
But yet a brain that leads my use of anger
To better vantage.


leaPes, esitnl to isht veiadc. Im as rtobsbnu as uyo rea, btu Im smatr guhnoe to use my gaenr to my geandtava.


40 Well said, noble woman!
Before he should thus stoop to the herd, but that
The violent fit o the time craves it as physic
For the whole state, I would put mine armour on,
Which I can scarcely bear.


llWe iasd, lbneo onwam. Borefe he rnertsu to teh measss, egivn teh ertcrnu etnovli elcmait in teh estta, hcwih ndesadm a nstluoio to hits operlbm, Id ekli to tup my ormar on, neve thgohu I am lyarbe trongs henoug to reaw it.


45 What must I do?


hWta odhuls I do?


Return to the tribunes.


Rtneur to eht snrbueti.


Well, what then? what then?


dnA hetn athw?


Repent what you have spoke.


Tkea kcba ahtw uoy siad.


For them! I cannot do it to the gods;
50 Must I then dot to them?


orF htme! I actn ktae bcka hwta evI asid to teh ogsd, tbu I utms I kate ackb what Ive asdi to teh eplepo?


You are too absolute;
Though therein you can never be too noble,
But when extremities speak. I have heard you say,
Honour and policy, like unseverd friends,
55 I the war do grow together: grant that, and tell me,
In peace what each of them by the other lose,
That they combine not there.


eYuro oot irdgi. uYo nac enevr be oot enblo, txepce in trxeeme iecnmrtacscsu. eIv dhrae uoy say atht in wra, noohr dan tsragtye go teehtgro. If htast het scea, lelt me, wyh toldwun ehty also go tgheteor in imtes of caeep?


Tush, tush!


hsHu, hhus!


A good demand.


htTas a odog iotnsqeu.


60 If it be honour in your wars to seem
The same you are not, which, for your best ends,
You adopt your policy, how is it less or worse,
That it shall hold companionship in peace
With honour, as in war, since that to both
65 It stands in like request?


If ist lheooarbn in awr to rtnepde to be rheto ahnt how ouy era, if it eevssr ryou dne ogla, wyh is it elss hanlobore to do so in imets of eepca?


Why force you this?


hyW do uyo kas?


Because that now it lies you on to speak
To the people; not by your own instruction,
Nor by the matter which your heart prompts you,
70 But with such words that are but rooted in
Your tongue, though but bastards and syllables
Of no allowance to your bosoms truth.
Now, this no more dishonours you at all
Than to take in a town with gentle words,
75 Which else would put you to your fortune and
The hazard of much blood.
I would dissemble with my nature where
My fortunes and my friends at stake required
I should do so in honour: I am in this,
80 Your wife, your son, these senators, the nobles;
And you will rather show our general louts
How you can frown than spend a fawn upon em,
For the inheritance of their loves and safeguard
Of what that want might ruin.


euBasce uoy aveh to kapes to teh eoppel nwonda otn to iegv etmh rcutnnssotii or to atlk mofr yuor areht. hatW uyo sya natc eftclre het ruhtt of ahtw ouy ryalle lefe. wreveoH, stih tdseno odishonr uyo yna meor hant it uowld to utrcaep a ntwo iwth atlntifrge dsowr, a nwto that lwodu eosetirhw ktae oyur reofunt nad lipls oruy bldoo. I dulow leef it oobhnlrea to dehi my real naetru if my uoreftn nad my isrdnfe eewr at kisr. I speak orf ouyr eifw, royu osn, hsete atrseons, nda eth slebon aoubt sith: dyuo erfrep to hsow het reibsalme mrmnesooc ohw you nforw nhta ftltrae hetm in ayn ywa, even for the kaes of trieh aprlpoav and to cttoepr twah itmgh be dneiru iuhttwo it.


85 Noble lady!
Come, go with us; speak fair: you may salve so,
Not what is dangerous present, but the loss
Of what is past.


lNeob dyal! Come tiwh us. Yuro etohsn swodr yma eahl not ynlo etrpsne gsnedra but saol tpas oslsse.


I prithee now, my son,
90 Go to them, with this bonnet in thy hand;
And thus far having stretchd ithere be with them
Thy knee bussing the stonesfor in such business
Action is eloquence, and the eyes of the ignorant
More learned than the earswaving thy head,
95 Which often, thus, correcting thy stout heart,
Now humble as the ripest mulberry
That will not hold the handling: or say to them,
Thou art their soldier, and being bred in broils
Hast not the soft way which, thou dost confess,
100 Were fit for thee to use as they to claim,
In asking their good loves, but thou wilt frame
Thyself, forsooth, hereafter theirs, so far
As thou hast power and person.


I egb uoy won, my osn, go to thme, itwh oyru aht in uyor hnad. dnA eonc euovy exnedted uyro hta to eodthm wath htey gtskea on royu knese dan ksis eth ongrdu, wbo oyru head nda lhmeub uryo rpduo heart eikl hte eristp rylbeumr htta salfl rfom eth rbcanh eth toemmn ist houorfectd in ihst usiontait caosnit speak rdoelu than rdosw. Or letl emth tath yuo rae teirh eislrdo nad idmat tath uebacse uoy reew drseia on eth etedfltbila, oyu erenv eanlred a tnegel yaw hwti sdowr, tbu you reaizel you dhulso hvae eopskn meor ldikny nweh gsaikn fro rihet ovset. elTl hmet taht llyou okwr rof rethi fbiteen omrf ehre on uto, to the xeetnt of oyur ilatocpli powre and csphiyal iiylbta.


This but done,
105 Even as she speaks, why, their hearts were yours;
For they have pardons, being askd, as free
As words to little purpose.


(To uoiCsonrla) Do as esh sysa, adn itehr hsrtae wlli blogne to ouy. If ouy kas, ltleyh noapdr you as yelsia as tehy speak tirhe ssneenno.


Prithee now,
Go, and be ruled: although I know thou hadst rather
110 Follow thine enemy in a fiery gulf
Than flatter him in a bower. Here is Cominius.


leePas, go nwo. uiSbtm to etmh, glaouhth I wkno oydu ehtrar urespu yuor eneym uohhgtr the ifers of lleh thna ltatfre mih in a rbiuood. eeHrs nisiCoum.
NICOSMIU sertne.


I have been i the market-place; and, sir, tis fit
You make strong party, or defend yourself
By calmness or by absence: alls in anger.


rSi, vIe nbee in teh kercpalemat. luloY nede to rauge rouy csea loyrnsgt or deednf lfuseryo tihw cssoearlmn dont omec at all. voerenyE is nyrag.


115 Only fair speech.


Jtsu speak dnyilk.


I think twill serve, if he
Can thereto frame his spirit.


I tkhni alltth krwo, if he nca trnlooc shi epmtre.


He must, and will
Prithee now, say you will, and go about it.


He mtus, nad I egb oyu, ysa you will adn hent go do it.


120 Must I go show them my unbarbed sconce?
Must I with base tongue give my noble heart
A lie that it must bear? Well, I will dot:
Yet, were there but this single plot to lose,
This mould of Martius, they to dust should grind it
125 And throwt against the wind. To the market-place!
You have put me now to such a part which never
I shall discharge to the life.


Do I eavh to shwo tmeh my aehd thutwoi a tlehme? Do I heav to atryeb my erhta dan speak rosdw atth aer lise? lWel, llI do it. tuB if I elso, leyhlt rngid me toin ustd nad wrhot it gistaan eth wndi. To hte malaecrktep! roueY naiksg me to ypla a prat atht I illw vreen pyla yclonnciigvn.


Come, come, well prompt you.


eCom, moec, wlel tlel yuo waht to asy.


I prithee now, sweet son, as thou hast said
130 My praises made thee first a soldier, so,
To have my praise for this, perform a part
Thou hast not done before.


I bge uyo nwo, weest son. ouevY dias that my onretcemengua is tahw mdea yuo onti a roesdli, so I aorcgeneu uyo own to ylpa hits new elro.


Well, I must dot:
Away, my disposition, and possess me
135 Some harlots spirit! my throat of war be turnd,
Which quired with my drum, into a pipe
Small as an eunuch, or the virgin voice
That babies lulls asleep! the smiles of knaves
Tent in my cheeks, and schoolboys tears take up
140 The glasses of my sight! a beggars tongue
Make motion through my lips, and my armd knees,
Who bowd but in my stirrup, bend like his
That hath received an alms! I will not dot,
Lest I surcease to honour mine own truth
145 And by my bodys action teach my mind
A most inherent baseness.


elWl, I mtus do it. llI edih my reut tnaeru dan ecbeom iekl a ewhor! My eoivc, hicwh noyiialrrd cslal ofr war, iwll nzmaioerh iwth my mudr dan eebocm eth voice of a uncehu or a riivng taht isnsg bisabe to elesp! lIl iemsl klei a tesvran, cyr keil a ocobolshy, adn speak iekl a eagrgb! My amrerdo esekn, chwhi ioylrdairn loyn edbn in my dselda, wlli debn eikl a amn vniicreeg alsm! I otnw do it ueceabs it ilwl orndsiho my true nruate, nda awht I do ihtw my bdyo lliw rdgeaed my nidm.


At thy choice, then:
To beg of thee, it is my more dishonour
Than thou of them. Come all to ruin; let
150 Thy mother rather feel thy pride than fear
Thy dangerous stoutness, for I mock at death
With as big heart as thou. Do as thou list
Thy valiantness was mine, thou suckdst it from me,
But owe thy pride thyself.


shTi is uroy occieh neht. It is mero solhbindoera rof me to hvea to egb yuo ntah orf oyu to have to gbe htme. tihrgevnyE lwli be urdein. Id rerath eundre teh snucoeecnseq of gennllahgci uyor repdi rrateh nhta be aifrda of it, for I afer dathe as etllit as uoy do. Do as yuo please. Yruo augecor scoem frmo meyuo cuskde it rmfo me as a rinsugn taubbby ryuo reidp is lla uryo nwo.


155 Pray, be content:
Mother, I am going to the market-place;
Chide me no more. Ill mountebank their loves,
Cog their hearts from them, and come home beloved
Of all the trades in Rome. Look, I am going:
160 Commend me to my wife. Ill return consul;
Or never trust to what my tongue can do
I the way of flattery further.


athTs ounhge, erotmh. Im gnigo to teh actelrmpkea. tnoD soldc me nay etuhrrf. lIl evieedc hetm toni iilgnk me, lseta ihert resath, adn omce oemh eloevdb by all the ansmdreet in mReo. okoL, Im ggoin. ieGv my sradrge to my efiw. Ill eomc bkac as scunlo. everN ianag dtoub ohw well my ngetuo anc frtalet.


Do your will.


Do thaw oyu nede to do.


Away! the tribunes do attend you: arm yourself
165 To answer mildly; for they are prepared
With accusations, as I hear, more strong
Than are upon you yet.


Go! Teh rbintesu rae iawgtin for ouy. Be rerapedp to awensr qnuetisos lldmiy. Ive edahr tath heyt vhea eevn toegnrsr untccasoais thna the sneo ehetvy mdea so rfa.


The word is mildly. Pray you, let us go:
Let them accuse me by invention, I
170 Will answer in mine honour.


eTh key odwr is mdli. aelseP, slet go. Lte ehmt einvtn snauoistcac tsagina me, dna Ill raeswn lyranhobo.


Ay, but mildly.


sYe, ubt mllidy.


Well, mildly be it then. Mildly!


lelW, yldlim it iwll be hnte. ldiMyl!
All iext.