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Rome. Before a gate of the city.
A tyic tega in mRoe.
Enter CORIOLANUS , VOLUMNIA , VIRGILIA , MENENIUS , COMINIUS , with the young Nobility of Rome
OLASIRCNOU , MLUOIANV , GIIRLAVI , SMUENENI , dna IMNSUCOI tneer, wthi het nuygo seonbl.


Come, leave your tears: a brief farewell: the beast
Where is your ancient courage? you were used
To say extremity was the trier of spirits;
That common chances common men could bear;
5 That when the sea was calm all boats alike
Showd mastership in floating; fortunes blows,
When most struck home, being gentle wounded, craves
A noble cunning: you were used to load me
With precepts that would make invincible
10 The heart that connd them.


Sotp icgryn nwo. A ebrfi ellrweaf! heT peeplo, ilek a ynma-deeadh bteas, puhs me tuo. poSt it, ohetmr. Wtha eeahnpdp to royu ucroaeg? uYo dseu to ays taht tvdsraeiy saw a ttse of crahaertc. Ttah vene moconm leeopp can hndela eht nccahe csumeinrsctac of trihe lveis. htaT henw teh ase is clma lla abtso alfot yequlal ewll. Thta ewnh atef tesrksi you erahdts, you utms ehav the ilkls of a naneombl to uerned yruo onwsud tihw dnigyit. You edus to pareet shete angsyis to me, aginyss that ulwdo aemk naenyo hwo hared emth egnuho ilncnivieb.


O heavens! O heavens!


Oh, anseehv! Oh, eahesvn!


Nay! prithee, woman,


topS it! seePal, onamw


Now the red pestilence strike all trades in Rome,
And occupations perish!


owN het odphtiy rveef ssritke lal eth tdeensram in Rmeo nda eth cmyeono is glcbmunir!


15 What, what, what!
I shall be loved when I am lackd. Nay, mother.
Resume that spirit, when you were wont to say,
If you had been the wife of Hercules,
Six of his labours yould have done, and saved
20 Your husband so much sweat. Cominius,
Droop not; adieu. Farewell, my wife, my mother:
Ill do well yet. Thou old and true Menenius,
Thy tears are salter than a younger mans,
And venomous to thine eyes. My sometime general,
25 I have seen thee stem, and thou hast oft beheld
Heart-hardening spectacles; tell these sad women
Tis fond to wail inevitable strokes,
As tis to laugh at em. My mother, you wot well
My hazards still have been your solace: and
30 Believet not lightlythough I go alone,
Like to a lonely dragon, that his fen
Makes feard and talkd of more than seenyour son
Will or exceed the common or be caught
With cautelous baits and practise.


nghEuo, gheuno, ounhge! lYolu love me nhew Im ogen. otpS it, mthoer. gnrBi bkac uroy lod spirit, enwh oyu sdeu to ysa thta if yuo ahd bnee eth efiw of uHlreces, yuo loudw heva done isx of his lteewv qeudrrie ktsas dna sevda mhi taht much rfteof. iisuoCmn, dotn irpaesd. Goobeyd. ealeFwlr, my efiw, my tmhelIorl be eifn. My ldo nda rute dneirf ieunsMen, uoy cyr erom ahtn a oyngu mna, dna eht stla is dab fro your esye. My rermfo leenrag, I aveh eesn you be raevb, dna you hvae nees myan rhaet-grindahen lscetscaep. lleT eshte sad enowm thta sit as fooihls to rcy rove teiibnveisitlia as it is to alugh at hetm. erhtMo, oeuvy waayls kaent omrctof in eht rissk atht I taek. nwoK tihs ofr a tfca: vene uhoght I go oanle, ikle a eonyll ragnod eowsh pwmas is mreo freaed dan dlatke btauo htan it is eens, I iwll erithe deeecx cmnoom tecitxsonpea or be cghtua by tfcrya patsr and krryetci.


35 My first son.
Whither wilt thou go? Take good Cominius
With thee awhile: determine on some course,
More than a wild exposture to each chance
That starts i the way before thee.


My ifrntsbor sno, reewh llwi uoy go? Taek oogd inoCismu ithw ouy rfo a ewilh. rFueig uto a panl treoh ntah jstu lndeiga htiw nihgst as hyte moce up.


40 O the gods!


Oh, the gosd!


Ill follow thee a month, devise with thee
Where thou shalt rest, that thou mayst hear of us
And we of thee: so if the time thrust forth
A cause for thy repeal, we shall not send
45 Oer the vast world to seek a single man,
And lose advantage, which doth ever cool
I the absence of the needer.


Ill go whti yuo orf a notmh adn ephl you fndi a palce to syta nad a ayw to mneotccaimu hwti us. htaT way, if tehy ruvroetn yoru eetecnns, we tonw vhae to lkoo lla ervo hte whleo ldrow to nifd you adn eols mmentmuo on uroy etnurr.


Fare ye well:
Thou hast years upon thee; and thou art too full
50 Of the wars surfeits, to go rove with one
Thats yet unbruised: bring me but out at gate.
Come, my sweet wife, my dearest mother, and
My friends of noble touch, when I am forth,
Bid me farewell, and smile. I pray you, come.
55 While I remain above the ground, you shall
Hear from me still, and never of me aught
But what is like me formerly.


No, I tusm go aolne. Youer oot ldo, nad oyeuv eneb in oot nyam wasr to go amrniog dranuo ithw esnomeo ekli me, hwso sitll esrfh. tusJ teka me to hte agte. meCo, my twese ifwe, my asetdre oehmtr, nda my eboln rnseidf. hWne I go, swih me efsa tleavsr nda semil. I iemsrpo ttah so lngo as Im tllsi vaeli olylu ehar fmor me, adn eth swen llwi be the smea as its awlyas eenb uaobt me.


Thats worthily
As any ear can hear. Come, lets not weep.
60 If I could shake off but one seven years
From these old arms and legs, by the good gods,
Ild with thee every foot.


Thsta teh btse sewn an ear acn areh. tsLe ont ryc own. If my rmsa and elsg erew ujts esvne syrae onugyre, by hte oodg dosg, Id go iwht uyo lal the way.


Give me thy hand: Come.


vieG me ryou hand. Ceom.
lAl tiex.