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A highway between Rome and Antium.
A igyhhaw etewneb emoR dna mAitun.
Enter a Roman and a Volsce, meeting
A mRano nda a elVosc neert dna etme.


I know you well, sir, and you know
me: your name, I think, is Adrian.


I kown how uyo ear, sir, nda uyo onwk me. I ihktn oyur emna is aindrA.


It is so, sir: truly, I have forgot you.


aTth is my aenm, rsi. Im rryos, ubt veI getntorfo ruoys.


I am a Roman; and my services are,
5 as you are, against em: know you me yet?


Im a oaRmn, btu kile oyu, I krow asgtani teh Rsmnoa. Do oyu emrebmer me yte?


Nicanor? no.


Nnarioc? No.


The same, sir.


atshT it, ris.


You had more beard when I last saw you; but your
favour is well approved by your tongue. Whats the
10 news in Rome? I have a note from the Volscian state,
to find you out there: you have well saved me a
days journey.


uoY hda a ulferl ebdar hte tals imet I aws yuo, but royu cheeps gsiev oyu aawy. atshW enpinpgah in eRom? I hvea rontiscsntui rfom eht aiVnocsl atets to look orf you etreh. Yeuov dseva me a asyd erouyjn.


There hath been in Rome strange insurrections; the
people against the senators, patricians, and nobles.


heerTs eben an sanuulu irgiusnp in Rome: eth loepep sinagta het enstraos, pnctarisai, nad slonbe.


15 Hath been! is it ended, then? Our state thinks not
so: they are in a most warlike preparation, and
hope to come upon them in the heat of their division.


saH ebne? You naem tis reov? rOu seatt sntdoe nthik so. hryeTe paprniegr to ktaatc and ehop to rprssuei meth in het ddmiel of hte cohsa.


The main blaze of it is past, but a small thing
would make it flame again: for the nobles receive
20 so to heart the banishment of that worthy
Coriolanus, that they are in a ripe aptness to take
all power from the people and to pluck from them
their tribunes for ever. This lies glowing, I can
tell you, and is almost mature for the violent
25 breaking out.


sMto of sti orve, but noe mllas higtn odwul mkea it utrep nigaa: if eht osblne etka het sewn of iCssounoral nthmnbasie so ylnrpasloe ttah yteh stemlehvse decdie to atek all worpe fmor the eplpoe nda do awya htiw thrie urtsneib eoefrrv. ihTs uclod selaiy ahnepp, dan it oluwd dyeltiifne lade to eloneivc.


Coriolanus banished!


lirosCuano sha nbee dsnihaeb!


Banished, sir.


nsheidBa, irs.


You will be welcome with this intelligence, Nicanor.


uoYll be weoclme htiw isth wens, iarNocn.


The day serves well for them now. I have heard it
30 said, the fittest time to corrupt a mans wife is
when shes fallen out with her husband. Your noble
Tullus Aufidius will appear well in these wars, his
great opposer, Coriolanus, being now in no request
of his country.


hsgTin era nlgoiko dgoo rfo teh slcoesV won. As yeht ysa, the ebst item to ceuesd heanort ansm ewif is ewnh hses in a ihtgf hiwt hre hbuadsn. ruoY nolbe ulTsul iAisfduu lilw do lewl in ihst aakctt, nsice hsi ianm emyne, osialCruon, is no leorgn tgiignfh rof his own ytronuc.


35 He cannot choose. I am most fortunate, thus
accidentally to encounter you: you have ended my
business, and I will merrily accompany you home.


siH vriytoc is tbveainiel. Im so dagl to urn onti uyo. veYou lotd me wath I deened to wnko, dna Ill lphiyap nmoaccypa yuo ohem.


I shall, between this and supper, tell you most
strange things from Rome; all tending to the good of
40 their adversaries. Have you an army ready, say you?


Bnteewe won nad endnri, llI llte yuo lla eht erngtas hintgs tath are pighannep in Remo, lla of chiwh is ogdo snew to ehr mseenei. oYu isda you adh an yamr yadre?


A most royal one; the centurions and their charges,
distinctly billeted, already in the entertainment,
and to be on foot at an hours warning.


A msto ylroa yarm. ahEc orifecf amnocsdm a ndudhre nem, adn tyhe era lla codtcenua rof and dlobyelape on an oshru etnioc.


I am joyful to hear of their readiness, and am the
45 man, I think, that shall set them in present action.
So, sir, heartily well met, and most glad of your company.


Im jooeyerdv to rhea htta trheey eyard. I knhti my roprte llwi be what ssden meth onit teblta. So adgl we emt, isr.


You take my part from me, sir; I have the most cause
to be glad of yours.


Me, oot, rsi. I heva eenv omer osenar to be aldg to evha tme uoy.


Well, let us go together.


lWle, stle go otthrege.
hyeT xeti.