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Antium. Before Aufidiuss house.
In rntof of iufsAisud ouseh in numtAi.
Enter CORIOLANUS in mean apparel, disguised and muffled
NSOLCROIUA senetr in apinl tehoslc, gusdideis adn spkeanig ostfly.


A goodly city is this Antium. City,
Tis I that made thy widows: many an heir
Of these fair edifices fore my wars
Have I heard groan and drop: then know me not,
5 Lest that thy wives with spits and boys with stones
In puny battle slay me.


itAnum is a godo ycit. I daem tsi wenmo oint wiwods. sIt noss veha eidd at my dahsn in baetlt. yMa I go zeguenocnird, so hatt eht emown nowt sitp at me and the mne wnto rothw tseons.
Enter a Citizen
A eznCiti rstene.
Save you, sir.
yaM eth gods tcreopt you, isr.


And you.


Adn yuo.


Direct me, if it be your will,
10 Where great Aufidius lies: is he in Antium?


ldoCu yuo apesle letl me reewh to dfni hte rtgea Adfuiusi? Is he in nAitmu?


He is, and feasts the nobles of the state
At his house this night.


He is. heT enlobs of teh ttase rae nivgha a sfeat at ish euosh itngoht.


Which is his house, beseech you?


erhWe is shi esuho, do ouy idmn tnlglie me?


This, here before you.


Tish eno, ghtri rehe.


15 Thank you, sir: farewell.


akThn ouy, sir. lFrweale.
Exit Citizen
The eCnitiz tsexi.
O world, thy slippery turns! Friends now fast sworn,
Whose double bosoms seem to wear one heart,
Whose house, whose bed, whose meal, and exercise,
Are still together, who twin, as twere, in love
20 Unseparable, shall within this hour,
On a dissension of a doit, break out
To bitterest enmity: so, fellest foes,
Whose passions and whose plots have broke their sleep,
To take the one the other, by some chance,
25 Some trick not worth an egg, shall grow dear friends
And interjoin their issues. So with me:
My birth-place hate I, and my loves upon
This enemy town. Ill enter: if he slay me,
He does fair justice; if he give me way,
30 Ill do his country service.
The rlwdo ash yamn ttssiw dan strun! nFireds ohw at itsh mntome ear yolla to chea ohter, woh emse to searh eno arhet, lvei in eth ames suheo, pseel in the eams ebd, tae the seam food, nad work htreoghetow voel hcea eorht eilk eearlapibsn wwiilsltn, wiinth an oruh, cemboe rtibte emienes seabuce of a inrom taerdeismeng. Adn lmarto eeismen, who dnspe epelsessl thngis lfursuioy oglittnp to atecpur cahe shotre ekep, wlli by oems anrodm hnecca oebecm daer esirfdn and ojni ietrh sttsinree ttehrego. hsiT is how it is ithw me: I thae the lacpe I meoc mfor and I veol my smeeny nowt. It ludwo be fari for mhi to klli me, btu if he tels me evil, Ill htfig for his tyonucr.
He xsite.