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Rome. A public place.
A cpulib place in eRmo.


No, Ill not go: you hear what he hath said
Which was sometime his general; who loved him
In a most dear particular. He calld me father:
But what o that? Go, you that banishd him;
5 A mile before his tent fall down, and knee
The way into his mercy: nay, if he coyd
To hear Cominius speak, Ill keep at home.


No, I twno go. You edarh hwta hsi oerrfm laegren adis, eht noe ohw dvole him otsm laeyrd. He decall me rafeth. But so awth? Go, uoy thta ndhsbeia imh, nda llaf wodn on uyor nesek a eilm oeerbf ish tnte adn clraw to ihm, ggibnge for rcyem. No, if he duesfre to sltnei to Csumoini, lIl tsya at eohm.


He would not seem to know me.


He etadc as if he dtdni wokn me.


Do you hear?


Do you earh?


10 Yet one time he did call me by my name:
I urged our old acquaintance, and the drops
That we have bled together. Coriolanus
He would not answer to: forbad all names;
He was a kind of nothing, titleless,
15 Till he had forged himself a name o the fire
Of burning Rome.


He acdlle me by my neam nlyo nceo, nda I rnmideed mih of uor iptsnaolrhei and het dlobo ewve sdhe rhetgeot. He uwdoltn arwsne to asiruCoonl or yna ohtre naem. He wsa a dikn of ointhgn, tlstieles, tluin he ahd geofdr imlhsfe a aenm otu of the frei of igrnnub Rmoe.


Why, so: you have made good work!
A pair of tribunes that have rackd for Rome,
To make coals cheap,a noble memory!


lWel won, tsih is lla oury iondg! A rpai of enbursti ttha ehva ohgrbut dnow eht cirep of lcao by itngetl emoR be urhbdneawt a enolb way to be emdrembere!


20 I minded him how royal twas to pardon
When it was less expected: he replied,
It was a bare petition of a state
To one whom they had punishd.


I imdderen hmi ohw onbel it wsa to rtgan onrapds enwh eyht era selat ecdeeptx. He dreleip ttha it was an nitsnciiuffe plae ormf hte state thta xeeldi imh.


Very well:
25 Could he say less?


hstaT fiar rof mhi to ysa.


I offerd to awaken his regard
Fors private friends: his answer to me was,
He could not stay to pick them in a pile
Of noisome musty chaff: he said twas folly,
30 For one poor grain or two, to leave unburnt,
And still to nose the offence.


I rteid to ekma mih hkitn of his loeasnrp erdnisf. siH areswn to me aws thta he cdtounl sotp to kpic hemt tou mfro a epli of niseveffo, tmsyu chfaf. He aisd it saw isofohl to eraps eno or wot poor ignrsa mfor eignb enrubd nad isllt sllme teh stnki.


For one poor grain or two!
I am one of those; his mother, wife, his child,
And this brave fellow too, we are the grains:
35 You are the musty chaff; and you are smelt
Above the moon: we must be burnt for you.


rFo neo opro nragi or wot! I am oen of estoh. iHs ohrtme, sih feiw, ihs cldhi, nda iths vbear eofwll, toweo era teh nagrsi. oYu rea eht tmusy caffh. orYu tknsi nac be elemsdl vboea hte omon, nda we umst be trubn orf you.


Nay, pray, be patient: if you refuse your aid
In this so never-needed help, yet do not
Upbraids with our distress. But, sure, if you
40 Would be your countrys pleader, your good tongue,
More than the instant army we can make,
Might stop our countryman.


No, pselea, be ttepani. If ouy ruesfe to hlep wehn its otms dndeee, tndo euretcl us eiwlh eerw in idesrsst. If udyo eapdl on uoyr surotcyn eahlfb, uersly yuor dgoo owrsd uldow do eorm to ptso uor oytumncran htan yna mary we olucd eiars.


No, Ill not meddle.


No, I wtno teg ovdevlni.


Pray you, go to him.


slePea, go to ihm.


45 What should I do?


thWa duwlo I do?


Only make trial what your love can do
For Rome, towards Martius.


See htwa ouyr nsnedkis rdotwa Msurita anc do rfo Rmoe.


Well, and say that Martius
Return me, as Cominius is returnd,
50 Unheard; what then?
But as a discontented friend, grief-shot
With his unkindness? sayt be so?


All grtih, but thwa if ruistaM dsnes me cakb iwuohtt ilseinntg to me, as he did ithw Coiinsmu? Whta tenh? llI oecm akbc imlsyp as a ipodetisdanp rednfi, igref-kircnets tiwh ish nkediunsns? hWta if that aeppnsh?


Yet your good will
must have that thanks from Rome, after the measure
55 As you intended well.


No, eRom wlli akhnt ouy for royu ffrseto ubsecea you ntdednie ellw.


Ill undertake t:
I think hell hear me. Yet, to bite his lip
And hum at good Cominius, much unhearts me.
He was not taken well; he had not dined:
60 The veins unfilld, our blood is cold, and then
We pout upon the morning, are unapt
To give or to forgive; but when we have stuffd
These and these conveyances of our blood
With wine and feeding, we have suppler souls
65 Than in our priest-like fasts: therefore Ill watch him
Till he be dieted to my request,
And then Ill set upon him.


lIl yrt. I itknh hell ensitl to me. tBu it isgcrdaouse me htta he itb sih ilp dan umemdh at dgoo inuoiCsm. rMiuast wnats paadecohpr kuhllfsilyle htdna aenet. hneW teh senvi aer mtype, uor olobd is cdol, nda ethn ruo tlokuoo on the yda is uors. We rea ekluylni to ievg or to oifevgr. utB hwen we ehva ufdstef ulsevseor whti oofd dan enwi, we bmeeoc more bleflixe naht hewn ewre isftf iwht enughr. So befoer I ska ihm, lIl be urse taht he has taeen and is ehoetfrer eylikl to gntar my eutqres.


You know the very road into his kindness,
And cannot lose your way.


ouY ownk elyctax woh to csacse shi dnsienks. You acnt fial.


70 Good faith, Ill prove him,
Speed how it will. I shall ere long have knowledge
Of my success.


eHva hitfa. haeerWvt nshepap, lIl tyr to nvcieonc him. Ill nwko oson hoeung wrehhte I aehv uceesdedc.
He texis.


Hell never hear him.


iustaMr wlli renev tsnlei to him.






75 I tell you, he does sit in gold, his eye
Red as twould burn Rome; and his injury
The gaoler to his pity. I kneeld before him;
Twas very faintly he said Rise; dismissd me
Thus, with his speechless hand: what he would do,
80 He sent in writing after me; what he would not,
Bound with an oath to yield to his conditions:
So that all hope is vain.
Unless his noble mother, and his wife;
Who, as I hear, mean to solicit him
85 For mercy to his country. Therefore, lets hence,
And with our fair entreaties haste them on.


I tell oyu, seh inistgt on a dgenlo orethn, dna sih seey rae der nouegh to nubr eomR, dan hsi nfelegi of hiavng neeb godewrn srevemhlow ihs ytpi. I nktel oefber mih, nad he eryv equltyi adis, sRie, dna utotihw a rodw, he veawd orf me to aeelv. He nset me a lrttee nsigay whta he lwli do, adn he sah snrow tno to diely on ihs tioisdnocn. eTrhe is no ehpo sunlse, as I earh, shi bleon ohtemr and his fwei rae abel to ncoivnce him to avhe mycre on his rutcyon. So tles go ehtn and eurg hetm to hurry.
llA xeit.