by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Say, you ne’er had done’t—
270Harp on that still—but by our putting on;
And presently, when you have drawn your number,
Repair to the Capitol.
We will so: almost all
275Repent in their election.
Say that you never would have done it—emphasize that—if we hadn’t put you up to it. And then, when you have enough people on your side, go to the capitol.
We will. Almost everyone regrets the vote they gave.
Exeunt Citizens
The Citizens exit.
Let them go on;
This mutiny were better put in hazard,
Than stay, past doubt, for greater:
If, as his nature is, he fall in rage
280With their refusal, both observe and answer
The vantage of his anger.
Let them go on their own. Better to risk this mutiny than wait for the undoubtedly bigger one that would come later. If, his nature being what it is, he goes into a rage over their refusal, both watch for and take advantage of his anger.
To the Capitol, come:
We will be there before the stream o’ the people;
And this shall seem, as partly ’tis, their own,
285Which we have goaded onward.
Let’s go to the capitol. We’ll be there before the uprising of the people. And it will appear to be their own initiative, which it partially is, although we urged them into action.
All exit.