No Fear Act 5 Scene 3
No Fear Act 5 Scene 3 Page 8

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The Ladies make signs to CORIOLANUS
The ladies make signs to CORIOLANUS.


Ay, by and by;


Yes, so it will go.
To Volumnia and Virgilia
But we will drink together; and you shall bear
A better witness back than words, which we,
225On like conditions, will have counter-seal’d.
Come, enter with us. Ladies, you deserve
To have a temple built you: all the swords
In Italy, and her confederate arms,
Could not have made this peace.
But we’ll drink together, and you’ll bring back a signed peace treaty, not just our word. Come with us. Ladies, you deserve to have a temple built for you. All the swords of Italy and her allies couldn’t have made this peace.
All exit.