by: William Shakespeare

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Modern Text

Antium. A public place.
A public place in Antium.
Enter TULLUS AUFIDIUS, with Attendants
TULLUS AUFIDIUS enters, with attendants.
Go tell the lords o’ the city I am here:
Deliver them this paper: having read it,
Bid them repair to the market-place; where I,
Even in theirs and in the commons’ ears,
5Will vouch the truth of it. Him I accuse
The city ports by this hath enter’d and
Intends to appear before the people, hoping
To purge herself with words: dispatch.
Go tell the lords of the city that I’m here. Give them this paper. Once they’ve read it, ask them to go to the marketplace. I’ll be there to confirm its truthfulness for them and for the common people. He whom I accuse has entered through the city’s gates and intends to appear before the people, hoping to explain himself with words. Hurry.
Exeunt Attendants
The attendants exit.
Enter three or four Conspirators of AUFIDIUS’ faction
Three or four Conspirators of AUFIDIUS’S faction enter.
Most welcome!
Most welcome!
10How is it with our general?
How are you, general?
Even so
As with a man by his own alms empoison’d,
And with his charity slain.
Like a man destroyed by his own kindness and killed by his compassion.
Most noble sir,
15If you do hold the same intent wherein
You wish’d us parties, we’ll deliver you
Of your great danger.
Most noble sir, if you still want to work together, we’ll rid you of your great threat.
Sir, I cannot tell:
We must proceed as we do find the people.
Sir, I don’t know yet. We must see how the people react.

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