by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Corioli. A street.
A street in Corioles.
Enter certain Romans, with spoils
Some Romans enter with spoils of war.
This will I carry to Rome.
I’ll bring this back to Rome.
And I this.
And I’ll bring this.
A murrain on’t! I took this for silver.
Curse it! I thought this was silver.
Alarum continues still afar off
Trumpets still continue far away.
Enter MARTIUS and TITUS LARTIUS with a trumpet
MARTIUS (bleeding) and TITUS LARTIUS enter with a trumpeter.
See here these movers that do prize their hours
5At a crack’d drachm! Cushions, leaden spoons,
Irons of a doit, doublets that hangmen would
Bury with those that wore them, these base slaves,
Ere yet the fight be done, pack up: down with them!
And hark, what noise the general makes! To him!
10There is the man of my soul’s hate, Aufidius,
Piercing our Romans: then, valiant Titus, take
Convenient numbers to make good the city;
Whilst I, with those that have the spirit, will haste
To help Cominius.
Look at these scavengers who spend their time gathering worthless coins! Cushions, lead spoons, cheap swords, clothes that hangmen would bury along with whoever died wearing them. These lowly slaves are packing up before the fight is even over. They’re the worst! And listen to the noise Cominius makes! Let’s go help him! Aufidius, the one my soul hates, is driving our Roman army apart. Valiant Titus, take enough men with you to secure the city. I’ll go now with those who have the spirit and help Cominius.
15Worthy sir, thou bleed’st;
Thy exercise hath been too violent for
A second course of fight.
Worthy sir, you’re bleeding. Your efforts have been too violent for you to fight again now.
Sir, praise me not;
My work hath yet not warm’d me: fare you well:
20The blood I drop is rather physical
Than dangerous to me: to Aufidius thus
I will appear, and fight.
Don’t flatter me. I’m not even warmed up yet. Good luck to you. Bleeding is more helpful to me than it is dangerous. I’ll find Aufidius and fight.

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