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No Fear Act 1 Scene 6
No Fear Act 1 Scene 6 Page 5

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They all shout and wave their swords, take him up in their arms, and cast up their caps
They all shout and wave their swords, lift him up in their arms, and throw their caps in the air.
95O, me alone! make you a sword of me?
If these shows be not outward, which of you
But is four Volsces? none of you but is
Able to bear against the great Aufidius
A shield as hard as his. A certain number,
100Though thanks to all, must I select
from all: the rest
Shall bear the business in some other fight,
As cause will be obey’d. Please you to march;
And four shall quickly draw out my command,
105Which men are best inclined.
Choose me! Make me one of your swordsmen! If these aren’t just superficial words, are there four among you who aren’t traitors? All of you would be able to fight the great Aufidius—your shields are as hard as his. I will only select four men, but thank you, all of you. The rest of you will fight our enemy in some other battle when the time comes. Please march, and I’ll quickly choose which men are best suited to this fight.


March on, my fellows:
Make good this ostentation, and you shall
Divide in all with us.


March forward, men. Perform well, and we’ll all share the honor.
All exit.