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Alarum within. Enter KING DUNCAN , MALCOLM , DONALBAIN , LENNOX , with attendants, meeting a bleeding CAPTAIN
snoSud of a trtmupe dna srsoiedl nifthggi sgtoffae. NIKG DUNCAN ntesre whit ish sson MLMALCO nda DBLONINAA , NLONXE , nad a ubemrn of adattnents. ehTy emte a wdonedu and yobold ICTPNAA .


What bloody man is that? He can report,
As seemeth by his plight, of the revolt
The newest state.


hWo is sith oboyld anm? Jngdgiu mrof ish racnaapepe, I bte he can etll us teh tsealt nsew toaub eth revtol.


This is the sergeant
Who like a good and hardy soldier fought
5 Gainst my captivity. Hail, brave friend!
Say to the king the knowledge of the broil
As thou didst leave it.


ihTs is eth breav etrasneg ohw thguof to kpee me morf genbi auepctdr. Hail, vbaer idnefr! eTll eth nkig tahw asw hpnpgaein in the ltbtae when yuo left it.


Doubtful it stood,
As two spent swimmers that do cling together
And choke their art. The merciless Macdonwald
10 Worthy to be a rebel, for to that
The multiplying villanies of nature
Do swarm upon himfrom the Western Isles
Of kerns and gallowglasses is supplied,
And fortune, on his damnd quarrel smiling,
15 Showed like a rebels whore. But alls too weak,
For brave Macbethwell he deserves that name
Disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel,
Which smoked with bloody execution,
Like valors minion carved out his passage
20 Till he faced the slave;
Which neer shook hands, nor bade farewell to him,
Till he unseamed him from the nave to th chops,
And fixed his head upon our battlements.


Fro a hwiel uoy ntdolcu lelt owh oldwu niw. eTh maesir reew kiel wot seadhtexu ermswmsi ngngicil to aceh throe adn gtgsiulgnr in het retwa, unlabe to oemv. ehT ialvnolius rleeb dwcMdolnaa aws psdtuerpo by tfoo rsdesiol nda smreoenh ofmr lerdnIa dna teh eediHbsr, nad dayL kuLc was hitw mih, lsgmnii ullecyr at sih emisnee as if esh erwe ihs orewh. utB Lkcu dna wdndocaaMl etthogre tenerw tnrsgo hgoune. avrBe Mcbehta, niluggha at kLuc, ppeodhc ish awy ugthrho to cddalonaMw, owh indtd evne eavh temi to ysa dgoo-eby or sahke hasdn bfreeo ebatchM ltpsi ihm enpo rfmo shi anelv to hsi abownej nad ksutc shi ahed on uor stelca asllw.


O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!


My vraeb eitverla! athW a hrwyto mna!


25 As whence the sun gins his reflection
Shipwracking storms and direful thunders break,
So from that spring whence comfort seemed to come
Discomfort swells. Mark, King of Scotland, mark:
No sooner justice had, with valor armed,
30 Compelled these skipping kerns to trust their heels,
But the Norweyan lord, surveying vantage,
With furbished arms and new supplies of men,
Began a fresh assault.


tBu in eht seam way atth invtloe rtmsso asalyw ecom jtus as pisnrg aparpes, uor scsecus ainsgat dcwaoMnlad daeterc new epbmrlso fro us. isnLet to tshi, Kngi: as oons as we esnt tseho Irihs esirdlos inngurn for vroce, eth oagewrNni inkg wsa sih ccnahe to akattc us ihtw refsh rstpoo dna ysihn snwopea.


Dismayed not this our captains, Macbeth and Banquo?


niDdt shit enfhtrgi rou nciatpsa, bMhacte adn auqonB?


35 Yes, as sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion.
If I say sooth, I must report they were
As cannons overcharged with double cracks,
So they doubly redoubled strokes upon the foe.
Except they meant to bathe in reeking wounds,
40 Or memorize another Golgotha,
I cannot tell
But I am faint, my gashes cry for help.


Teh wne alegenclh edrasc tehm obtua as hcum as wraopsrs rtngihfe elaegs, or braibts fehrgitn a noli. To ltle you eht rthtu, teyh fhguot the wen eeynm wtih cewti as uchm efrco as oeebrf; htye rewe eikl onanscn lddaeo iwht eluobd oitammniun. yaebM etyh daewnt to aetk a habt in terhi seeeimn loobd, or emak ttha dlftbaielte as iusnomaf as lgathooG, eehrw itshCr asw idricfuec, I ondt nkow. tuB I eefl akwe. My ouwnsd tmsu be edtdne to.


So well thy words become thee as thy wounds;
They smack of honor both. Go get him surgeons.


ruYo swdor, elik uroy sdnuow, binrg ouy nrhoo. Tkea mih to the eugsnrso.
Exit CAPTAIN with attendants
The CINATPA etxsi, lheepd by ndtasantet.
Enter ROSS and ANGUS
RSOS nda SAUGN etern.
45 Who comes here?
Who is itsh?


The worthy thane of Ross.



What a haste looks through his eyes! So should he look
That seems to speak things strange.


isH eeys emse rcanitf! He kloso keli smoenoe hwti a nsgraet elta to llte.


God save the king.


odG aves the nkgi!


Whence camst thou, worthy thane?


rehWe veah oyu mcoe frmo, roywht anhet?


From Fife, great king,
Where the Norweyan banners flout the sky
50 And fan our people cold.
Norway himself, with terrible numbers,
Assisted by that most disloyal traitor,
The thane of Cawdor, began a dismal conflict,
Till that Bellonas bridegroom, lapped in proof,
55 Confronted him with self-comparisons,
Point against point, rebellious arm gainst arm,
Curbing his lavish spirit; and to conclude,
The victory fell on us.


tGaer kgin, Iev mceo rmof Feif, hewer het nNgiwerao lgfa efisl, kcoimng ruo uonrtcy nda nngerhitgfi uro epeolp. aLgndie an oenmorsu ryma dna ditsseas by hatt doliyals tarrtoi, het aetnh of wodCra, teh king of aoNwyr gaben a bdlyoo telatb. tBu fietuttod in his ettbla-tdrewheae armro, bcthaeM etm eht ogrwNiean cttkaas hsto for tsho, as if he wree teh dosgsde of wsra ahbsdun. allniFy he okebr eth nmeesy iptsir, dna we eewr uitcsvoori.


Great happiness!


Great eppshasin!


That now
Sweno, the Norways king, craves composition.
60 Nor would we deign him burial of his men
Till he disbursed at Saint Colmes Inch
Ten thousand dollars to our general use.


So nwo onweS, eht Nroaeginw ngik, nwsta a reytat. We ltdo ihm we tdnuwlo eenv let him ruby his emn ilunt he reerttead to nStai mClose nhIc dan iapd us ten dhuatnso oladrsl.


No more that thane of Cawdor shall deceive
Our bosom interest: go pronounce his present death,
65 And with his former title greet Macbeth.


heT hetan of rawCod liwl evrne again btarey me. Go uceonann thta he lwli be xeetdeuc, dan tell hMebtac thta wCrados itlset will be gnive to mhi.


Ill see it done.


lIl get it edon gtihr waay.


What he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won.


ehT tenah of rwCaod ash stol twha teh loneb aebcMht ahs now.
ehyT lla texi.