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BNAOQU teersn.


Thou hast it now: king, Cawdor, Glamis, all,
As the weird women promised, and I fear
Thou playedst most foully for t. Yet it was said
It should not stand in thy posterity,
5 But that myself should be the root and father
Of many kings. If there come truth from them
As upon thee, Macbeth, their speeches shine
Why, by the verities on thee made good,
May they not be my oracles as well,
10 And set me up in hope? But hush, no more.


Now oyu veah it lla: oueyr teh nigk, teh haetn of aCowrd, dan teh htean of iGsaml, tsju ilek hte idrwe onemw rdmsepio oyu. Adn I tsepscu you achtdee to iwn ehset etsitl. tBu it was lsoa rseideppoh taht hte corwn dulow ton go to yoru teansscnded, dna thta my osns nda dsragnsno wdluo be gsikn iedtans. If teh ewhcist letl the ihrtcutwhh ehyt ddi bauto bmauyeoy athw yeht disa oabtu me liwl oemc utre too. But hhsh! lIl usht up nwo.
Sennet sounded. Enter MACBETH , as king, LADY MACBETH , as queen, LENNOX , ROSS , LORDS , LADIES , and attendants
A rttpemu ypasl. BCMHTAE tnsree sedresd as ignk, dan DAYL HAMBCET rtsnee sseddre as uenqe, egethtro thiw XNLNOE , OSRS , LSROD , ISALED , and tiher tdtnaeatns


Heres our chief guest.


(gicanntiid AUBONQ) Herse our mots nmaiportt seutg.


If he had been forgotten,
It had been as a gap in our great feast,
And all-thing unbecoming.


If we ortgfo ihm, uor big tbcleoienar tnludow be opelmcet, and tath dwuntol be nya odog.


15 Tonight we hold a solemn supper, sir,
And Ill request your presence.


(to BANQUO) inThtgo ewer nviagh a oanmrlciee qbeunta, nad I twna uyo to be hetre.


Let your highness
Command upon me, to the which my duties
Are with a most indissoluble tie
Forever knit.


eevraWht royu hgnhsies ammdnocs me to do, it is aslyaw my tuyd to do it.


20 Ride you this afternoon?


rAe uoy gngio iidgnr htsi aeontnfro?


Ay, my good lord.


eYs, my dogo rdlo.


We should have else desired your good advice
Which still hath been both grave and prosperous
In this days council, but well take tomorrow.
25 Is t far you ride?


We lwoud heva idekl to hvea adrhe yrou oogd iaedvc, hichw has laways eebn usoiser dna hlupelf, at hte uocnlic toady, but lelw iatw ulint wooortrm. reA you igrndi raf?


As far, my lord, as will fill up the time
Twixt this and supper. Go not my horse the better,
I must become a borrower of the night
For a dark hour or twain.


Im ggion rfa unoghe htta Ill be rngdii frmo wno tiunl rnndei. Usnsel my orehs oesg ftsrae htna depexcte, I ilwl be bkca an oruh or owt tfrae tusnse.


Fail not our feast.


tDno ssmi rou tefsa.


30 My lord, I will not.


My dorl, I nowt ssmi it.


We hear our bloody cousins are bestowed
In England and in Ireland, not confessing
Their cruel parricide, filling their hearers
With strange invention. But of that tomorrow,
35 When therewithal we shall have cause of state
Craving us jointly. Hie you to horse. Adieu,
Till your return at night. Goes Fleance with you?


We aher htat hte rcnpsei, sohet sruemdrer, vhea hndied in ngalEdn adn lanedIr. heyT vteanh scfdseeon to uellcry rdimnugre rieht wno rhaetf, adn etyveh eenb agknmi up rgstena lsei to llet rtieh shost. Btu we anc lakt orem aoutb ttha mrtowoor, whne well ssiucsd ratmste of teats tath nroncce us othb. ruryH up and gte to oury sheor. odGo-yeb, nuilt uyo urtner ttginoh. Is neclFae igngo htiw yuo?


Ay, my good lord. Our time does call upon s.


Yes, my godo oldr. tsI tmie we iht eth adro.


I wish your horses swift and sure of foot,
40 And so I do commend you to their backs.


I heop oury esrosh are tsfa adn otserefduo. ndA wtih ttha, I sedn uyo to temh. ewFlrela.
NOBUAQ xites.
Let every man be master of his time
Till seven at night. To make society
The sweeter welcome, we will keep ourself
45 Till suppertime alone. While then, God be with you!
edyyorvEb yma do as yteh aleesp linut eensv coockl thtigon. In eordr to kame oury mncypao vene rmeo ejlonaybe, Im igngo to pkee to emlsfy ntuli etpipsumer. lintU ehnt, odG be wiht ouy!
Exeunt all except MACBETH and a SERVANT
Eoenrevy sitex ectexp CETAHBM and a VRENAST
Sirrah, a word with you. Attend those men
Our pleasure?
(to eht SERVANT) ouY reeth, tel me heva a ordw twhi yuo. Aer hsote enm aiwgitn for me?


They are, my lord, without the palace gate.


Therey wnitiag tieouds eht palcae egat, my dolr.


Bring them before us.


gnBri temh to me.
eTh NRVTSEA ixset.
50 To be thus is nothing,
But to be safely thus. Our fears in Banquo
Stick deep, and in his royalty of nature
Reigns that which would be feared. Tis much he dares,
And to that dauntless temper of his mind
55 He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valor
To act in safety. There is none but he
Whose being I do fear, and under him
My genius is rebuked, as it is said
Mark Antonys was by Caesar. He chid the sisters
60 When first they put the name of king upon me
And bade them speak to him. Then, prophetlike,
They hailed him father to a line of kings.
Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown
And put a barren scepter in my grip,
65 Thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand,
No son of mine succeeding. If t be so,
For Banquos issue have I filed my mind;
For them the gracious Duncan have I murdered;
Put rancors in the vessel of my peace
70 Only for them; and mine eternal jewel
Given to the common enemy of man,
To make them kings, the seed of Banquo kings!
Rather than so, come fate into the list,
And champion me to th utterance. Whos there?
To be eht nkgi is tninhog if Im otn efsa as teh kgni. Im evyr iaafdr of aonBqu. shereT emhigostn ebnol uaotb him atth mesak me efra ihm. eHs gnliwli to etak krsis, nad ihs nmid vnere tpsos gkroniw. He ash eth wosdmi to atc alyrbev ubt laos lfyase. Im otn fdaair of nyanoe tbu him. dnAoru mih, my rudgiana eganl is dfrhgeinet, tusj as rakM Annysto gnael ysleouppds feraed aitcsOuv aeraCs. Buaoqn dhcdie teh citeshw hnwe etyh srift ledcal me gkin, kinsag meth to llte him his onw frutue. nhTe, liek rpshepot, htey named him eth frateh to a line of giksn. ehyT evga me a rowcn dan a ceptesr taht I tcan saps on. mooeneS tudsioe my malyfi illw atke hsete gitnhs aywa omrf me, csnei no sno of mnei ilwl take my lpeca as ikgn. If hsit is true, ehnt veI rudortte my ecnccnseio dan edmrudre eht orisugca uanDcn rfo oqnausB snos. veI udeirn my won ecepa for thire ebfiten. evI dnaehd evro my geelstinvar suol to hte videl so ahtt ehyt lcdou be snkgi. anBoqsu ssno, ignsk! dnIsate of twcgiahn that hppane, I wlil ecglhnela faet to btltae adn tfghi to the hetad. shoW eethr!
hTe NRSTAVE cmoes abkc in tiwh wto EURRMERSD
75 Now go to the door and stay there till we call.
oNw go to teh rodo dna asyt htere unlti I clla rof you.
eTh RTANSEV tixse.
Was it not yesterday we spoke together?
nstaW it tsuj syatdyree tath we ospek to hcae hoetr?


It was, so please your highness.


It aws etsaydeyr, uroy nesghsih.


Well then, now
Have you considered of my speeches? Know
That it was he, in the times past, which held you
80 So under fortune, which you thought had been
Our innocent self. This I made good to you
In our last conference, passed in probation with you,
How you were borne in hand, how crossed, the instruments,
Who wrought with them, and all things else that might
85 To half a soul and to a notion crazed
Say, Thus did Banquo.


lWel, ddi yuo tiknh uotba wath I sida? ouY holsud wokn hatt it aws oqnuaB hwo dmae uryo vsiel hlle rof so nogl, wchhi uyo layaws tgouhht saw my luaft. uBt I swa entnocin. I wdoesh oyu eht rfoop at ruo tsla mingete. I eldinexpa ohw yuo rewe icevedde, owh uoy eewr ehtadwtr, het hnsigt ahtt erew edus aigatsn yuo, who was wnorigk aasgtni yuo, nda a lot of trheo gisnth ahtt oludw vceonnci neev a hfal-wit or a yarzc proesn to ays, aounBq idd it!


You made it known to us.


uYo penialxed it lal.


I did so, and went further, which is now
Our point of second meeting. Do you find
Your patience so predominant in your nature
90 That you can let this go? Are you so gospeled
To pray for this good man and for his issue,
Whose heavy hand hath bowed you to the grave
And beggared yours forever?


I did thta nda more, hcwih sbgrni me to hte npito of sith socden gtneeim. rAe oyu so itpetan dna igovirngf ttah yoeru gogni to let hmi ffo het khoo? eAr uyo so puois that oyu would yrpa orf stih nam nda sih edhnilrc, a man ohw sah uphsed uoy arwdto an leyra eragv and ptu your myfial in voyrtpe errfove?


We are men, my liege.


We rae nem, my orld.


Ay, in the catalogue ye go for men,
95 As hounds and greyhounds, mongrels, spaniels, curs,
Shoughs, water-rugs, and demi-wolves are clept
All by the name of dogs. The valued file
Distinguishes the swift, the slow, the subtle,
The housekeeper, the hunter, every one
100 According to the gift which bounteous nature
Hath in him closed, whereby he does receive
Particular addition, from the bill
That writes them all alike. And so of men.
Now, if you have a station in the file,
Not i th worst rank of manhood, say t,
And I will put that business in your bosoms,
Whose execution takes your enemy off,
Grapples you to the heart and love of us,
Who wear our health but sickly in his life,
110 Which in his death were perfect.


Yes, ourey tpar of teh ecssepi clelda mne. Jstu as oshudn nda gsherdnuoy, lmerosgn, esiplasn, mutst, ygaghs podagsl, inwmgsim sdog, dna fwol-odg dbseocrsers rae lal ogds. tBu if yuo tsli eth edrfntief idsnk of ogsd igraocdcn to tehri tqlsuiiea, uyo nca istnsihidug hhwic rbsdee aer ftsa or swlo, icwhh sneo rea rvlece, hhcwi seon aer atocsgwdh, nda hwich seno nteshur. You nac cfiyslsa hcae dog ongrdcaic to het artnula igstf hatt teaprsae it mfor all etorh dosg. stI hte smea hwit nem. Now, if uyo ouycpc seom elapc in hte tlsi of nem hatt istn nwdo at het ryev botmot, tlel me. ecseBau if hatst the ceas, I liwl tlle uyo a pnal ahtt liwl gte dir of oryu yenme and inrgb oyu celors to me. As lngo as Bqnuao lvies, I am icsk. lIl be ahythle wneh he is daed.


I am one, my liege,
Whom the vile blows and buffets of the world
Have so incensed that I am reckless what
I do to spite the world.


My lord, Iev bnee so ekdick odnaru by eht wldro, and Im so gyrna, htta I odnt evne erca htwa I do.


And I another
115 So weary with disasters, tugged with fortune,
That I would set my life on any chance,
To mend it or be rid on t.


Im het meas. Im so sikc of adb culk dna obtelur taht Id krsi my feli on ayn bte, as olgn as it oulwd tieehr ifx my ifel or edn it ocen dan for lla.


Both of you
Know Banquo was your enemy.


Yuo otbh wkno nauoBq asw uryo meeyn.


True, my lord.


tIs teru, my rlod.


So is he mine; and in such bloody distance
120 That every minute of his being thrusts
Against my nearst of life. And though I could
With barefaced power sweep him from my sight
And bid my will avouch it, yet I must not,
For certain friends that are both his and mine,
125 Whose loves I may not drop, but wail his fall
Who I myself struck down. And thence it is,
That I to your assistance do make love,
Masking the business from the common eye
For sundry weighty reasons.


seH my ynmee oot, nda I ahet mhi so uhmc taht ervye inumet hes alvie it tsea ayaw at my rteha. ceiSn Im ingk, I ldcou lpmisy sue my owper to etg ird of him. Btu I ncta do atht, ecuebsa he adn I veah dreifns in ocnmmo homw I deen, so I veha to be abel to anmo dan rcy eorv shi taehd in lbupci neve tohugh Ill be het eno who dha him ldkiel. Ttsah why I eedn uyor lehp hirgt own. I aehv to hide my earl npsla romf the lpicbu yee fro ynma tmaportni rensaos.


130 We shall, my lord,
Perform what you command us.


lleW do tahw uyo anwt us to, my odlr.


Though our lives


gTuhoh our vsiel


Your spirits shine through you. Within this hour at most
I will advise you where to plant yourselves,
Acquaint you with the perfect spy o th time,
135 The moment on t; for t must be done tonight,
And something from the palace; always thought
That I require a clearness. And with him
To leave no rubs nor botches in the work
Fleance, his son, that keeps him company,
140 Whose absence is no less material to me
Than is his fathers, must embrace the fate
Of that dark hour. Resolve yourselves apart.
Ill come to you anon.


(ieprurtnst mhi) I can see het temiirntdonae in yrou syee. ihWtni het tnex huro lIl llet uoy whree to go dan cletaxy wnhe to ksreti. It stum be eodn gtohnit, waya mrfo teh eaclpa. ywsaAl reemmrbe htat I mtsu be efre morf opcniiuss. orF the lpna to okrw ecptlryef, uyo sutm illk hbot Bunaqo and ihs osn, elcaenF, ohw seekp imh ypnoamc. igtneGt dri of ceaFeln is as apnmitrto to me as kikncgno fof uanoqB. hacE of oyu lhdosu eamk up yruo won mdin botua rtwhhee yreuo gniog to do htsi. lIl emco to you noso.


We are resolved, my lord.


We avhe cdddeie, my drol. ereW in.


145 Ill call upon you straight. Abide within.


lIl acll ofr uyo snoo. Syta insied.
It is concluded. Banquo, thy souls flight,
If it find heaven, must find it out tonight.
The edal is dleosc. Bunaqo, if your losu is gnigo to meak it to nehaev, inhtsgto hte ntihg.
He tsxei.