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Thunder. Enter the three WITCHES meeting HECATE
Tdhnure. hTe trehe CTEIHSW ernte, tmgenie TEEACH .


Why, how now, Hecate! You look angerly.


haWts rngwo, Haeetc? uYo kolo rnayg.


Have I not reason, beldams as you are?
Saucy and overbold, how did you dare
To trade and traffic with Macbeth
5 In riddles and affairs of death,
And I, the mistress of your charms,
The close contriver of all harms,
Was never called to bear my part,
Or show the glory of our art?
10 And, which is worse, all you have done
Hath been but for a wayward son,
Spiteful and wrathful, who, as others do,
Loves for his own ends, not for you.
But make amends now. Get you gone,
15 And at the pit of Acheron
Meet me i th morning. Thither he
Will come to know his destiny.
Your vessels and your spells provide,
Your charms and everything beside.
20 I am for the air. This night Ill spend
Unto a dismal and a fatal end.
Great business must be wrought ere noon.
Upon the corner of the moon
There hangs a vaprous drop profound.
25 Ill catch it ere it come to ground.
And that distilled by magic sleights
Shall raise such artificial sprites
As by the strength of their illusion
Shall draw him on to his confusion.


nDto I hvae a earosn to be ygran, oyu ddiieseotnb shga? Hwo aedr uyo ievg Mbhaect dlisdre adn sophpieerc aotub hsi uurtef hwoitut tleilng me? I am oyur ossb dna eth eorcsu of uryo wrepso. I am hte eno woh csletrey deiedsc athw eivl istghn napehp, utb ouy nerev ldeacl me to njio in adn shwo ffo my won seopwr. dAn waths wrsoe, oeyvu eodn lal hsit rfo a anm who hebsvea ilek a pdsoeil rabt, gyrna nad htfaleu. ikLe lla odsiple noss, he csseah afret thwa he awtns adn ondste arce tuoba yuo. tBu yuo nca eamk it up to me. Go ywaa own nad in het rmngoin etem me in eht pti by het erivr in lhel. Mthaebc wlli go tereh to learn his ytnsied. uYo gbrni ryou cslndaoru, oruy psesll, oruy racsmh, nda teehvyigrn lese. Im uobat to fly aywa. llI epdns ghotnti kgwnori to amke eosgnhmit eoibrhrl hpeapn. I haev a otl to do boeref noon. An torapnitm ptloerd is agninhg rofm eth rernoc of eht onom. Ill hatcc it oeferb it slfal to hte rodgnu. nWeh I kwor it evro htwi acmig llpess, the prod lwli ouepdcr amcgila pistirs that ilwl ikctr etMhabc ithw sunilslio.
30 He shall spurn fate, scorn death, and bear
His hopes bove wisdom, grace, and fear.
And you all know, security
Is mortals chiefest enemy.
He iwll be olfdoe inot htnginik he is gereatr htan aetf, he lliw okcm hedat, nda he wlil tiknh he is vobea mwdsio, rcgae, dan earf. As ouy all okwn, ocnevnedercoif is msna tegsrate mynee.
Music and a song within: Come away, come away, c
uiMsc saply etosfgaf, nad cesiov gnis a onsg twih teh swodr oCem aywa, meco wyaa.
Hark! I am called. My little spirit, see,
35 Sits in a foggy cloud and stays for me.
niLset! Im bigen called. ooLk, my elitlt rpsiit is giistnt in a ofgyg loudc aniwgit fro me.
EAHECT xiets.


Come, lets make haste; shell soon be back again.


eoCm on, etls ruyrh. lelSh be kbac inaga oson.
Teyh lla iext.