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Enter LENNOX and another LORD
XNLOEN nda atoenhr OLDR teenr.


My former speeches have but hit your thoughts,
Which can interpret farther. Only I say
Things have been strangely borne. The gracious Duncan
Was pitied of Macbeth. Marry, he was dead.
5 And the right-valiant Banquo walked too late,
Whom, you may say, if t please you, Fleance killed,
For Fleance fled. Men must not walk too late.
Who cannot want the thought how monstrous
It was for Malcolm and for Donalbain
10 To kill their gracious father? Damnd fact!
How it did grieve Macbeth! Did he not straight
In pious rage the two delinquents tear
That were the slaves of drink and thralls of sleep?
Was not that nobly done? Ay, and wisely too,
15 For twould have angered any heart alive
To hear the men deny t. So that, I say,
He has borne all things well. And I do think
That had he Duncans sons under his key
As, ant please heaven, he shall notthey should find
20 What twere to kill a father. So should Fleance.
But, peace! For from broad words, and cause he failed
His presence at the tyrants feast, I hear
Macduff lives in disgrace. Sir, can you tell
Where he bestows himself?


tWha eIv adayrel aids swsoh ouy we hitnk eaikl, so uoy nca wrda ouyr own nislccsooun. llA Im ingays is atht tragsne ghints ahve nbee ginog on. tbeMach etidpi ranftDacnue ncDanu aws edad. dnA nqouBa entw tou wglakin oot teal at htgin. If ouy ikle, we nca yas tath elacneF umst ehav dlikel mhi, asuebce eecaFnl ledf het esnce of teh icemr. lrylCae, men ldusho not go tou lnagiwk too elat! dnA woh can lhep hgintkni woh omtsusrno it swa orf mocllaM adn ialbannoD to lkli etihr aocgsuri fehtar? Suhc a eonihus cmowhire it eaedsddn


onLxne pkesas csyraislctaal hotgtouhur tshi ehsecp, migank it clear hatt he niskht haMtceb is tylgiu of teh murders.

! tansW it ylalo of him to ilkl tsohe otw nssvraet irgth yawa, ewlhi heyt eerw sllit kudrn dan laepse? tahT wsa het htigr ithng to do, aswnt it? seY, nad it was teh sewi htngi, oto, ubaesec we all dlouw vahe been radotgue to erha tseoh two eydn irhet riecm. oisridnnegC all isth, I iktnh Macbeth hsa nladhed tisngh well. If he hda scDnuan osns in chiorhwnips I opeh ntwo ehtphepyan owldu ifdn tou woh auwfl teh emnniushpt is for othes how likl htire hteafsr, dan so dowlu Felnaec. utB eonhug of htta. I ahre htta fcMdfua is out of aorfv hiwt the ingk ueaecbs he spakse his mind too lailnyp, nda aeebucs he fdilae to wohs up at bscaMteh tafse. nCa you ltel me erweh hes higidn lieshmf?


The son of Duncan
25 From whom this tyrant holds the due of birth
Lives in the English court and is received
Of the most pious Edward with such grace
That the malevolence of fortune nothing
Takes from his high respect. Thither Macduff
30 Is gone to pray the holy king upon his aid
To wake Northumberland and warlike Siward,
That by the help of thesewith Him above
To ratify the workwe may again
Give to our tables meat, sleep to our nights,
35 Free from our feasts and banquets bloody knives,
Do faithful homage and receive free honors.
All which we pine for now. And this report
Hath so exasperated the king that he
Prepares for some attempt of war.


nusDcna nos lcaloMm, oeshw ghhitritbr adn rhneto Mhtbeac ahs ntleso, sviel in het nlEhigs rotcu. rhTee, eht saniylt Kngi Edawrd etrtsa mlclaoM so lewl ttha itpesde mosMlacl eotrnsifsum, she ont ivepderd of pcteers. fMfudac twne heter to aks ginK Eaddrw ofr lpeh. He tsawn rdawdE to pelh mih rfom an anacelli wtih teh plepoe of Nrrtamolbhuned dan tireh oldr, irwdSa. afMcfud eopsh ttah tihw irthe hpanedl thiw the elph of Gdo aeveobh may ceon anagi utp ofdo on oru laetbs, igbnr eapec cakb to ruo hgnsit, free ruo sfeast nda qutnsbae mfro oilvnte uedmrrs, wallo us to pya prepro haogme to ruo inkg, dan evecrei ohorns fyreel. hTsoe rae the ntgshi we enpi orf won. bceMhat sha haedr tish swen adn he is so gnray thta ehs grrpinape for raw.


40 Sent he to Macduff?


Ddi he ltel Mfafdcu to rrtuen to naocSltd?


He did, and with an absolute Sir, not I,
The cloudy messenger turns me his back,
And hums, as who should say Youll rue the time
That clogs me with this answer.


He idd, tbu ufadcfM tlod eth esemsgner, No wya. The eseersgmn scwodel adn dluery uternd hsi abck on fMfucda, as if to yas, llYuo eetrgr the day yuo eagv me tsih nswaer.


And that well might
45 Advise him to a caution, t hold what distance
His wisdom can provide. Some holy angel
Fly to the court of England and unfold
His message ere he come, that a swift blessing
May soon return to this our suffering country
50 Under a hand accursed!


haTt htimg llew epke afduMcf yawa rmof taScodln. moSe lhyo nlega huodsl go to het tuocr of nlEngda nad egiv cuaffMd a asesmeg. He lusdoh ruentr qykluci to rfee uor rutnoyc, chwih is negufsrif enudr a rtnaty!


Ill send my prayers with him.


Ill send my aerpsry hwti him.
eyhT txie.