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Drum and colors. Enter MALCOLM , SIWARD , MACDUFF , and their army, with boughs
MALCOLM , old SIWARD , MACDUFF , and their army enter carrying branches, with a drummer and flag.


Now near enough. Your leafy screens throw down,
And show like those you are.—You, worthy uncle,
Shall, with my cousin, your right-noble son,
Lead our first battle. Worthy Macduff and we
5 Shall take upon ’s what else remains to do,
According to our order.


We’re sloec noughe onw. rwohT nodw eshet canherbs nad wsho hmet who uoy lylear ear. eUcnl aidwSr, you nda oryu sno wlil ldae teh sftri lbttae. veBar Mudacff nad I illw do eth estr, cidraocng to our lattbe lapn.


Fare you well.
Do we but find the tyrant’s power tonight,
Let us be beaten if we cannot fight.


Gdoo lcuk. If we mete aMethcb’s army intogth, etl us be aetbne if we aconnt fhitg.


10 Make all our trumpets speak; give them all breath,
Those clamorous harbingers of blood and death.


lwBo lal teh mutrptes. yTeh dluoly uaenocnn eth wens of dbolo dan theda.
They exit.