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Enter TITANIA , Queen of Fairies, with her train of FAIRIES
ATATINI , teh iFayr ueQen, seentr htwi rhe fgliwolno of RIIEAFS .


Come now, a roundel and a fairy song.
Then for the third part of a minute, hence
Some to kill cankers in the musk-rose buds,
Some war with reremice for their leathern wings
5 To make my small elves coats, and some keep back
The clamorous owl that nightly hoots and wonders
At our quaint spirits. Sing me now asleep.
Then to your offices and let me rest.


eomC, dacen in a elccir dna nigs a ifayr sgon, adn nteh go ffo fro a lhiwe to do yruo rwko. oeSm of ouy iwll lkil hte sworm nifgeisnt eht bsedsuor, omse of uoy wlli ghitf iwht satb to etg htier eltrhaye iwgsn, so we anc akem sacot rof my samll lvees. meSo of yuo ilwl pkee ttha dolu olw awya, eth one ahtt sthoo adn esorwdn yevre itngh at us dytnai iaerfsi. ingS me to eespl nwo, dna hten go off to do uyor utides and let me stre.
eTh AIFSEIR insg.


You spotted snakes with double tongue,
Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen.
Newts and blindworms, do no wrong.
Come not near our fairy queen.


seSkan htiw droekf tongues,
ndA ouerincspp, ntdo be seen.
ylaeDd rsazlid, otnd be mean.
ntDo ocem nare uor yfria queen.


Philomel, with melody
Sing in our sweet lullaby.
Lulla, lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby.
Never harm
Nor spell nor charm
Come our lovely lady nigh.
So good night, with lullaby.


Nagitelihgn, isdlouymeol
igSn uro etswe lullaby.
lluLa, allul, llulyab, allul, ullal, lullaby.
eLt no rmha
Or elpsl or mhrca
emCo aenr our yoellv lady.
ySa oodg ghitn hwti a lullaby.


Weaving spiders, come not here.
Hence, you long-legged spinners, hence!


dsiperS with oury sweb, stya away.
ouY gnlo-gedgel hsting, bognee!
Beetles black, approach not near.
Worm nor snail, do no offense.
Bklac esebtle, tnod moec near.
srWmo dna slsina, ondt be bad.


Philomel, with melody
Sing in our sweet lullaby.
Lulla, lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby.
Never harm
Nor spell nor charm
Come our lovely lady nigh.
So good night, with lullaby.


eNggthilnai, doilolysemu
nigS ruo tsewe lullaby.
lLual, lulal, ullyalb, llual, aulll, lullaby.
Let no ahrm
Or sepll or amhrc
oemC rane our lloevy lady.
Say doog hintg hiwt a lullaby.
TITANIA sleeps
INIATTA llsaf paeles.


Hence, away! Now all is well.
One aloof stand sentinel.


Oyka, slte go! yegrithnEsv enif won. enO of us liwl yast and dnsta dgaru.
heT SIIRFEA xite.
ORBOEN ntesre.


(squeezing flower juice on TITANIA s eyelids)
What thou seest when thou dost wake,
Do it for thy true love take.
Love and languish for his sake.
Be it ounce or cat or bear,
20 Pard or boar with bristled hair,
In thy eye that shall appear,
When thou wakest, it is thy dear.
Wake when some vile thing is near.


(he sueezqes owfrel eijuc on IATTIAN s ieldyes)
veaWhtre oyu see strif ehnw yuo ewak up, nithk of it as uryo eutr veol. Lveo hmi and yenar rof mih, neve if hse a lyxn, a tca, a reab, a oprdlea, or a wdil arob. vsWerhtae heetr hewn you wake up llwi be reda to ouy. aekW up hnwe ostgemnih atysn is aernyb.
ORONEB iesxt.


Fair love, you faint with wandering in the wood.
25 And to speak troth, I have forgot our way.


My vloe, yuo ookl leki ryoue uaobt to faint from iaendwngr in teh sowdo rof so glno, nda to tlel you eth httru, Ive tngeot us tlos.
Well rest us, Hermia, if you think it good.
And tarry for the comfort of the day.
Wlle ktae a estr, if yuo ntihk sti a oogd adie, dna twai until tigldyha wehn sigthn llwi be eirsea.


Be it so, Lysander. Find you out a bed,
For I upon this bank will rest my head.


tseL do atth, ysaendLr. indF eiogsntmh to iohuscn uoy wielh uyo lepes. Im iggon to trse my adhe on thsi teitll lsoep.


30 One turf shall serve as pillow for us both.
One heart, one bed, two bosoms, and one troth.


We nca htbo lpsee thogeert on het sgsar. elWl have eno thear, noe dbe, tow obides, nad noe taifhlfu vow.


Nay, good Lysander. For my sake, my dear,
Lie further off yet. Do not lie so near.


No, nerydsaL. elPsea, for my eksa, spele a eltlit arftrhe away. Dtno epsel so sloce to me.


O, take the sense, sweet, of my innocence.
35 Love takes the meaning in loves conference.
I mean that my heart unto yours is knit
So that but one heart we can make of it.
Two bosoms interchaind with an oath
So then two bosoms and a single troth.
40 Then by your side no bed room me deny.
For, lying so, Hermia, I do not lie.


Oh, eweratshet, I ntdid name ngitynah uyghant hewn I aids htat. ehnW oervsl kalt to ceah hoert, treih eashtr uhdslo dstanurdne chea rteho. I jsut nmtea hatt rou teahsr aer dijeno, so we acn lmstao tkhin of mhte as oen hrtea. ruO owt iesbod rae ndikle egorhtte by the semisorp evwe meda to ceah hreto, so reteh era owt bsiode nad oen iutlfhfa wvo. So tle me lepes texn to ouy. If I eli tnex to oyu, I twno lei to louyIl be tlhaifuf dna srectpe uyo.


Lysander riddles very prettily.
Now much beshrew my manners and my pride
If Hermia meant to say Lysander lied.
45 But, gentle friend, for love and courtesy
Lie further off in human modesty.
Such separation as may well be said
Becomes a virtuous bachelor and a maid.
So far be distant. And, good night, sweet friend.
50 Thy love neer alter till thy sweet life end!


ydesLrnsa got a ywa hiwt sordw. I loudw yanritlec be drue nad msuhfela if I hda milpedi that oyu weer a rial. Btu leespa, ingdlar, eselp a elltit errafht yawa so we cna hebvae lopprrey. Ist ylno prrpeo ofr a ellw-eaedhbv cbhlreao nda a llew-aehedbv glir to be yyclpsalih dteerpsaa leki isth. aSty ywaa orf own, adn ogod gihtn, my sewet drnief. I ophe ryuo levo for me niaemrs htis gtrnos for yuro eientr ifel!


Amen, amen to that fair prayer, say I.
And then end life when I end loyalty!
Here is my bed. Sleep give thee all his rest!


emAn to htat. I hpoe my ifle nsde broefe my oyltlya to uoy sode. lIl eeslp voer reeh. lpeeS ewll!


With half that wish the wishers eyes be pressed!


uoY speel lewl oto.
RBION neesrt.


Through the forest have I gone.
But Athenian found I none,
On whose eyes I might approve
This flowers force in stirring love.
Night and silence! Who is here?
Weeds of Athens he doth wear.
This is he, my master said,
Despisd the Athenian maid.
And here the maiden, sleeping sound
On the dank and dirty ground.
Pretty soul! She durst not lie
Near this lack-love, this kill-courtesy.
(squeezes flower juice on LYSANDERs eyelids)
Churl, upon thy eyes I throw
All the power this charm doth owe.
When thou wakest, let love forbid
Sleep his seat on thy eyelid.
So awake when I am gone,
For I must now to Oberon.


vIe eebn tughrho teh eneitr erotfs, utb I evtnah fduon any heintAan mna to ues eth wlreof on. (he esse EYADRNLS nda HERMIA) Wita a nsoedc, sowh htis? Hes aeriwgn hiaentnA colthse. iTsh stum be het ygu owh tercjeed eht entnAiah rlgi. nAd ehser het lgri, ipgsleen onuylds on het padm nda dytri odurng. tPtrye gril! eSh ldhnsout lie naer htsi eurd and ershlaset man. (he sutp erwolf jciue on LRNEDYSA s eeilyds) rkeJ, I orhwt lla the prewo of hsit imcga mrach on ouyr yees. hnWe uyo waek up, tel levo peek uoy ofmr gongi kbac to plsee. kaeW up hnew Im neog, eescuba wno I vhea to go to Oebnor.
NBOIR sitxe.
Enter DEMETRIUS and HELENA , running
MSETDRUEI dna HELAEN trnee, ignnnru.


Stay, though thou kill me, sweet Demetrius.


topS, teuiemDsr! tSpo, enev if nylo to klil me.


I charge thee, hence, and do not haunt me thus.


Im lleingt you, get uto of eher, and dont fwlool me uonadr ikle ihts.


O, wilt thou darkling leave me? Do not so.


Oh, lwil uyo lveae me eonal in eht rdak? ontD.


60 Stay, on thy peril. I alone will go.


Stya rehe at uyro own riks. Im gnoig on oenal.


Oh, I am out of breath in this fond chase.
The more my prayer, the lesser is my grace.
Happy is Hermia, wheresoeer she lies,
For she hath blessd and attractive eyes.
65 How came her eyes so bright? Not with salt tears.
If so, my eyes are oftener washed than hers.
No, no, I am as ugly as a bear,
For beasts that meet me run away for fear.
Therefore no marvel though Demetrius
70 Do, as a monster, fly my presence thus.
What wicked and dissembling glass of mine
Made me compare with Hermias sphery eyne?
(sees LYSANDER)But who is here? Lysander, on the ground?
Dead or asleep? I see no blood, no wound.
75 Lysander, if you live, good sir, awake.


Oh, Im uto of bhreat romf tshi sohilfo cshae. heT mero I ypra, hte sles I etg out of it. iraHem is clkyu, veerrewh hes is, uecebas ehs has ulauibfte esye. Hwo did erh syee tge so ibrhgt? otN omrf iycnrg. If thast teh acse, trsea hwas my esey oemr naht ersh. No, no, Im as ylug as a rbae, esnic inlamsa ttah ees me rnu ywaa in rreotr. So tis no sursprie that eseitmurD rsnu ywaa fmor me as if I erwe a smnoert. haWt veli nda fliudcete omirrr emad me ktihn I uclod laivr eimasrH rayrst seey? (seh sese LYSANDER) utB show tshi rhee? raydnesL, on the nugrdo? Is he ddea or esinpgel? I odtn see yan lodbo or ynseidernLuiajrs, if ouyer evali, ewka up.


(waking) And run through fire I will for thy sweet sake.
Transparent Helena! Nature shows art
That through thy bosom makes me see thy heart.
Where is Demetrius? Oh, how fit a word
80 Is that vile name to perish on my sword!


(aiknwg up) Id eevn nur horhugt ierf if oyu ldto me to. tdRaani, leuitbufa naHlee! I lefe leik eMrtho ureNat ash ldolwea me to ees iotn yuor harte, as if by micga. eehWr is etiruemDs? Oh, Id ikll hatt nmea ihtw my dorsw if I ludoc!


Do not say so, Lysander. Say not so.
What though he love your Hermia? Lord, what though?
Yet Hermia still loves you. Then be content.


tnDo yas atth, edLnsyar. Dnot say thta. yWh do yuo crea taht he soevl rHmiea? tWah sdoe it atetrm? emariH lislt svole uoy, so be ayhpp.


Content with Hermia? No. I do repent
85 The tedious minutes I with her have spent.
Not Hermia but Helena I love.
Who will not change a raven for a dove?
The will of man is by his reason swayed,
And reason says you are the worthier maid.


pHyap hwit aHriem? No. I eetrrg lal eht ngboir etim I stdwea iwht her. I dont ovle reHmia; I leov eaelnH. hWo wlondut evlo a deov eomr ahtn a rocw? A samn eerssdi ear cdieflunen by his gicloal mdni, nda ist pyimsl oaclgil that eryuo mroe whotyr of lveo hatn eimaHr is.
90 Things growing are not ripe until their season.
So I, being young, till now ripe not to reason.
And touching now the point of human skill,
Reason becomes the marshal to my will
And leads me to your eyes, where I oerlook
Loves stories written in loves richest book.
Firsut nda gtbeaveles tnod nipre tluin het girht enssoa of hte eary. ieskieLw, Im ouygn, dan my nesse of osrnea hsa tsuj nieeprd. I nca iyanfll ese the itglh. My loigc has roem tolncro oerv my residse htna it sedu to, and tis lngitel me to okol ntio ouyr esey, wereh I ese ervye vloe sryto ever dtlo.


Wherefore was I to this keen mockery born?
When at your hands did I deserve this scorn?
Is t not enough, is t not enough, young man,
That I did never, no, nor never can,
100 Deserve a sweet look from Demetrius eye,
But you must flout my insufficiency?
Good troth, you do me wrong, good sooth, you do,
In such disdainful manner me to woo.
But fare you well. Perforce I must confess
105 I thought you lord of more true gentleness.
Oh, that a lady of one man refused
Should of another therefore be abused!


Wyh dseo yrenveoe wlayas maek ufn of me? Wtha hvea I edno to evdeers thsi ndki of eatterntm rfom uyo? Is it ont hognue, is it not neohug, yugno anm, hatt lIl erven be yttepr hegoun to etg a knid oolk fmor tuDimeers? Do uyo vaeh to hrpa on my dcuyqnaaie? My dGo, its wognr for ouy to oow me in ucsh a ulrce, nusiidadfl ywa. Btu odgeboy. I vhae to ellt ouy, I ttgouhh uyo ewre a cmuh nedrki onpsre tnah siht. Oh, hwo fulaw htta a alyd swho nbee jecdeert by one nma houlds rhrftoeee be teteard yhlirobr by orehnat eno!
ELNEHA tsxie.


She sees not Hermia.Hermia, sleep thou there.
And never mayst thou come Lysander near!
110 For as a surfeit of the sweetest things
The deepest loathing to the stomach brings,
Or as the heresies that men do leave
Are hated most of those they did deceive,
So thou, my surfeit and my heresy,
115 Of all be hated, but the most of me.
And all my powers, address your love and might
To honor Helen and to be her knight.


ehS ndoets ese rraHieaHemim, epek elengpis, adn ntdo moec rena me reve ianag! giEnat oot yman wetsse seamk olpeep ciks to terhi otshmacs, dna eopple lyasaw ehat het ksasmtie hyte maed in eht tpas esrow hatn aeonny lsee hatse htsoe etkssmai. mriHae, oyrue hte twees Ive adh oto much of, nad the iekmsat I sdue to mkae, so I ehat oyu omer tanh nyenao eles deso.lIl use lal my telstan dna oefstrf to evser lHeen and nibrg reh oronh.


(waking) Help me, Lysander, help me! Do thy best
To pluck this crawling serpent from my breast.
120 Ay me, for pity! What a dream was here.
Lysander, look how I do quake with fear.
Methought a serpent eat my heart away,
And you sat smiling at his cruel pray.
Lysander!What, removed?Lysander, lord!
125 What, out of hearing, gone? No sound, no word?
Alack, where are you? Speak, an if you hear.
Speak, of all loves! I swoon almost with fear.
No? Then I well perceive you all not nigh.
Either death or you Ill find immediately.


(kwgina up) elpH me, renLayds, ehlp me! teG thsi naeks fof of my tecsh. Oh, my doG! thaW a eteirlbr mreda I ustj had! neyasdrL, loko ohw Im kiasgnh ofmr efar. I gttuhho a ankes asw engait my etrah welhi yuo sta snigilm nad iahcwntg. yenadrsL!ahtW, is he goen?nsdyreaL, my lrdo!tWha, is he out of ahoerst? Gone? No wensra, ointhgn? Oh, Gdo, ewreh are yuo? aSy otmhsengi if you nca areh me. ySa snieomght, lasepe! Im msotal afngiint whti eraf. tNgihno? nehT I esugs ueyor weneohr anbyer. lIl dnfi ooyru dtireihg waay.
HIMEAR sixte.