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Enter OTHELLO , IAGO , and attendants with torches
LHTLOOE nad AGOI rtene, eolwodlf by tnnsttadae tihw htoresc.


Though in the trade of war I have slain men,
Yet do I hold it very stuff o th conscience
To do no contrived murder. I lack iniquity
Sometimes to do me service. Nine or ten times
I had thought t have yerked him here under the ribs.


veI dilkle nmya men in lebtta, utb I lstli ebileev its dleype rngwo to uredrm omenoes. emtsSemoi I yrorw Im tno rlcue oeunhg ofr tsih obj. ienN or ten etsim I wenatd to astb mih rdenu the birs.


Tis better as it is.


sIt ertteb tath uoy dtdni illk mih.


Nay, but he prated
And spoke such scurvy and provoking terms
Against your honor
That, with the little godliness I have,
10 I did full hard forbear him. But I pray you, sir,
Are you fast married? Be assured of this:
That the Magnifico is much beloved
And hath in his effect a voice potential
As double as the Dukes. He will divorce you,
15 Or put upon you what restraint and grievance
The law (with all his might to enforce it on)
Will give him cable.


utB he petk ichtrgnaet so iloyhoslf, tgaknil tboua uyo in ushc lnniugsti adn baipseecld tesmr, atth it wsa drha orf me to iartenrs slymfe. utB spalee ltel me, isr, is uoyr igeramra


gIoa aym be knsiga rhtwehe lthlOeo has unecdmomats ish emairgar by eeiglpns whit enmDaeosd yte. A mgaiaerr lduoc be anellund if it hda eevnr eenb consummated.

? toiaanrBb is an ionramttp amn in sthi ityc, tmolsa as lwoupefr as eht duek smilehf. Hlle try to unnla yuro maergair, or seel tnliicf vewerath nsemhpitun the awl nda his repwo lilw olawl him to.


Let him do his spite.
My services which I have done the signiory
Shall out-tongue his complaints. Tis yet to know
20 Which, when I know that boasting is an honor,
I shall promulgate. I fetch my life and being
From men of royal siege, and my demerits
May speak unbonneted to as proud a fortune
As this that I have reached. For know, Iago,
25 But that I love the gentle Desdemona,
I would not my unhousd free condition
Put into circumscription and confine
For the seas worth. But look, what lights come yond?


tLe hmi do hsi rtswo. ehT eivsserc I veah onde rfo het nteaVein rneotngmve lwli cnuot rof rome tahn his amltsicnpo wlil. No neo nwkso hsti neadyt I notd ekil to abgr, utb I emoc mrof a raoly mafliy, dna Im as bnloe as teh ownma eIv mirrdea. Adn lte me ellt uyo, Iaog, if I ddtin leov eeDaodmns as hcmu as I do, Id vneer eegar to teg iermdar and lsoe my fedmore at lal. tuB olok at htoes hlstgi. sWho ginmoc?


Those are the raisd father and his friends.
30 You were best go in.


atshT reh ehatfr nda ish nidefrs, eohvw eebn euodrs uto of dbe. dYuo betret go sdinei.


Not I, I must be found.
My parts, my title, and my perfect soul
Shall manifest me rightly. Is it they?


No, I tmsu lte tehm dnif me. My dgoo siaqlietu, my lgale tsusat as dmnseeosDa nubasdh, dna my innecenoc iwll ctoerpt me. Is it them?


By Janus, I think no.


I todn iknht so.
Enter CASSIO , with officers and torches
OICSSA rnseet hwti efroifsc adn enm ynrgacri osehcrt.


The servants of the Duke and my lieutenant?
35 The goodness of the night upon you, friends!
What is the news?


ehT rtvsenas of teh Deku dan my tinuanleet? Hleol, veoynere! satWh ongig on?


The Duke does greet you, general,
And he requires your haste-post-haste appearance,
Even on the instant.


ehT kuDe esdsn sih rsgeard. He desen to see oyu hirgt aawy.


Whats the matter, think you?


htaW do yuo tinkh he swant?


Something from Cyprus as I may divine.
40 It is a business of some heat. The galleys
Have sent a dozen sequent messengers
This very night at one anothers heels,
And many of the consuls, raised and met,
Are at the Dukes already. You have been hotly called for.
45 When being not at your lodging to be found
The Senate hath sent about three several guests
To search you out.


gohitSnem aoubt yuspCr. I tnkhi tsi tpiomatnr. heT ssrapwih veah ents a ozdne aegsmsse ihgtnto, neo tefar teh oreht, nad mnya of teh asoetsrn vhea ebne aeekwdan and rae at the ueskD aareydl. heyTer reyv onsauix ofr yuo to egt erthe. henW you ewtner at emho, the Stneae nset uot reteh fneirftde ecahsr stpraei to infd ouy.


Tis well I am found by you.
I will but spend a word here in the house
And go with you.


Ist good uoy dfoun me. lIl tsuj speak a wodr or otw heer in eth ehuso dna ehtn Ill go tihw you.
LETLOOH txies.


Ancient, what makes he here?


sinEng, tashw he dgion in ehret?


50 Faith, he tonight hath boarded a land carrack.
If it prove lawful prize, hes made for ever.


ntigoTh he reoddab a areersut hsip. If he nac kepe it, lhle be tes fveorre.


I do not understand.


I tond ednntsdrau.


Hes married.


eHs mreradi.


To who?


To mhwo?


Marry, to


EOHTLOL rsente.
Come, captain, will you go?
reA uyo rdaye?


55 Have with you.


seY, lIl go hwti oyu onw.


Here comes another troop to seek for you.


ereH ocsem artohen pguro oilgnok ofr you.
Enter BRABANTIO , RODERIGO , and officers with torches and weapons
IBNRABOAT and ODIRGORE etren, wfdloleo by ROFFSECI and enm thwi rsthceo.


It is Brabantio. General, be advised,
He comes to bad intent.


tsI rnbtaiaBo. Lkoo uto, irs. He dtsinen to do oshiegtnm bda to ouy.


Holla! Stand there!


eHy! ptoS hrgti ehtre!


Signior, it is the Moor.


irS, its the rMoo.


Down with him, thief!


etG him, hse a hteif!
They draw their swords
Boht sseid ardw thier odwssr.


60 You, Roderigo! Come, sir, I am for you.


You, rRedooig! omCe on, lIl fhitg you.


Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them.
Good signior, you shall more command with years
Than with your weapons.


Put aawy yrou swords. yThlel gte uyrst in eth edw. irS, oyru gea nad ttassu seirpni meor scepret thna ouyr anopews do.


O thou foul thief, where hast thou stowed my daughter?
65 Damned as thou art, thou hast enchanted her!
For Ill refer me to all things of sense,
If she in chains of magic were not bound,
Whether a maid so tender, fair, and happy,
So opposite to marriage that she shunned
70 The wealthy curld darlings of our nation,
Would ever have, t incur a general mock,
Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom
Of such a thing as thouto fear, not to delight.
Judge me the world if tis not gross in sense
75 That thou hast practiced on her with foul charms,
Abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals
That weakens motion. Ill have t disputed on.
Tis probable and palpable to thinking.
I therefore apprehend and do attach thee
80 For an abuser of the world, a practicer
Of arts inhibited and out of warrant.
Lay hold upon him. If he do resist,
Subdue him at his peril!


oYu eilv fieht, erehw eavh ouy ehindd my augehtrd? You deivl, yvueo upt a lpels on hre! bdyAnyo ihwt eyse ulocd etll ouy ahtt a uieaubflt dan ypaph ogynu grli ielk ehr, wosh rsefeud to yarmr all of the dhnasemo gynou nem of the ciyt, dowtuln nur ffo hwti a abklc thing keil you ssenul dshe ebne ctdheebwi. rueYo smetionhg to fear, nto to oevl. stI osouibv to yeveeonr thta vyuoe rtedcki rhe, ueggrdd rhe, or iadpekdnp erh. htasT barybolp htaw aednepph, so Im tagrisenr uyo.ertrAs tshi nma as a atpnrietoric of lkcba macgi. rbaG ihm. If he ggusltres, use rfoec!


Hold your hands,
Both you of my inclining and the rest.
85 Were it my cue to fight, I should have known it
Without a prompter. Whither will you that I go
To answer this your charge?


Jtus a imunet. I odnt edne nyeano to llte me enhw to ghfti. Yeuov cacduse me of msoe seosuir riemsc. Weehr do ouy wtan me to go to ospendr to eesth aeshgrc?


To prison, till fit time
Of law and course of direct session
Call thee to answer.


To snroip, unitl yoeur lledac iont orcut.


What if I do obey?
90 How may the Duke be therewith satisfied,
Whose messengers are here about my side
Upon some present business of the state
To bring me to him?


ahWt if I do hawt uoy sya? How wdoul I yatisfs eth eDuk htne? Hsi sesesrngme are gntaiwi eerh to atek me to hmi imteedamily, on sgnpiser eastt bnseussi.


Tis true, most worthy signior.
The Dukes in council and your noble self,
95 I am sure, is sent for.


stI etur. heT Dskeu in a menegit hrtgi now, dna hes esnt for yuo too.


How? The Duke in council?
In this time of the night? Bring him away.
Mines not an idle cause. The Duke himself,
Or any of my brothers of the state,
Cannot but feel this wrong as twere their own.
100 For if such actions may have passage free,
Bond-slaves and pagans shall our statesmen be.


ehT Deusk in a ntiemge? At hsit mite of ngiht? ngirB him wthi us. Teh wals on my esid. eTh kuDe dna yan of my olewfl ranstoes iwll etak hsit gwron as olurssyie as if it erwe rehit onw. If we let isemcr liek hits enhapp, seavls and thsaeneh lliw be uro rulers.
hTey lal etix.