by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

And say besides that in Aleppo once,
Where a malignant and a turbaned Turk
370Beat a Venetian and traduced the state,
I took by the throat the circumcisèd dog,
And smote him, thus.
down, and then say also that in Aleppo I once saw a Turk beating a Venetian, so I grabbed the Turk by the throat and hit him like this.
Stabs himself
OTHELLO stabs himself.
Oh, bloody period!
Oh, what a bloody end to all this!
All that is spoke is marred.
Everything we’ve heard is bad.
375 (to DESDEMONA)
I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this,
Killing myself, to die upon a kiss.
(to DESDEMONA) I kissed you before I killed you. Now, killing myself, I’m dying while I kiss you again.
Kisses DESDEMONA, dies
OTHELLO kisses DESDEMONA and dies.
This did I fear, but thought he had no weapon,
For he was great of heart.
I was afraid this would happen, because he was a noble, brave man, but I didn’t think he had a weapon.
380 (to IAGO)
    O Spartan dog,
More fell than anguish, hunger, or the sea,
Look on the tragic loading of this bed.
This is thy work. The object poisons sight,
Let it be hid.—Gratiano, keep the house
385And seize upon the fortunes of the Moor,
For they succeed on you.—To you, lord governor,
Remains the censure of this hellish villain:
The time, the place, the torture. Oh, enforce it!
Myself will straight aboard, and to the state
390This heavy act with heavy heart relate.
(to IAGO) You bloodthirsty dog, you’re crueler than sadness or hunger, crueler than the sea. Look at these dead people on this bed. You did all this. He makes me sick. Take him away. Gratiano, take care of the house, and take the Moor’s property. You’ve inherited everything.—(to CASSIO) Governor, I leave it in your hands to punish this evil villain: just decide the time, the place and the means of torture. And then carry it out! I have to go back to Venice, and tell them about these sad events.
They all exit.