by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

65For nature so prepost'rously to err,
Being not deficient, blind, or lame of sense,
Sans witchcraft could not.
been tricked or drugged, because there’s no way she could have made this mistake on her own.
Whoe'er he be that in this foul proceeding
Hath thus beguiled your daughter of herself
70And you of her, the bloody book of law
You shall yourself read in the bitter letter,
After your own sense, yea, though our proper son
Stood in your action.
Whoever tricked your daughter and stole her from you will pay for it. And you yourself will determine the sentence as you see fit, and impose the death penalty if you choose to, even if the criminal were my own son.
    Humbly I thank your grace.
Here is the man, this Moor, whom now it seems,
75Your special mandate for the state affairs
Hath hither brought.
I humbly thank you, sir. Here is the man, the Moor. It seems you had your own reasons for summoning him here.
    We are very sorry for’t.
We’re sorry to hear this.
(to OTHELLO)What, in your own part, can you say to this?
(to OTHELLO) What do you have to say for yourself?
Nothing, but this is so.
Nothing, but this is true.
Most potent, grave, and reverend signiors,
80My very noble and approved good masters,
That I have ta'en away this old man’s daughter,
It is most true. True, I have married her.
The very head and front of my offending
Hath this extent, no more. Rude am I in my speech,
85And little blessed with the soft phrase of peace,
For since these arms of mine had seven years' pith
Till now some nine moons wasted, they have used
Their dearest action in the tented field,
And little of this great world can I speak,
Noble, honorable gentlemen whom I serve: it’s true that I’ve taken this man’s daughter from him and married her. But that’s my only offense. There’s nothing more. I’m awkward in my speech and I’m not a smooth talker. From the time I was seven years old until nine months ago I’ve been fighting in battles. I don’t know much about the world apart from fighting. So I won’t do myself much good by speaking in my own defense. But if you’ll let me, I’ll tell you the plain